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I have seen many articles about starting a beverage store, bubble tea kiosks, drink shops, and so on. Many of them are very professional. they write some very general and theoretical words. I feel that they are very misleading. Especially for new business starters, In fact, there is not much practical guidance value at all. Therefore, I plan to write this post as the experience of opening a beverage store and give some of my own experiences for friends who want to open this kind of bubble tea shop, hoping to help you start an easy beverage business.

First of all, the most important thing to open a drink shop is the flow of people. Needless to say, the location of the shop is the most important factor in opening a drink shop. Don't spend all your money on decoration in order to pursue sentiment. Put as much money as possible on finding a shop with a large flow of people and a large number of target customers. There is a saying in the shopping mall that cash is king. In the process of opening a store, the flow of people is the king. We must attach great importance to the choice of shop location. And here I going to start with 6 aspects.

  • Do you want to franchise a business or not?
  • Confirm the orientation of the products
  • How Much Price For your Products?
  • Make Your Product Localised.
  • Marketing & Manage Skills.
  • Establish loyal customer groups.

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First, do you want to franchise a brand?

There are now tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of beverage store franchise fees, and Some of them cost hundreds of thousands. In my opinion, this is a very difficult investment to recover. It is very uneconomical. Once failed in business, the money will be wasted and lost. When I opened my first store. There were five beverage stores on the same street. Except for my bubble tea shop, all of the franchise business. But in the end, none of their business was better than me. Even in the end, everything from packaging to marketing was learning from me.

Do you really need to franchise?

In my opinion, there is no need to franchise a brand if you are just a new starter. because if you use the money to decorate, you can build a fantastic tea store at same level of franchise store. Even more advanced than them. Instead of spending money to franchise some shops without brand benefits, it's better to spend the money on interior design and decoration. That's the most important part Where do customers first see the level of the store.

How to decorate your bubble tea shop? How to choose the right juice bar counter? First of all, you have to find out what type of store and what level of the store you want to open, and then find a franchise store that is most similar to your style and positioning, find the one that fits your expectation best, find a good decoration company, and take the master to have a drink directly. Take a look at it slowly. If you don't look good at one time, go a few more times, and then communicate with the decoration master about the details Copy one.

if I don't want to franchise business, what can I do?

I have seen Amazon sell milk tea formula before, more than 6000, don't spend such unjust money. You go to the local largest wholesale market of milk tea and coffee raw materials. At that time, I went to the China market. Near Wuhan Customs, it is said that it is the largest wholesale market of beverage raw materials in China. I am not familiar with other markets. Let me take this market as an example. Minquan road wholesale market has a long way to do raw material wholesale. There are hundreds of stores large and small. You can ask several more for quotations. The prices of various products and equipment will be written very clearly.

How to set up a bubble tea shop with your own brand?

Generally, this is a real price, and there is no room for bargaining. So you can make a comparative choice. If you have a little confidence in your heart, choose one to enter the store and explain your intention. They will have a staff to teach you to make finished products for you to choose and taste and will encourage you to enter a variety of raw materials. For the first time, you can buy some drinks that you feel good to drink or sell well in your local area. Don't be fooled into buying everything. This involves the next problem. Anyway, the goods are not enough, you call to remit money, the other party will deliver the goods to you in the past, so you don't have to buy them all at once.

As far as the market of Minquan road is concerned, the service is very considerate. They have developed new products, and they will send you the formula list with the goods for your reference. You can choose drinks suitable for local customers' tastes and make improvements. For a wholesaler, if your business is good, his business will be good.

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Second, the orientation of the products

I saw the answer written by someone before that they said that they could sell milk tea for one buck a cup by doing promotional activities, and they thought that the profit of milk tea was very high and one buck would not be lost. I really want to say that it would be extremely unreasonable to lose. Seven years ago, the cost of a cup of milk tea sold on a mobile stall would cost 70 cents. Now, the cost of selling milk tea on the mobile booth is almost 2 bucks, not to mention that consumers in big cities don't drink the cheap products made by simple mixing of cream and fruit powder. A dollar for a cup of milk tea will be lost to tears.

Determine What you want to do.

The era of high profit for drinks has long passed, so I transferred the store to others after I opened it for two years. The transfer fee earned about 80000. I don't regret that the business is booming. Raw materials are rising too fast. However, the consumption capacity of Wuhan city is rising too slowly, and the profit space is greatly reduced. But is it not suitable to do the beverage business now? I think there is still profit space in cities like New York,  Toronto or Melbourne because the price of drinks here is basically more than 8 bucks. In addition to other expenses, there should be a profit of about 40%. If the price of drinks is lower than 6 bucks, I don't think it is necessary to open such a store. Profit and risk are not quite equal.

