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Metal Shelving

The metal shelf is often seen in our regeneration life. Such shelves are also found in warehouses, retail display cases in supermarkets, hospitals, kitchens, and offices, workshops, factories, and so on. These showcases are of sufficiently good quality, they are strong, durable and reliable. Metal shelves are the standard for industrial and commercial storage applications. For warehouses, it is an ideal solution for storing large loads, heavy equipment, and materials. For the hospital, he is the best choice for placing medicines and materials files. For supermarkets, he is the best tool for displaying various commodities. For the office, a metal shelf is a place for daily work documents and various books. For the kitchen, it is also a very good choice to customize a laughing metal shelf to prevent kitchen utensils. Because of the customized service provided by Ant Display, we provide various styles according to your needs.  Browse our page and find your favorite metal shelving.

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No matter what kind of products you want to show, trust us, we will customize a metal shelf that belongs to you according to your needs. The metal shelves provided by Ant Display are of high performance and high quality. Metal shelves can also be used for greenhouse cultivation. Because they can help you resist harsh environments and protect the safety of your plants. You can rest assured that we provide customers with quality products at the best price.EZ metal shelving unit

Top 3 Advantages of the metal shelves


Metal shelves can withstand higher temperatures and can also withstand the wear of forklifts and order pickers. As long as we do it properly in the production process to avoid corrosion or oxidation, the metal frame can be used for a long time without damage. The processed metal frame is stronger than ordinary metal, but we still need proper maintenance.

Elegant Surface:

Metal shelves generally have two surface coatings, galvanized or painted. Both finishes have their own advantages and disadvantages in preventing corrosion. But these two surface coatings will make the metal shelf look more beautiful.

If the coating is unevenly distributed during galvanizing, rough spots may appear. So we need to galvanize evenly in our production process. Make the whole metal frame more perfect. Galvanized metals are resistant to corrosion because they are coated with zinc to avoid contact with air. When the metal shelf is painted, the paint needs to be evenly applied to the entire shelf unit. Since we need to soak, there will be a smoother surface.

Save Space:

Metal shelves can give you more space to display your products or daily necessities in any particular area. You can arrange your storage space according to the structure of the shelves. You can store it vertically or horizontally. But it must not be overloaded, and arrangements should be made according to the withstand capacity of the metal frame.


Metal shelves are the most affordable option if you want to use metal shelves for supermarkets or warehouses. Each material will have a different price. But the metal frame is indeed affordable and durable. I think most people know that everything is a penny, so don’t choose low-quality products. At Anti Display, our factory often checks the quality of metal and whether the surface treatment is proper. There are load-bearing capacity and storage capacity. We will do our best to ensure that the shelf meets your needs.

How to install metal shelves?

Whether you need a locker that is more durable than plastic shelves in a hard warehouse. Or want to buy a locker on the market to organize your items and keep the whole room clean and tidy. It is convenient to take things, and a neat and tidy metal shelf can be done. The first step is to figure out how to install the metal frame on the wall. Most modular racking systems start with a frame, and a metal shelf allows new shelves to be added during installation. And if you want to add a metal shelf in the future, you can also add the appropriate shelves according to the number of your goods. You can match the appropriate storage tools according to your needs, such as matching shelves, storage boxes, suspension rods and other storage accessories. The purpose is to maximize the utilization of space and allow the entire space to have a larger storage location.

Best Price Metal Shelving For Sale

Metal racks are experts in storage and management. At Ant Display, we are committed to meeting the storage needs of every customer. Ant Display is a professional display of commercial furniture. Its products include shopping mall kiosks, outdoor kiosks, shop furniture, etc. Our company provides the customized service, which can help you produce kiosk or shop furniture according to your requirements.