Milk bubble tea is one of the favorite drinks of contemporary young people. It is necessary to have a cup of milk bubble tea when working overtime, chasing drama, shopping, and boring. However, the competition in the milk bubble tea market is fierce, and the phenomenon of homogenization is serious. If we want to catch the hearts of young people, we must make efforts in marketing. In the first half of 2020, although affected by the epidemic situation, the number of tea shops globally is still considerable.

Thanks to the development of the Internet, young people like to share on social platforms. In the virtual social circle, we all want to show the extraordinary life, so all kinds of milk bubble tea shops with the clock in labels have made many young people's social lives.

The milk bubble tea shop with an online red label, a cup of milk bubble tea with the high appearance and selling points can make people feel superior, satisfied, and become a symbol of taste, to make consumers happy.

Create a Amazing Places For Social Platform

Among many young consumers, the milk bubble tea shop is not only a space for drinking milk bubble tea nut also a bridge to complete the sense of life rituals, and a base for taking photos and punching cards.

Young people like taken photos. Many of them are enjoying holding a cup of high-quality milk bubble tea and making various postures in every corner of the milk bubble tea shop with friends. And then, taking beautiful photos with the background of fantastic decorations, this happiness must not only be brought by a cup of milk bubble tea.

From the decoration of stores and the clothing of employees to the design of milk bubble teacups, takeout bags, straws, etc., all can meet the pursuit of drinks by selfie control.

Only when we want to make the tea store stand out can we get the development of the tea store in the long run. Here are four ways to quickly improve the sales of milk bubble tea stores.


Innovative Sales

Tasting fresh is the characteristic of contemporary young people. The more exotic and controversial new products are, then they like to try them and then comment on them. Milk bubble tea's innovation speed is faster, satisfying their curiosity seeking psychology and helping them complete personalized expression with milk bubble tea.

01. New technology, process, and fresh raw materials

Cheese tea in 2015 ushered in a new era of tea drinking. From plant cream to animal cream, cheese tea is quite different from the traditional cream top and milk bubble cap in production technology and raw material application.

  • Mix fruit flavor → builds fruit economy. According to the fruit's characteristics, nutritionists scientifically match it to increase the taste, flavor, and nutrition of the drink, and consumers are naturally willing to pay for it!
  • Crude dietary fiber → natural fruit belly. More than ten kinds of coarse cereals, rich crude dietary fiber, natural belly, so that you do not need to worry about delicious food will be fat, and the repurchase rate hit high!

02. New consumption trend

With the emergence of new tea, the background is the latest trend of consumption upgrading. This trend in food reflects health.

From 2015 to now, we will find that raw materials in the milk bubble tea industry have changed dramatically, from familiar temperature milk bubble to cold fresh milk bubble, from fruit juice, jam to fresh fruit, from single fructose to sucrose and 0-cal sugar.

All these are the upgrading of raw materials and reshaping the health of milk bubble tea from the aspects of refreshing taste and fresh food.

03. New consumption scene

The initial consumption scenes of milk bubble tea mainly appeared on campus, pedestrian streets, and shopping malls. They were drinking while walking was the most common consumption scenario when students bought milk bubble tea together after school.

With the rise of takeout, milk bubble tea kiosk has another consumption scene - office social networking.

Students who used to hold milk bubble tea on campus or in the pedestrian street grew up and went to work. Instead of following the coffee drinking scenes in European and American TV dramas or Hong Kong TV series, they ordered milk bubble tea on the takeout platform with their preferences as the consumption guidance. They talked about whose milk bubble tea was good.

The brand of milk bubble tea, which pays attention to takeaway distribution, has gained a lot by grasping this consumption trend.

04. Consumption habits

Desserts can be tested on-site, and drinks can takeaway.

In the early stage of the industry, desserts and drinks are products of two dimensions. But with the continuous development of the market, we will find that we can drink while walking because drinks takeaway, which saves consumption time and makes it convenient for consumers. Drinks are gaining ground.

The emergence of these products is not just a change in containers but insight into consumption habits.

The success of big brands is the accumulation of details one after another. The opportunities for small tea brands lie in whether they can do better in fact. There are opportunities to apply new technologies, insight into recent trends, and mining of unique categories.

Just different from the past, in today's tea market with numerous brands and strong brands, we need not only care but also patience.


Excellent Job in Seasonal Marketing.

Beginning to enter the autumn and winter season, an excellent tea shop owner must seize the opportunity to do an excellent job in "seasonal marketing."

The common ways of seasonal marketing include products and services. It mainly introduces seasonal products and updates seasonal menus; in terms of use, it brings freshness to consumers primarily through activity planning.

These two ways can combine and promote each other. For example, some brands introduce limited seasonal products to attract fans and consumers' attention to achieve the purpose of marketing.

But some traditional bubble tea shop owners think that this way is nothing more than a fancy marketing means. It is better to focus on products.

Even so, its effect is still tried and tested, which shows in the following three aspects:

1. Highlights the importance of the  ceremony sence

With the accelerated pace of life, people have less time to feel the changes of seasons. However, consumption with a sense of ritual can make people feel the beauty and bring different wonderful experiences to people's lives, so people are more willing to participate in it.

2. Meet the needs of people's vanity

Compared with the typical style, the limited edition is less in quantity and more differentiated. Because there are differences between the two, I have no one, let the people with little money occupy the psychological advantage, can meet the vanity of consumers.

