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Are you looking for a watch shop design? Whether you are a designer or watch store owner when you start a watch store interior design and need the most popular decorating ideas, store fixtures, shopfitting, displays, or any commercial space furniture. Ant Display got all your needs covered. We have the largest collection of luxury watch kiosk concepts, pop up watch shop designs, and large watch retail space images.  You will get the inspiration from our shop designs. 

Besides watch shop design, Ant Display also honored as a professional commercial furniture manufacturer, We can custom design and build your watch shop in luxury design but affordable cost. From free standing watch pedestal showcase to wall bay cabinet or standard display counters. You will have the full set of watch shop furniture at a one-stop solution.

As a professional watch store fixtures supplier, we not only offer our client the most attractive shop designs, but we also provide the finest finished display stands. We have strict quality control from the material choose to final installation. You can totally free your hand when building your watch store from Ant.  Check below our latest watch store design and click your interest one to learn more. 

Gucci wath shop design

watch store interior design

watch shop furniture

Tissot watch shopfitting

TGA watch shop decor design

IWC watch shop fixtures

GUCCI watch booth in mall

Amani Watch Shop Design

EXPool watch booth in mall

FIYTA Watch Kiosk Shop For Indoor

If you want to start a watch store design or need to buy watch display showcases, please free free to contact us. Our professional design team will help you create a modern luxury watch store. Whether you have a small watch pop-up kiosk in mall to build or looking for large watch store interior decorations. Contact our team today, you will get your furniture professional build. Moreover, we can offer the most competitive price that helps you save a lot on cost. 


  1. Let You Know Watch Store Need Which Display Furniture

    Let You Know Watch Store Need Which Display Furniture

    Why Choose To Open A Watch Shop

    Firstly, watches are timeless accessories that have been a staple in fashion and functionality for centuries. They are not only a practical way to tell time but also serve as a fashion statement and status symbol for many individuals. This enduring popularity of watches...

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    A High-end Store For High-end Products

    Design is a crucial aspect when it comes to establishing a retail watch store. It is essential to create distinctive sales areas that effectively highlight products in order to differentiate the store from competitors and leave a lasting impression on customers. Given the current popularity of luxury watches, the unique...

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  3. High-End Watch Shop Design Watch Shop Interior Design Watch Display Furniture for Sale

    High-End Watch Shop Design Watch Shop Interior Design Watch Display Furniture for Sale

    The watch business is a global industry that is worth billions of dollars. Designing a watch shop can be an exciting and challenging task. A well-designed watch shop can attract customers and create a memorable shopping experience. In this article, we will provide you with some practical tips and ideas on creating a chic and functional watch shop.

    Tips on Designing...

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  4. Luxury Watch Shop Design Watch Shop Interior Decoration Watch Display Furniture for Sale

    Luxury Watch Shop Design Watch Shop Interior Decoration Watch Display Furniture for Sale

    Designing a watch shop can be an exciting experience. With the right combination of creativity, functionality, and style, you can create an inviting space that showcases your timepieces in the best light. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of designing a watch shop, from creating a layout to choosing the right colors and lighting.


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  5. Watch Shop Interior Decoration Watch Display Furniture Watch Shop Design

    Watch Shop Interior Decoration Watch Display Furniture Watch Shop Design

    Opening a watch shop can be a thrilling experience, but designing it can be daunting. It's important to create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. In this article, we'll provide you with tips on how to design a chic and trendy watch shop that will attract customers and keep them coming back for more. So, let's get started!

     Tips for a Chic Watch Shop


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  6. Modern Watches Store Interior Glass Showcase Retail Wall Stand Design

    watch shop

    Wearing a watch can virtually increase our personal charm. We all know that the price of watches and jewelry is almost the same, one is mainly used by men and the other is used by women. In some high-end venues, we can see that many people wear watches. It comes in many styles and colors and is also divided into women's watches and men's watches. High-end watches are very beautiful in both appearance...

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  7. 4 Popular Watch Shop Designs For Your Watch Business

    4 Popular Watch Shop Designs  For Your Watch Business

    Although smartphones make it easy to check the time, watches are still popular. In particular, demand for high-end, luxury watches remains stable. In 2017 alone, online watch and jewelry sales in the United States reached $8 billion, and the annual growth in this field has continued to be 12.3% in the past five years. Even smartphone makers (most notably Apple) can't ignore the need for watches and...

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  8. Small High-end Watch Display Shop Design Unique Watches Store Interior Decoration

    watch shop design

    Watch is not only used to see the time, watch still represents a kind of grade. Although the phone can also tell the time, but the phone is a phone, it is just a tool. And watches can be accessories, or even a culture, and wearing a watch is always a classic. Watches can show grade and status. Different situation with different uses, there are many people wearing the watches,...

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  9. The Princilples of Opneing the Watch Store

    watch store design

    We all know that the design of the store is very important to the entire design. Store design mainly includes store overall planning, facade design, store environment design, store layout design and merchandise display design. Store design plays an extremely important role in beautifying the environment, establishing the store image and attracting customers' attention. Good design is a big thing the...

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  10. There are Some Tips to Decorate the Watch Shop

    watch  store design

    The meaning of a thing varies from person to person, and your needs determine what it means to you. The same applies to watches. If your needs are only for timing and wearing, it means a tool for you. If your need is inheritance, then it is a sustenance and miss, and its value is unparalleled. If your need is to show your identity, its meaning is a symbol of luxury and status. If your need is collection...

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  11. How to Open an Attractive Watch Store?

    watch display showcase

    Watches are very common. Both boys and girls like to wear watches. For boys, wearing a watch can have many meanings. Some people want to grasp time information more quickly. Some people wear watches more formal in business negotiations. Some people dress for matching, for good looks and fashion. And men wearing watches can reflect the tastes of men. Some people like to collect all kinds of watches...

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