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Outdoor Display Case

The outdoor display cases we provide is an important marketing tool that can be considered in almost every industry. No matter where you go or drive by, you will definitely notice these displays in various outdoor places. For example retail stores, shopping centers, school campuses, parks and entertainment centers, sports and entertainment centers, restaurants, hotels and resorts, government agencies and military bases, company facilities, medical centers, parking lots, etc. Ant Display custom design and manufacture outdoor display cases, outdoor showcases for sale, check our page and buy your favorite display cases at an economical price.

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Ant Display provides various outdoor displays for appearance display applications. Our hanging and floor display products include wall-mounted display cabinets, restaurant outdoor menu display cabinets, outdoor poster cabinets, sign racks, and wall-mounted sign racks. In addition, in our product lineup, we provide poster stands, sidewalk A-frames and sidewalk sign stands, outdoor letter board display stands, catalogs, outdoor enclosed bulletin boards, and cork boards. These are just a few of the all-weather, weatherproof and waterproof outdoor displays provided.outdoor display case

Get Top-Quality Outdoor Display Case at Factory Price

These outdoor display cases, also called notice boards, are designed with durable aluminum frames that can withstand years of continuous use. These weatherproof outdoor display cabinets can be used indoors or outside of enterprises. Rubber gaskets are sealed around the frame of each closed menu cabinet to prevent moisture and other external elements from entering the showcase. Inside these enclosed outdoor display cabinets, there is a large self-healing cork surface. Another important feature of these outdoor display cabinets with internal cork boards is a top LED light bar.

These illuminated notice boards and outdoor display cabinets with hinged doors provide an easy way to display memos, notices, timetables, and posters. By using pushpins, pushpins, or staples, you can easily paste messages and printouts on the easy-to-stick natural grain corkboard. Buying these outdoor display cabinets with lighting also comes with a bag of thumbtacks. Depending on how the menu cabinet is installed, the door can be opened from the side or from the bottom for easy replacement.

Widely Choice Outdoor Notice Boards

We provide signage stands, message boards, information centers, and poster displays in various sizes, styles, and functions. According to your external signage application needs, we provide many wall-mounted and free-standing fixture solutions to display your posts. Whether it is news, flyers, advertisements, posters, signs, maps, restaurant menus, photos, catalogs, or any other notice or announcement.

Outdoor Bulletin Boards

The range of outdoor sign cases and external poster display cabinets allows buyers to choose according to the required functions and any budget considerations. Take a look at the extensive list of outdoor display styles, Including outdoor poster boxes, outdoor bulletin boards, enclosed cork bulletin boards, outdoor dry boards, enclosed message boards, outdoor information boards, catalog boards, outdoor letter board display stands, outdoor restaurant menu boxes, menu display cabinets, combined message boards and Other appearance display equipment, the size and style of standard and customized outdoor display cabinets.

Custom Notice Boards

Custom sizes can be ordered according to your specific outdoor display cabinet needs. Custom powder coating colors can also be ordered. Of course, we can also add a title to display the message. Outdoor display racks can be illuminated by top fluorescent lights. It is very suitable for outdoor poster display racks, outdoor restaurant menu frame display cabinets, promotional advertisements in retail stores, and closed variable letter boards for catalogs. Call and tell us your specific needs.

Outdoor Cork Boards

Outdoor display cabinets provide the widest range of outdoor poster display cabinets, outdoor bulletin boards, and enclosed cork boards, including signboards, outdoor message centers, and outdoor dry erase boards. You will also find more wall-mounted and free-standing message boards, outdoor letter boards, catalog boards, restaurant menu display cabinets, oversized bulletin boards, external sign stands, and outdoor information boards.

Custom Outdoor Display Case from Ant Display

Ant Display provides a variety of outdoor display cabinets. You can purchase a variety of standard and customized outdoor display cabinets and signage displays to handle daily external elements. Browse a series of outdoor poster boxes, outdoor message board display stands, and outdoor bulletin boards. We also provide waterproof and weatherproof billboard cabinets, restaurant menu boxes, menu box display stands, closed letter board display stands, and lockable cork boards. We are proud that many customers (including designers, architects, and purchasing agents) return to purchase our products for other display projects.

Our designers can order custom sizes according to your specific outdoor display cabinet needs. Custom powder coating colors can also be ordered, as well as the vinyl backing color of the back panel. You can add a title to display the message. Outdoor display cabinets can be illuminated by fluorescent lights on the top. It is very suitable for outdoor poster display, outdoor restaurant menu box display cabinet, retail store promotion advertisement, and closed variable letter board for catalog. Call and tell us your specific needs.