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  1. 2022 The Most Popular Online Celebrity Bubble Tea Shop Style Design

    bubble tea shop

    Now many online celebrity shops have begun to enter everyone’s field of vision. The decorations of online celebrity shops are very beautiful or very special, so it can attract many people to take pictures here. It is basically the age of the internet. No matter what, as long as it has been shared by others, it can spread to all corners of the world. Therefore, many online celebrity shops have appeared. W...

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  2. Interior Furniture Layout Design Of Ice Cream & Yogurt Store

    ice cream shop

    For a food store, the most important furniture is the internal bar, tables, and chairs. The style and size of the bar depend on the size, style, and products we sell. Generally, before buying a bar, we will make a design first. After confirming the furniture shown in the design drawings, we will start to buy, so that we can buy furniture that meets our requirements.


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  3. Lovely Donut & Cupcake Store Inside 3D Design Decoration

    donuts shop

    Donut is a very cute dessert. It has many colors and flavors. The two most common shapes are hollow rings, or closed dough with cream, custard, and other sweet fillings in the middle of the dough. lock up. Many people in the United States take donuts as their breakfast staple and set up a donut day. Recently, the taste and variety of donuts have developed rapidly, and various flavors have been developed...

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  4. Pink Style Dessert & Retail Product Store Design Drawings

    food shop

    A beautiful shop can always attract the attention of many customers. When we go shopping, we can find that many shops look very fashionable every day. Not only that, the desserts or snacks they sell also look very delicious and clean. The quality of a store’s business has a lot to do with its decoration. If you want to attract more customers, we should focus on the design and decoration of the pre-shop. W...

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  5. Luxury sweet cookie shop design elegant cake shop counter with factory price for sale

    Luxury sweet cookie shop design elegant cake shop counter with factory price for sale

    Now more and more people pay attention to the decoration style of the store. A beautiful decoration style can help attract customers and facilitate sales. The furniture style and layout also very important.


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  6. Interior Furniture Design Of British Literary Style Yogurt Shop

    yogurt shop

    Britain gives me the feeling of being very gentlemen and elegant, just like their accent, it sounds very gentle. In many food stores, there are countless styles, modern, luxurious, and retro. This mainly depends on the requirements and preferences of the owner. When we get a lease for a store, we always first consider what style we want to decorate. A beautiful and clean store can always attract more...

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  7. Modern Style Custom Crepe Storefront 3D Design

    crepe store design

    Now the decoration in the store is very important to the sales of our store. Many customers first pay attention to the environment in the store. So if we want to start a store, we first have to spend a little time thinking about its layout, colors, and styles. Design is to present our ideas through the computer. We can use the design drawings to decide what kind of furniture, decorations, and colors...

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  8. USA fashion style bubble tea store food restaurant juice bar counter design

    USA fashion style bubble tea store food restaurant juice bar counter design

    Open a beverage shop is the dream of many people. If you want to open a bubble tea shop or a juice bar, you can find some food shop design from our Ant Display Ltd. A lovely and attractive bubble tea store design can help you to attract more customers to come to your shop. Our aim is to help you to do it perfectly!


    Bubble tea shop:

    The shop size is about 137 square...

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  9. Australia Sushi Store 3D Design & Bar Counter Working Bench in Resturant

    Australia Sushi Store 3D Design & Bar Counter Working Bench in Resturant

    Project Name: Sushi Restaurant-

    Project Coordinates: Melbourne, Australia

    Project Time: design time 1-2 weeks, production time, 6-7 weeks.


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  10. Simple Modern Coffee Shop Design Unique Solid Wood Cafe Interior Decoration

    Coffee shop design, counter, display showcase

    In the design of the coffee shop, the purpose is to continue the perfect friendship that people admire and yearn for, and at the same time to achieve the purpose of relieving pressure.

    Because in this modern society with more and more developed economy and more and more thin human feelings, the pace of life is getting faster and faster, and the pressure...

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  11. Sushi Store Interior Design & Food Display Counter Bar Table for Sale

    Sushi Store Interior Design & Food Display Counter Bar Table for Sale

    Sushi is a traditional food from Japan. Because of its delicious taste and gorgeous shape, it is popular and loved by many people. This has also led to many people opening sushi restaurants.