3. Create a sense of Hunger Marketing 

The introduction of seasonal exclusive, so that products become a shortage of resources, more challenging and timeliness. Because once missed will have to wait another year, this sense of scarcity is an important reason for buying.

Therefore, milk tea shop planning seasonal marketing may learn from this marketing idea of season limited, bringing more freshness to consumers and improving the user stickiness between bubble tea brand stores and consumers.


Highlight your sign

If you want to be chosen, you have to be seen first. So, you have a make a bright logo sign tell the customer in the far away corner. 

1, Make A big LOGO

Ensure that the medium and long-distance can be seen: by brand color and symbol visibilityWhen customers are about 50 meters away, the identification of stores mainly depends on color and symbol, and the effect of color is greater than that of character.

The identification of stores mainly depends on color and symbol. Some of the signs combined with the product can also be vital drainage if placed large enough. For example, place a giant ice cream statue near some ice city stores to remind consumers that "ice cream can buy here."

2. Attracted by stores: by-products

It takes 6-8 seconds for a customer to pass by a store. In this time window, the most important thing is to let people quickly identify the brand products, know what the store is selling and whether this product is what I need.

The most visible part is the facade. For some stores with poor performance, either the category identification of show is not acceptable, or the product identification is not adequate. Therefore, it is necessary to display the product lightbox and poster.

How to choose the exposed products on the lightbox and poster? According to the brand's category track, the product should conform to the category characteristics, and it is better to bring its natural flow.

3. Quick decision making: price visibility works

Lightboxes, posters, many owners will care about the picture but ignore a detail: the price exposed. It is often this price anchor that can directly affect consumers' decision-making. It does not need to put very broadly, but it must be visible. Here is also a small "trick":

  • Highlight the price of the middle cup.
  • Reduce the threshold as much as possible.
  • Transform the big cup through guidance after entering the store to increase the customer price.


Excellent Services & Top-quality Products.

Whether it is any product, you need to provide high-quality products and perfect service if you want to succeed. It is also the same as opening a bubble tea booth in the mall. Only when customers feel-good use and enjoy high-quality service can they have a second purchase, improve customer loyalty, and then enhance the milk bubble tea shop's brand effect.

Return to the essence and pay attention to product quality

Nowadays, many milk bubble tea brands are suddenly popular. They are inseparable from the word "Internet red." However, you will find that some brands are popular for a while, and no one cares about them. The main reason for this phenomenon is that they initially pay too much attention to appearance and appearance but ignore product quality.

Now whether consumers are willing to buy this drink or choose a milk bubble tea shop, the primary production standards are based on safety, health, service, and so on to position the brand. In other words, they pay more attention to the quality of products, and they will judge the actual value and overall experience of commodities more rationally.

Employees are one of the brand images.

Consumers have always regarded milk bubble tea as a synonym for fashion or trend. To pursue the trend and style, young consumers queue up for several hours and come all the way to punch in. Besides, some characteristics of the social platform of the Internet make interaction between people more frequent.

Therefore, bubble tea kiosk employees are also one of the brand's images, and their every move will impact the brand. For example, employees' right service attitude, patiently answering consumers' questions, introducing products with a smile, and other good performances will leave a good impression on consumers and thus have a good impression on the brand!

"Label" is a double-edged sword.

Milk bubble tea with the development of the Internet, many brands will be through the label, social settings, and other means of communication can quickly get famous. For example, the titles of these products, such as "cut and do now" or "five-grain nutrition tea," not only highlight the freshness of raw materials, creativity, fresh milk bubble and fruit, appearance. But also style through online and offline publicity, to help the brand spread rapidly among young people.

However, after the formation of these labels, if your products, services, appearance, and so on can not keep up with the pace, that is to say, when they are different from those in the publicity, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of "smashing the signboard." If this "either-or" label is too absolute, it may bring about a backlash or even a big pit. Therefore, 

Offer The most Direct Feeling

If Today's bubble tea shop design not creative, it will be difficult to attract consumers. Therefore, the milk bubble tea shop's decoration design should be good-looking and clean, and comfortable. The good looking and elegant appearance is the first step to attract consumers into the store. The clean and comfortable environment also brings a pleasant mood.

The bubble tea shop logo should be large enough and fashionable enough to add LED lights around the text to make it look more high-end and attractive.

Therefore, in the milk bubble tea shop's business operation, the decoration environment plays a significant role. If the visual beauty is done well, the store's whole "temperament" will come up!

Smell: the fragrance of tea

Often, we walk in the street, smell the delicious food, have a sense of curiosity, and want to see what kind of food this is. The same is true of milk bubble tea shops. When passers-by pass by your store, you can smell the fragrance of tea, milk bubble, and fruit flowing out of the shop, which may arouse their desire to buy.

Therefore, the milk bubble tea shop can put some more fragrant drinks out, with tea fragrance to attract their attention.

Taste: delicious and delicious

Good milk bubble tea is the best way to retain consumers. If the marketing is good enough, it isn't easy to seek if the milk bubble tea is not acceptable to drink. However, the newly opened milk juice kiosk shop should allow consumers to consume before they can taste milk bubble tea.

Therefore, the promotion activities for the opening of new stores are indispensable. For example, during the opening period, half the second cup's price and x-discount of the whole venue can use to attract consumers to buy.

Secondly, when each new product is launched, you can invite consumers to taste, and each piece is made into a small portion to serve as a taste.



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