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Kiosk Carts

The kiosk and cart business is one of the most popular business ideas all over the world. With a smaller investment and less financial risk, those business ideas are just perfect for a new starter. You can open a retail kiosk inside a shopping mall, airport or any business plaza. Instead of running a permanent shop which will cost a huge amount of money, starting a small outdoor food booth is also a smart and profitable business idea. Moreover, If you are limited to budget, starting portable carts is an alternative option too. When running an indoor business, retail merchandising units, coffee carts are the best ideas to try. On the contrary, if you begin with an outdoor stall, starting wood food trailers, food bikes or concession stands are just ideal solutions.

Ant Display Is a leading custom kiosk manufacturer for retail mall kiosks, outdoor food booths, food trailers, mall retail carts, food kiosks. We custom design & manufacture commercial furniture mainly for The USA, Australia, Canada and UK. Whether you are looking for a portable food bike or bespoke mall retail stand, you will find the best design at an unbeatable price here. Browse our category and choose your favourite design ideas, if you need any further help or need a customized kiosk to build. Please feel free to contact us.

Indoor Retail Kiosk

  1. Cell Phone Kiosks
  2. Sunglasses Kiosks
  3. Jewelry Display
  4. Perfumes Stall
  5. Clothing Shop
  6. Cosmetic Kiosks
  7. Shoes Retail Kiosks
  8. Watch Kiosks


Indoor Food Kiosk

  1. Bread Kiosks
  2. Crepe Stand
  3. Candy Stall
  4. Frozen Yogurt Store
  5. Ice Cream
  6. Pizza Hut
  7. Cupcake
  8. Corn Kiosk
  9. Donuts
  10. Chocolate Booth
  11. Sushi Bar
  12. Bubble Tea Kiosk


Outdoor Kiosk

  1. Food Stand
  2. Outdoor Merchant
  3. Food Trailers
  4. Container Shop


Salon Kiosk In Mall

  1. Nail Art Kiosk
  2. Threading Kiosk
  3. Teeth Whitening
  4. Barber Shop


Food Carts

  1. Coffee Carts
  2. Hot Dog Carts
  3. Ice Cream Carts
  4. Juice Carts

mall kioskIn the past mall kiosk and mall, carts are a stand for lower markets business ideas. Nowadays, the customized kiosk business has developed a lot and becoming a very hot business idea. With a smaller investment but generous revenue, everyone wants to jump into this industry, even many big brands have joined the competition. This makes the kiosk rental cost are grower very fast. However, with the great profit behind it. Most vendor is still hungry for it. There are mainly three types of kiosk categories and two carts style to start with. Here I will give you basic instructions on it.

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  • Mall Cart Business for sale
  • Food Kiosk Business trends
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  • Outdoor Kiosk design

Indoor Retail Mall Kiosk Design Ideas

Mall Kiosk is most stand for a customized retail mall kiosk design which is a closed circle retail stands inside the shopping mall. Typically, a mall kiosk is a smaller open rental space that in-between two sides inline shops, To maximum use the interior space. The shopping mall will give several retail stands station for mall kiosk rental. You can start many kiosk businesses within a retail mall kiosk, from clothing retail to jewellery, watches. From fashion sunglasses to cell phone accessories. Almost any small and interesting merchandising you can sell within a mall kiosk. Ant Display is a professional mall used retail kiosk manufacturers for USA, Australia, United Kindom, Canada as well as Sudia Arabia countries. Besides customed kiosk design, we also manufacture prefabricated mall kiosk for sale.

Portable Mall Retail Cart For sale

Customized Mall carts are a smaller type of mall kiosks which is also known as a retail merchandising unit or RMU carts. Due to the smaller slim body size, the cost to set up a mall cart is much lower than a kiosk stands. What’s more, it can move easily with a caster wheel underneath. So mall retail carts are just perfect for a mobile retail kiosk and small investment business. Clothing retail, shoe retail, sunglasses, hats, purses are an ideal business to go.

Food Kiosk & Concession Stands

Bespoke Food Kiosk is a popular kiosk design that stands within a shopping mall. Compare to the retail mall kiosk, a food stands will cost more on kitchen equipment as well as business management. Because you need some specially skilled cook staff there. The materials that use to build a kiosk are almost the same but the design is far different from it. Food kiosks are more concern on attracting customer with the natural healthy concept while retail just need to more elegant and fashion. Much food-related business has very good profit within a mall food kiosk or concession stands design. Such as ice cream kiosk, frozen yogurt kiosk design or crepe or waffle. if you want to start a juice bar or coffee kiosk you will also have huge fans and followers.

Mobile Food Cart & Food Bike

food bikeThe coffee cart is a typical style of food carts for sale. Similar to retail carts, food carts have portable and slim design character. Which is perfect for a new starter or hot shopping mall where you can not get a big kiosk rental lease. If you are looking for the best food cart business ideas to start. Coffee carts, candy carts, ice cream carts, hot dog carts, sushi carts are all worth trying.

Outdoor Kiosk Design & Ideas

If you have got a good place to able to start an outdoor kiosk, that definitely a wealthy chance to start. However, Due to the material and shipping method difference, the cost to build an outdoor kiosk or booth stands are much higher than indoor kiosks. But it turns out that an outdoor kiosk lifetime is much longer than an indoor stand. For example, a typical standard metal outdoor booth can last about 20 years while you will be required to change a mall kiosk for no more than 5 years. On the one hand, the shopping mall will ask you to give a new design or finish for interior decoration. On the other hand, wood material using after five years will start weaker than before. The quality of the kiosk itself will ask you to renew it.  Outdoor ice cream kiosk is one of the most popular business ideas, especially on the beach, in the park or ground plaza, fast food like pizza, the crepe is all good business to start with. Want to know more about our kiosk stands. Choose the perfect design to sent us an inquiry for a customized concept.

Ant Display is a leading customized mall kiosk manufacturers for all types of retail kiosks, food kiosks, food carts, and outdoor booths. We bespoke modern kiosk design with lower price kiosk for sale. Our kiosk & carts we popular in The USA, Canada and North America, As well as in Australia, Netherlands, France, UK and Other Europe Countries. Whether you are looking for a retail kiosk in New York or want to open a store in Sydney, we can serve you with the best shopfitting and kiosk stands. Contact us for a custom retail kiosk design or discounted price.