Choose the one that produces profit

I think some people say that the restaurant is about 300-500 buck a day. I can only say that if the number of running water is only this number, the store will be dead. Assuming that the daily flow of 500, the profit is only about 200, then a month only 6000 USD, such a profit is basically can not afford to hire a shop assistant, only a person can support more than 10 hours a day, it is better to go to work.

You don't need many kinds of drinks to open a beverage shop, because too many drinks require you to import more kinds of raw materials, so your capital will be totally pressed on the raw materials, and you will never see money in your hands. Secondly, in the process of your operation, you will find that the types of drinks that customers often buy are very concentrated. Many drinks have a very small probability of being ordered, but they need to spend a lot of money to prepare the goods. If they are not sold for a long time, they will expire. In the process of operation, you can eliminate the bad drinks regularly.

Develop Your Own Flavor tea

In the limited more than ten kinds of drinks, you have to have your own special drinks. It's better to develop your own exclusive new product, the treasure of Zhenjiang. Once the trend is formed, the sales volume will be amazing. I should be the first person who tried to add whiskey to the production process of milk tea. The finished product is a little like the taste of chocolate with a heart that I ate when I was a child. At that time, more than 400 cups of this kind of product could be sold in two stores every day. What's more, the exclusive product can bring a large number of strangers, and your sales will skyrocket.

For new products, you can do promotional activities and special prices in the early stage. Try to let more people drink them first. If there are a large number of repeat customers, it means that it is successful, and the original price can be restored for key promotion.

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Third, Pricing Your Products

If you want to open a shop, you have to find out the prices of various products in the same type of stores around you in advance. Your price should be equal to them, neither too high nor too low. To meet your decoration level and your location, as mentioned in the first answer, if you sell a glass of juice for 30 bucks, you will have to match 30 bucks of decoration and 30 bucks of land. I estimate the location and the type listed in this question Under the condition of decoration, 30 bucks a cup will make the store close down in advance, and even the takeout can't be sold. How many people will spend 30 bucks to buy a cup of takeout juice? Even if the takeout is 5 bucks cheaper, someone will buy the juice for 25 bucks? That's bullshit.

Make A reasonable price menu

The second step is to calculate the cost of the product according to the fixed price, build a fantastic menu board excluding the profit and other costs (rent, water, and electricity), and adjust the formula, capacity, etc. according to the final calculation results. If the cost is too high to use ordinary sealed cups, we should consider changing the packaging with small capacities, such as the small and delicate coffee cup, which looks tall but has small capacity Glass bottles, etc. In a word, it's necessary and accurate to calculate the cost before you start a business.

Cost calculation and formula adjustment

The cost calculation and formula adjustment are carried out at the same time. Within the cost, you have to experiment with the proportion of various formulas of each product repeatedly until you have the best taste. You can invite friends and classmates to have a try. Finally, a standard quantitative standard should be formed for the best proportion. You can record it. On the one hand, it can ensure the stability of the product's taste, and the other is to improve your system in the future For efficiency, three to train shop assistants in the future.

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Fourth, Product Localization

85C Are very popular at the beginning, After a while, it died in Sydney. Coco, happy lemon, streetcar, R & B milk club, which are hot drinks in Moskow, Demark, and Span, are all mediocre in US because they have not localized their products.

Why Shop Location is important?

For example, the 85C iced pear tea is actually very good to drink, but for me, always ask for no sugar, because the taste without sugar is just right for me. The sugar content of the raw material in the Sydney sauce is enough, but for people in the south of the Yangtze River, the taste of sugar is normal, and it is too greasy for me.

Therefore, if you have to franchise business, you'd better join the local brands rather than the foreign brands. Their formula may not be suitable for the local people's taste. If you don't make any improvement, the probability of bad business will be greatly increased. If it's a store that doesn't join, it's better to choose to open a shop in a familiar market or hometown where you've lived for a long time. The hope of success will be greater.

Choose the right location for your business

Before the official opening of the business, another job is to find more local friends to try drinking, put forward suggestions, and make improvements. Write so much first, think about it, and then fill it up. Recently, my cousin has also opened a milk tea shop. It has been in a general location for a month. The profit for last month is 8500 USD. Because I have discussed this issue with him for a long time, I am familiar with it. While it is still fresh, I wrote it here. I hope it can be helpful to those who are interested.

If you want to know more about bubble tea shop locations, go read this article>>> Where to open a bubble tea shop?

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Fifth, Marketing Skills

In the past, there was a famous guy who claimed to be about to earn 700000 a year. Of course, there are many similar styles now. I think the number of praises is still very high. Most of the people who like it are college students who have not yet entered the society. The competitiveness and overall quality of the post-90s college students are better than those of the post-80s. However, in the fierce competition, the post-90s are generally more anxious and have a kind of shortcut mentality. Is this right Yes.

