Bubble Tea Shop Design

  1. Lovely Donut & Cupcake Store Inside 3D Design Decoration

    donuts shop

    Donut is a very cute dessert. It has many colors and flavors. The two most common shapes are hollow rings, or closed dough with cream, custard, and other sweet fillings in the middle of the dough. lock up. Many people in the United States take donuts as their breakfast staple and set up a donut day. Recently, the taste and variety of donuts have developed rapidly, and various flavors have been developed...

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  2. USA fashion style bubble tea store food restaurant juice bar counter design

    USA fashion style bubble tea store food restaurant juice bar counter design

    Open a beverage shop is the dream of many people. If you want to open a bubble tea shop or a juice bar, you can find some food shop design from our Ant Display Ltd. A lovely and attractive bubble tea store design can help you to attract more customers to come to your shop. Our aim is to help you to do it perfectly!


    Bubble tea shop:

    The shop size is about 137 square...

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  3. Green Tea Shop Furniture Wood Display Show furniture Modern Green Tea Shelf Design

    tea store display counter

    What is your favorite tea? There are many famous teas in the world, such as Pu’er, Oolong tea, white tea, and so on. Some people like green tea, while others feel that black tea has a unique taste. Tea is also a necessary raw material of popular bubble tea. It’s a very good idea to open a tea shop and...

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  4. Juice Store Interior Bar Counter Design | Small Size Juice Bar Layout

    juice bar

    Fruit juice is a juice product obtained by physical methods such as squeezing, centrifugation, extraction, etc., Using fruits as raw materials, and processed beverages. Drinking juice regularly can help digestion, moisturize the intestines, and supplement the lack of nutrients in the diet. In the summer, the juice is also a very thirst quencher.

    We know that ...

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  5. Small Modern Bubble Tea Shop Design Fashion Milk Tea Store Interior Decoration Design

    Bubble tea shop design

    To open a bubble tea shop, advertising is needed, but the store is clean or not, milk tea is good to drink or not, the clerk is friendly or not, this is a milk tea shop can live on the real reason. From the point of view of consumers, everyone likes to decorate a better store, or decorate a more personalized, can arouse people's curiosity. As a bubble tea shop owner, when others do not know...

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  6. Hot sale bubble tea store interior design fruit bar display furniture with 3D design

     bubble tea store interior design

    A bubble tea shop is a place for people to relax and release stress, so a good atmosphere is very important. Most young people will chat and date with friends, etc. The design of the store also needs to keep pace with the times, and the unique and fashionable interior design and decoration will make people like it more.


    Customer ideas...

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  7. Creative Bubble Tea Shop Design Modern Youth Milk Tea Store Interior Design

    Bubble tea shop design

    The summer is coming, bubble tea, juice, smoothie etc are the most popular drinks for young people. In fact, no matter summer or winter, the bubble tea is always popular all the year round, but especially in summer. In a bubble tea shop, not only selling the main products, but also can sell some snacks. So the design can meet the needs of the bubble tea shop decoration. A unique and suitable design...

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  8. Attractive Relaxed Design Idea Bubble tea Shop Furniture With Table And Chair

    Bubble tea shop furniture

    Summer is approaching, and a sip of cold milk tea in the hot summer will make people feel comfortable. If you plan to open a milk tea shop, now is a good time to start. It is April. Usually, a project requires 3 months to be reserved. So starting from now on designing, confirming, and producing, When you receive it, it's the peak sales season to start your business. Today, what I want to introduce...

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  9. Fashion Bubble Tea Shop Furniture Design Attractive Smoothie Store Counter Decoration

    smoothie store design

    Bubble tea and smoothie become very popular among people, as it has a special taste with a cool feeling. The shop owner always sells them together to win more clients. Especially in hot Summer, many people go to the bubble tea shop during lunch break. They can also deal with works and meet with friends in the bubble tea shop. Because the bubble tea shop always has a high-end and comfortable decoration...

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  10. Modern Bubble Tea Shop Design In Shopping Mall | Customized Attractive Bar Counter Layout Decoration

     Customized Modern Bubble Tea Shop Design

    Bubble tea is generally popular now, and most people will start a business by opening a bubble tea shop. As we know, different designs of shops have different effects. Today I want to introduce the latest bubble tea shop design, let us see more details together as below.

    Layout Description...

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  11. Modern Stylish Fengcha Bubble Tea Shop Interior Design | The Easiest Way To Start Your Own Bubble Tea Business

    Modern Stylish Fengcha Bubble Tea Shop Interior Design | The Easiest Way To Start Your Own Bubble Tea Business

    Now many people willing to open the bubble tea is very popular at the moment, bubble tea drinks is a popular food in the market, is distinctive in the market, product variety, flexible and easy operation. And the good market prospect is favored by many people, entrepreneurs are more and more investment into the bubble tea business. That is why many investors want to open a milk...

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  12. The overall 3D design of the beautiful bubble tea shop

    Bubble tea shop

    Hello everyone, today I want to share the design of a bubble tea shop with you. We all know that if you want to start an attractive and beautiful bubble tea shop, the first thing we need to do is to design the shop first. In this case, we have an idea to realize it and decorate it. With the design drawing, we can place our furniture and install similar style ceiling lights according to the...

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