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When we walk into a shipping mall, we've always been stopped by the tasty candies and yummy sweets. Candy shops are opened everywhere in our daily lives. but when we want to open a candy shop business, we will always face such questions: Is a candy store business profitable? how to start a candy stall business? how much does it cost to open a candy store in mall? Candies are sweet food that favourite by all ages and all districts people, start a sweet candy retail business is a profitable and easy indoor business. The profit margins of candy booth are much higher than other fast food or retail products, Therefore, whether you are franchising a candy brand or simply open a sweet stall in mall or run a large candy store, it will surely bring you generous profit revenue.

Candy Stall business is not only perfect for a new business starter but also an ideal opportunity for large retail enterprises to franchise and expand. There are many various candy vending carts and retail booths, bulk candy retail kiosks inside the shopping mall, but picks & mix sweet candy stall is the most popular business, especially in the USA and Canada. Almost every big shopping mall and business center will have such kinds of candy stores. Candy retail is becoming a popular business that has a great profit margin. If you want to start a candy stall in mall, check our latest candy kiosk design with economic price. 

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If you are looking for a mall used candy booth or retail candy display ideas? Ant display is the best place to go. We have over 100+ modern design candy kiosk concept design & mobile candy carts for sale. Whether you need a mobile cotton candy cart or pick & mix candy vending kiosk in the mall, we will have the best design at an affordable cost. Our main goal is to offer the best quality retail candy display fixtures, display stands & counters most economically, from metal candy carts to wooden candy kiosk or retail sweet display stand cabinet. Our large collection of modern design candy racks and the retail merchandising unit will give you the best inspiration.

candy kiosk

Custom Candy Kiosk For Sale.

With the growth of needs for shopping mall markets, lots of vendors choose to open a sweet stall in the mall. A successful candy kiosk must able to define both outlook and inner function. It should have a beautiful kiosk design in a unique shape and use-friendly character for both clients and working staff.

Custom Design

If you are looking for a unique design candy booth with your own brand element desired ideas, Here you are in the right place. Ant display custom design service can help you achieve any styles you want, from kiosk sizes to colors and the acrylic candy boxes. We can bespoke the full candy stall in your dream ideas. 

Multi-Material Choice

Our large collections of materials source give your the widest choice of forming any character candy shop. Plywood, solid wood, and timber blocks are used to build the kiosk structure, while powered coated metal and colored stainless steel can hold the posters and shop logo. The clear acrylic, tempered glass is the ideal material for candy display showcase and candy boxes. As long as you are looking for decoration materials for a charming candy stall, you will get it solved in Ant.

Affordable Price

Starting a candy retail booth in a mall always been a costly investment. However, Ant display offers the most popular design. Top-quality kiosk stands at an affordable cost. We can strict cost control and quality control system to ensure our clients get the best quality candy store furniture at the most worthy price. 


As a leading commercial furniture manufacturer that is exporting mall used candy shops for over 18 years, we have to build hundreds of unique design candy kiosks, stalls, booths, and carts for various clients worldwide. If you can spend less money and get the same quality candy stands, why waste time and money and bargain with other suppliers? Here are four reasons why many retailers choose us:

  1. We are a directly commercial display fixtures manufacturer and can supply the best quality kiosk stands at an unbeatable price.
  2. We offer a free design service. Whether you are a big candy store design or mobile cotton candy kiosk design, you always get professional technical drawings in-time.
  3. We have a strong customization ability. No matter what style your display is, no matter what material you want, you will always get satisfied in Ant.
  4. Shipping support and expert guide support on installation. Small project, we will have a full install video to guide you with a fast installation. For a large project, we will be sent our engineer on-site to help assemble.

When you plan to start a candy stall or retail booth stands, visit ant display first, and you will save a lot of time and money. Contact our team today for a customized proposal.