Learn More Skills from a different source

Why is it that people who know what they write are nonsense? I can only say that really good marketing books or marketing people's propaganda is not enough. You need to learn marketing from two channels. One is the experience of the people you know who make money through good marketing. The other is the classic book that can let you learn something. It is not a pile of books that seem to have a lot of terms and words. They are not the kind of books that seem to be full of terms and words. I recommend two books that I think are very well written, Roger Dawson's advantage negotiation and absolute deal. There are also several books written by Wang Qiang, which are business novels based on his own experience. There are a lot of dry goods. The trilogy of circle entrapment is particularly excellent. He dumped Du Lala eighteen Mile Shop. When reading a book, you must think about the industry you are engaged in and see if there is something that can be used directly. Don't swallow it all at once. It can be applied in your actual life even if it is only a little bit. It is also very great.

Although it's just a small business to open a beverage store, there is still a lot to be done in it. Your marketing inspiration comes from other people's experiences and good marketing books you've learned, as well as the thinking in your daily life.

Learn More Skills from practical experience

I know how to mix wine, but I can't play with the cool and stylized design of bartenders. In fact, the cocktails I concocted taste better than many bars. However, the bartenders in the bar would rather spend more time and have more variety. This is not only to be cool but also to meet the psychological expectations of customers. For many bars, the bartender performance is the added value of cocktails, which customers like Look, after reading it, he will feel that the cocktail in his hand is worth the price.

If you apply this technique to the ordinary beverage industry, your operating space should be two parts. One part is totally closed or semi-closed. Hide things and equipment that are not suitable for customers to see, such as the ugly second-hand refrigerator purchased, such as fresh juice made from natural pulp and fresh fruit. The mentality of customers is not rational. Although it is a win-win approach to make fresh juice by adding the new pulp into pulp, it has better taste and lower cost, but they will firmly believe that the drink made from pure fruit pulp is the most nutritious and delicious. Don't try to explain it at this time. The best way is to hide it.

The other part is open. The bar should be made shorter. Too high a bar will hinder the customers' desire to communicate with you, and it is also not conducive to the skill I'm going to talk about.

Do more than speaking a lot

The kind of milk tea I created at that time was a little bit like wine chocolate. In fact, it was very simple. It was similar to the original milk tea with an appropriate proportion of whiskey. But if you do this, this cup of milk tea will not be popular, nor can it sell at a higher price, because it is too simple to make customers feel that the added value is very low. I bought a milk bubble pot imported from Japan (the filter of the domestic teapot is easy to break and break the teabag). I use this pot to make black tea (if you make tea bag directly, it takes a long time to get stronger tea juice, so I need to buy the kind that can push the filter up and down to make strong black tea in a short time). Fill the Sherk cup with ice, then spread the ingredients on it, add hot tea, and shake until all the ingredients are melted. Finally, pour out the Iced Milk Tea from the Sherk cup. The whole process is cool and stylish, and it looks very tall. Customers are not bored at all in the process of waiting, because they like watching it very much and find it very interesting. Therefore, one of the marketing skills is to make your exclusive product, the main product, complicate the simple process, make it look good, and enhance its added value.

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Sixth. Establish a loyal customer group

The beverage shop belongs to the service industry. For the service industry, establishing its own loyal customer group is the long-term and effective method. The so-called maintenance of business-customer relationships in most beverage stores is superficial, and everyone is giving a smile to your customers. You are not competitive if you just smile.

Choose your right customer group

My main consumer groups are college students and high school students. I don't know if anyone has noticed that the students who take the initiative to chat up with the shopkeeper are usually the ones who are more popular in the school and more comfortable. These people are your targets. What I mean is not to establish a good business-consumer relationship with him, but to have a good relationship with friends. When I just opened my shop, I was once smashed by a businessman who called a little gangster because of the good business. I was also beaten with several steel sticks and sprayed with Yunnan Baiyao for many days before I could move. When I became good friends with the school bearers around me, the low price transfer of the shop was smashed and rolled out of the street.

The first time I established a friendship with them was that we chatted together. Because I liked to play, I liked to have a large group of people eat, drink, sing and play billiards, so I often asked them to play together. Of course, I paid the bill. Playing and playing with these people have become good friends, they lead customers is not a classmate, but a class, or even a stall (small casinos).

Manage your Customer Group with Strategy

With this kind of good friend, you can do a lot of things. For example, there is a private high school far away from my shop. The students' economic conditions are generally good, but there are already a large number of my acquaintances in closed management. I often go to take out food kiosks. One day, when I saw floating milk tea, I suddenly had an idea. I also want to make instant milk tea. Anyway, the flavor of Xiang floating milk tea is very general, and The taste is not suitable for local people. Students who are too greasy and have good economic conditions do not disdain to drink.

