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Popcorn Kiosk

sweet corn cart standFood stalls are small portable mall shops for retail business and foodservice inside the shopping centre. With the growth of the mall kiosk economy, more and more vendors choose to open a food court inside the shopping mall. There is various food shop business that you can start inside the shopping mall. Sweet Corn retail is a typical food snack business that suits for every indoor business space. 

Pop-up Booth For Sweet Corn

Corn related business are mainly separate for sweet corn and popcorn retail. Sweet corn kiosk, which is also known as cup corn kiosk, is a mini food stands for steamed corns, and you can open a sweet-corn booth in any indoor environment. In comparison, the Popcorn kiosk is usually opened in front of a cinema, business street or inside an amusing park. Corn stall is a top-rated business with generous profit, with little money you can start your cup corn kiosk or small corn cart in the mall. 

We have a large number of sweet corn booth and cup corn kiosk for sale. Because of the modern, attractive kiosk design and high-quality finishes, our mall corn stall is embraced by merchants all around the world. When you are looking for a corn retail stall or popcorn booth, Welcome to visit Ant, We have a massive amount of kiosks ready for you. Whether you need a sweet corn shop stands, popcorn booth or sweet corn carts, Ant Display always offers the right display furniture for you at an affordable cost.

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Ant Display is a professional corn stall manufacturer. We custom design and manufacture sweet corn shop stand for over 18 years. No matter you need a pop-up corn booth or popcorn stall, you always can find your favourite work in Ant. If you need a unique kiosk concept with customized ideas, our experienced design team can help you create an innovative stall design 100% by your dreamed pictures and brand features.

cup corn kiosk

Custom Mall Corn Kiosk For Sale

Besides sweet corn booth, cup corn stall and popcorn shops, we also produce other food stands in a unique style for sale. Such as juice bar kiosk, candy retail kiosk, as well as pizza and burger kiosks counter. Our food stall is well designed with both display showcase and operation counter. You can not only display your products in the best way but also prepare excellent food on-site. Our mall stall is fabricated in fire-resistant material that meets EU and US standards. So, it just perfect for the USA and Europe markets. 

Core Feature Of our Pop-up Corn Stall:

  1. 100% customized according to unique ideas.
  2. Fast delivery time and urgent order also acceptable
  3. Top-quality finish with unbeatable price.
  4. EU & US mall booth standard approved.
  5. Seventeen years of corn furniture fabrication experience.
  6. Easy shipping and easy to assemble again.
  7. User-friendly design with Eco-friendly materials.

If you are planning to start a sweet corn business for steamed food business, welcome to visit Ant display. We have large numbers of displays stalls for both indoor and outdoor. All of them are in a modern, sleek design and top-grade surface finish. Best of the best is we are a direct food kiosk manufacturer, without any middlemen or trading company stand in-between. Thus, we can offer our customers the top-quality kiosk at the most competitive price. Contact our team today, and get an ideal food stall for your business.