    So when you open a sushi restaurant, the design of a sushi restaurant is essential. Because the decoration of the shop and the placement of shop furniture is installed and placed according to the design...

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  12. Unique Customized Coffee Bar Furniture Design Attractive Modern Coffee Shop Interior Decoration

    Coffee shop design, counter, display showcase

    People read books, talk with friends, fall in love, do homework, write articles, play games, and stare into space in cafes. Coffee shop culture is one of the western cultural traditions and historical cultures. Coffee shop is a carrier of cultural inheritance of a country or a city and an indispensable cell. With the continuous development of economy, the pace of life is getting faster and...

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  13. Green Tea Shop Furniture Wood Display Show furniture Modern Green Tea Shelf Design

    tea store display counter

    What is your favorite tea? There are many famous teas in the world, such as Pu’er, Oolong tea, white tea, and so on. Some people like green tea, while others feel that black tea has a unique taste. Tea is also a necessary raw material of popular bubble tea. It’s a very good idea to open a tea shop and...

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  14. Coffee Shop Counter Design | Leisure Restaurant Interior Layout

    coffee shop

    For a coffee dessert shop, the inside furniture is very simple. We just need the bar counter, tables, and chairs/sofa. The rest is how to arrange their position, and the furniture color and type. People are more willing to go to some beautiful and clean shop, so the decoration of our shop is also important. Before decoration the store, we need to think about what style we like, different styles have...

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  15. Juice Store Interior Bar Counter Design | Small Size Juice Bar Layout

    juice bar

    Fruit juice is a juice product obtained by physical methods such as squeezing, centrifugation, extraction, etc., Using fruits as raw materials, and processed beverages. Drinking juice regularly can help digestion, moisturize the intestines, and supplement the lack of nutrients in the diet. In the summer, the juice is also a very thirst quencher.

    We know that ...

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  16. Modern Coffee Shop Design Retail Cafe Interior Furniture Decoration Design

    Coffee shop design, counter, display showcase

    As is known to all, coffee shops are places where modern people gather for leisure and business communication. The reason why coffee shops have their unique attraction is that what they sell is not only coffee, but also a kind of quality, culture and ideas. It is believed that many literary young people have a dream to open their own coffee shop. No matter in the morning when insects and birds...

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  17. Customized Coffee Shop Design High-end Cafe Interior Design With Special Decoration

    Coffee shop design

    Three things are necessary to be popular in a coffee shop: good coffee, first-class service, and eye-pleasing decoration. There are many tastes of coffee. People have their own favorite tastes, not only pursue the taste of the coffee but also pursue the smell. The coffee shop meet the needs of people and also create more surprises for them, such as to make some beautiful patterns. The coffee shop offer...

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  18. Outdoor Fast Food Restaurant Furniture | Fried Chicken Burger Restaurant Layout

    restaurant design

    Fried chicken burgers are very popular in any country. The store is basically full on weekends, so if we want to do this kind of business especially when international brands, we need to rent a larger store to accommodate more customers. The layout of the store is also very important. We need to combine our sales methods to arrange suitable furniture such as tables, chairs and cash register. Today...

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  19. Dessert Shop Sweet Food Counter Take Cake Display Showcase Store Furniture Design

    dessert shop furniture

    Everyone likes dessert because it tastes delicious and gives people a good spirit. Nearly every family eats desserts after dinner. Regarding dessert becoming very popular, many people even open sweet food shops to earn a profit. And a sweet dessert restaurant usually building a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Clients can enjoy their meals and relax a while. Here is a useful dessert shop furniture...

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  20. Small Modern Bubble Tea Shop Design Fashion Milk Tea Store Interior Decoration Design

    Bubble tea shop design

    To open a bubble tea shop, advertising is needed, but the store is clean or not, milk tea is good to drink or not, the clerk is friendly or not, this is a milk tea shop can live on the real reason. From the point of view of consumers, everyone likes to decorate a better store, or decorate a more personalized, can arouse people's curiosity. As a bubble tea shop owner, when others do not know...

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