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Outdoor Kiosk

The outdoor kiosk is a typical outdoor shack for business presentations or retail shops, as well as a guard shack and information centers. An outdoor kiosk stand is a perfect business station to operate a retail store or portable fast food restaurant in the crowded street and scenic beach. Compare to the indoor mall kiosk, outdoor booth shop can reach more potential customers from all sides. What’s more, with potable wheels, you can even drive your shop in front of customers. Due to the kiosk will be placed outdoor, choose the right material to build the kiosk is very import. No matter what used the outdoor kiosk is , the kiosk itself must be water-proof with heat insulation and able to against different weather situations. In Ant Display, we have a large scale of the outdoor kiosk, outdoor booth and outdoor stand available for you. From modular FRP(fiberglass) kiosk to powder-coated metal frame outdoor stands or Aluminium structure booths. Our products give you the widest selection of commercial outdoor display. Whether you need an outdoor food booth, food trailer, concession stand, snack kiosk, flower kiosk or shipping container restaurant, we have the best design at an affordable cost for you. Browse our category and find the best commercial display stands for your business environment.
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outdoor kioskAnt Display is a leading outdoor kiosk manufacturer, We custom design and manufacture various stylish outdoor kiosk stands, concession booth and outdoor retail shops for sale. Whether you are looking for modern beach kiosk or cost-effective flower retail stands. We have the best outdoor kiosk design for you. Our modern sleek kiosk design ideas will give you the most attractive features to get your business exposed at most under the customer crowd. Moreover, our wide range of outdoor booth stands covers almost all the business category. From outdoor food booth, concession stands to portable food trailer, Or outdoor retail shop stands to display flower. Ant Display has the best display solution for outdoor commercial business presentations. Despite food snack booth, we also have a magic metal box of modular shipping container restaurants for sale. With a modern design and industrial look, Our modular shipping container kiosks are just perfect for the coffee, office and even outdoor hotel. Stainless steel guard shack is another popular outdoor kiosk from Ant Display, We metal design guard booth can use in many different occasions. Check out our finest collection and find the ideal kiosk booth to boom your business.


Outdoor Food Kiosk & Concession Stands

Opening a food kiosk in the business street or start a concession stands in a shopping plaza are the most popular business ideas. Whether you are running ice cream shops or planning to start a fast-food restaurant, an Outdoor food booth is a good option to try. Compare to fixed restaurant. A food kiosk will cost fast more less while facing a huge customer group. Ant display has a large number of amazing outdoor food booth design and modern concession booth ideas which are perfect for outdoor food serving. Besides the existing models, we also accept OEM service, Our experience can custom design and manufacture the food booth exactly according to your required dimension and style. And give professional advice on material and prefabricate procedures. If you want to build your own design outdoor food shop. Ant Display will be your best cooperator.

Beach Kiosk For Sale

Ant Display offers a large scale of beach kiosks with a stylish design for sale. Whether you need a Hawaii style or industrial look beach kiosk. You will find your ideal booth stands here. From metal frame to old wood or colorful fiberglass, We can accommodate various building material into a Unique design beach kiosk stands. No matter you are looking for a beach food kiosk or retail shop on the beach, Here has your ideal beach stand to give your merchandise the best advertisement.

Mobile Food Trailer

If you are looking for a portable outdoor food kiosk? our delicate food trailers are just perfect for you. With a lower cost price, Our food trailers have a very good market in Europe and North America areas. Whether you need food stands in the street or looking for a portable restaurant in the park. Our food trailer will give you a great presentation.

Modular Shipping Container Restaurant concept

As a new style outdoor display unit, Shipping container shops can be the most attractive kiosk stands. Our container shops are fabricated with real shipping containers that vary in 20ft, 40ft, 40HQ, and 45ft. Whether you are looking for a shipping container cafe bar or shipping container fast food restaurant, Our modular see can shop kiosk will give you the best inspiration. Most importantly, our shipping container can adjust into any size you need to create a large or small, flat or layered restaurants according to vendors needs. It not only has an attractive outlook but also functional inside with durable longevity. Our modular shipping containers booths are just perfect for an outdoor food kiosk or retail shops, as well as an office or showroom presentation. Want to know more information about our custom outdoor stands, Contact our team today.

During the past 17 years, Ant display has accomplished hundreds of qualified outdoor food kiosks, outdoor food booths and concessions stand all over the world. With the most popular kiosk design ideas and durable material as well as a fantastic surface finish. We win our name as the Top outdoor kiosk manufacturer in China. Whether you are looking for an ice cream outdoor kiosk booth or pizza outdoor kiosk stands or flower retail shop, we will have the perfect display solution with the most competitive price waiting for you. Sent us an inquiry or give us a call to get the latest outdoor kiosk design and discounted kiosk price.