At that time, it was very suitable for making instant milk tea. I learned that every classroom in this school had a water dispenser that could be heated. So I bought a copier, a gummed printing paper, which was used to print labels of various flavors of milk tea. I also bought small sealed plastic bags of various sizes. Then I prepared a detailed proportion of the formula for my instant milk tea of various flavors, with advanced one's Paper corrugated cup, it looks more advanced than fragrant x float, in fact, I sell more expensive than fragrant x float. Then I found a few college students to work as part-time workers and began to make bags. I gave the milk tea to my good friends in that school as an agent, and the profits were divided equally. In fact, I lost a little because I had to pay the hourly wage, but it doesn't matter. Don't worry about small interests in the business. In fact, children's heart is bigger than big people, a little money does not have much interest, they make happy, I can make happiness.

I have been to the supermarket for more than one day to sell instant tea. In this marketing, I learned that the hot water of the water dispenser is burning very slowly. Many students can't get hot water to make milk tea after class. So they bought several water heaters and gave them to the school. They put my shop name on it, and they took it as an advertisement. The water heater is not expensive. This advertisement is worth doing.

After that, other stores followed me, and the profits gradually became thin. But the first one who ate crabs was undoubtedly the most satisfied. Following the trend would never make more money than others.

Few Tips On Making Good Money on Juice tea Business

Do you want to make money or play with the mood? Most college students always close down because they always regard sentiment as their purpose. When I was in college, I opened four milk tea shops and made some money by making drinks. Let me give you some experience.

  1. In fact, it is feasible to make fresh juice. There are many such shops in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai, which is also the future trend of the beverage industry, health drinks. But if you go to that kind of shop to see other people's decorations, who will make a sausage machine at the door? Change the whole shop decoration, a little foreign style, a little fresh. Lighting is also very important. From the picture, the shop looks very dark during the day, which will make people have no desire to enter. I suggest installing two sets of lamps, an incandescent lamp, and warm yellow light. Turn on the incandescent lamps during the day and turn on warm yellow light at night. You can pay attention to the fact that many bakeries and restaurants turn on yellow light at night for many reasons. Bakeries are for warmth (especially in winter, warm yellow light makes people have a strong desire to enter the store), and many restaurants are for the pursuit of resplendent effect. Lighting is very important for catering and drinks. We should think about it carefully.
  2. Pure juice is really the most nutritious, but the taste is not very good, for example, fresh orange juice, the drink will make people want to cry. And have you calculated the cost? It's only 10 bucks for a cup. It's good to keep the capital with pure juice. What money can you make?
  3. Juice made in this way doesn't please customers or your own pocket. What's the picture?
  4. I make watermelon juice as an example. If the watermelon is directly mixed into a paste, the taste is not as good as eating watermelon. In summer, the viscous feeling is not refreshing. What's more, how large watermelon can make a cup of 500cc juice? It's too expensive. The improvement method is to take a small piece of watermelon, put it in a 500cc cup about 7 minutes, add ice and sugar water, stir and break, such a cup of watermelon juice taste quite refreshing, watermelon flavor is just right, can also eat small ice. Most importantly, most of it is water, and the cost can be cut by two-thirds.
  5. Another example is mango juice and a little mango pulp. Add the new mango juice from Denmark. The cost can be reduced a lot, and the taste is very good. Don't buy cheap fruit juice made in China. The flavor is too strong to drink easily. The new juice is pure natural. Many five-star hotels use it to mix the so-called fresh juice.
  6. You can also try to develop new products by yourself, such as cream, milk, coconut milk, juice, and syrup. You can mix all kinds of juice drinks with a blender. The taste and taste are much richer than pure juice. Juices sell well in summer, and dairy products sell better in winter. These are the rules in the beverage industry. I don't understand. It's not burning money to open a shop in a hurry.
  7. Don't use glass bottles, 10 bucks juice with a better beautiful plastic cup covered with an arch cup can look good, and the cost is lower. For drinks with a price of 10 bucks, customers are more concerned about taste and capacity. A glass bottle is only more than 200 cc, and it is not worth drinking in summer.
  8. The above process is best carried out in a semi-enclosed space, do not let customers see all of this, there is no need to explain this.
  9. The shop with bad location should be good at making use of the network and take out. Now is a homestead era, whether it is the office or the community, door-to-door delivery is popular, there are much ordering and delivering websites, you can also talk about cooperation. But pay attention to the efficiency of your own takeaway team when the order of takeaway increases. My suggestion is to contract to the professional errand delivery company to discuss some concessions in long-term cooperation, which is much more cost-effective than hiring a takeout staff.

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After all, the first of my suggestions are more expensive, which can be implemented later. The second and third items can be carried out immediately. First, save your shop and earn money, then consider the decoration of the shop