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Portable Sinks

In recent years, portable sinks have become more and more popular, and more and more sink manufacturers have started to produce portable sinks. So what is a portable sink? The portable water tank does not use the traditional piping system to provide water, it will be equipped with a clean water tank and a sewage tank, a water pump, and a heater. The pump is used to draw clean water to the faucet, and the sewage is discharged into the sewage tank through the bottom pipe. The heater can provide hot water. Most of the mobile sinks have wheels at the bottom to move around at will. Its installation is very simple, just take the sink and accessories out of the package, fill the bucket with water, then plug in the power socket to use. Portable sinks are usually used in places where pipes cannot be used, such as outdoors kiosks, streets, and some places where there is no pipe due to the high cost of laying pipes. Ant Display offer a large variety of stainless steel portable sinks, wooden portable sinks, and plastic portable sinks for sale. Check our page and find your favorite sinks.

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Portable sinks are designed and built to be easily portable or moved, which is very convenient to use. According to the local hygiene department. Many small businesses need to have a sink on-site, while many places are not able to install a sink because of various situations. Then This mobile sink is a very convenient and economical solution. According different using environment. The material are various too. We have a wooden portable sink, stainless steel portable sink and plastic portable sinks available. If you need any customized size of any customize color to match your business interior decoration, we can build it accordingly.

portable sinks

What are the advantages of portable sinks?

The reason why many people choose portable sinks is because it has many advantages:

  1. it can help save costs. You just need supply tanks, pumps, and heater.No need go water pump, so no need fees to build water pipes. So you can save a lot of costs.
  1. Easy to maintain and clean. The tanks in a portable sink can take out, so you can easily take out to clean and wash. So you no need to worry about the wash problem
  1. it is multifunctional and easy to get. it has different sizes and styles and comes with wheels. And its cost is low, so you can add a portable sink at each location needed.
  2. Promote good hygiene. if your location has portable sinks can help people build a good habit. People will very glad to wash hands .this way can help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.
  3. it can help you get hot and cold water quickly, use heater you can easily get hot water when you need it. very cool right?

What Sink Height Should I Order?

The portable sink we supplied has 2 options in height. One is suitable for children, as usually height will be 20-26’’; another is suitable for adult, as usually height is 26-28’’.And we can also customize the height, you can see used where then check the height suitable for you.

How to choose portable sink materials?

The materials used for portable sinks usually have stainless steel or ABA plastic, the countertop can be stainless steel, laminate, stone, or ABA plastic. The cabinets can be stainless steel. when you choose materials you need to consider your usage. If you always change places, so you can choose light materials, ABA and stainless steel are good. If you used in settle space, don’t always change place then can choose may be the stone countertop.

Choose where you will be placing the sink

The outdoor use and indoor use portable sinks materials are when you choose, you need considering will use it where. for outdoor use as usually need to choose weather-proof materials. And you need to think about how big your location space, if your space very narrow, can choose a small portable sink, we will give you solutions.

Where you can use portable sinks?

You can use portable sinks in almost all places where don’t have a pipe or have no convenient water supply. It not only makes our work station clean and hygiene but also make some business possible in places lack of water.

portable sink for saleThe places as usually will use portable sinks like below:

  1. Medical office and treatment room.
  2. Shopping mall eyebrow threading kiosk and barber kiosks
  3. spa or hair salon shop supply hair wash area
  4. for outdoor food kiosks or some food business opened in outdoor
  5. outdoor festival activity.

Why choose Ant display?

Ant display is a leading company specialize in making commercial store fixtures as well as metal sinks. Portable sinks are one of our superior products.we have our own metal production workshop, have a professional cutting machine and production equipment. For the sinks, we used is a high grade 304 stainless steel. We already have 12 years of experience in making portable sinks. And one very important, we have our own design team, we do customize, so even you have special needs can also tell us, we can customize as your size.

How to order the portable sink?

  1. firstly you need to contact us tell us your needs, like need what size, what kind style, used where, etc
  2. Our sale team will select the models as your needs send you choose, then you can see which one suit you, we can check the price for your reference
  3. If you wanna do a customized one, we have a design team, we can help you design it as your needs for you see the effect
  4. After the price confirmed you can arrange our payment we will start production for you
  5. After finished we will pack it uses wood boxes and send you

If you are interested in ordering a portable sink and wanna more details, just feel free to contact us.