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Watch kiosk in mall is another typical retail kiosk business that favorite by many vendors. With a large profit appealing, almost every shopping mall or business center will have one or two watch kiosks. You can start a watch retail kiosk either franchise a big brand or retail your own products. There are many watch manufacturer opened their kiosk shop in large cities and hot shopping mall. Nevertheless, still many shopping centers they do not cover, As we know, watch price are diverse from top high expensive to medium or even lower markets. Therefore ,before you open your watch kiosk in a mall, proper market research is very important. Watch kiosk is not like a food kiosk or juice bar, everyone would like & afford to buy one cup. Watch kiosk must open in a place with certain consume ability and continues shopping to support your business. Once you choose a good location in mall and get the rental lease, watch kiosk retail will bring you huge profit and loyal customer group. You can also combine a watch repair service within a watch retail kiosk to gain more reliable customers and offer better customer services.
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watch kioskCustom Watch Kiosk For Sale

Watch Kiosk is a circle island or lineup showcase that used for watch retail. With a different kiosk rental size, each kiosk will contain different quantities of glass showcase & display cabinet. All the watch showcases are applied with led stripe light around the top to light up the merchandise. While the bottom cabinet used for storage. All types of watch can retail within a watch retail kiosk shop. From men watch to women watch or students watch. From Clock to wall pendulum, as long as you get high-quality products with sweet service you will have a very good business in a retail stall. Ant Display is a leading watch kiosk manufacturer in China, During the past 17 years, we have finished hundreds of mall retail watch kiosk for sale. If you are looking for a watch retail showcase or watch kiosk stands to present your business for indoor. Ant can offer you the best work. From kiosk design to shipping manufacturing or kiosk shipping and installation. We provide one-stop solution to all our retail business requirements. Whether you are looking for a watch kiosk in mall or mobile watch retail merchandising cart , you will get the perfect display furniture here. What’s more, we can offer the best price that you can find on net. Here are the top 5 reasons that you should choose any display kiosk.

  • Free Kiosk concept and design provided before kiosk production.
  • Unbeatable price with supreme quality.
  • 17 years of watch kiosk fabricating experience.
  • High-quality material of safety glass, fire-resistant plywood with low voltage LED light.
  • Super easy shipping and installation with 2 years quality guarantee.

Besides watch retail kiosks, we also have watch display showcase, watch display counter to watch store interior decoration, from pedestal showcase to free-standing window showcase. Our large scale of display fixtures covers all or display demands. Contact our team for the lasted kiosk design with the best price.