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Are you looking for customized pharmacy furniture? Well, here you are in the right place. Whether you are looking for hospital Inpatient Pharmacy millwork or need an RX shelving system for retail pharmacies, we have the best solution for you. Ant Display is one of the most competitive pharmacy furniture companies that offer high-quality pharmacy casework, including RX shelving, pharmacy storage solutions, chest drawers, modular pharmacy millwork, retail pharmacy shopfitting, and cash wrap counters. The functional and practical pharmacy cabinets not only aesthetically pleasing visitors but also assists you in improving your Medical store's workflow, increasing productivity, and eventually enhancing the pharmacy's profit. We stock a large variety of beautiful pharmacy shelvings and drawer cabinets wholesale at an affordable price. If you strive for any customized pharmacy display solution, Our comprehensive experience in pharmacy design, modular pharmacy casework, and pharmacy furniture can help you achieve the goals professionally. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for prices.

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Excellent layout design and featured store fixtures will bring your pharmacy, healthcare center, and medical store a perfect first impression and create a pleasant, welcoming experience and dynamic atmosphere for both employees and clients. Therefore, when you decor a pharmacy, You should not only focus on logical product organization and interior design but also concentrate on safe, functional shopfitting and casework.

By creating secure, practical, welcoming pharmacy fitouts furniture through attractive shelving and smart counters, you can provide your customer a pleasant shop experience and your staff an efficient workstation.

pharmacy design & caseworkAnt Display offers the most dependable solution & casework for pharmacies, drugstore, and medical centers. With many years of experience working with pharmacies, we can custom design and manufacture pharmacy shopfitting to fit any medical space. Whether used in large inpatient pharmacies or small retail drugstores, the functional flexibility in retail display fixtures allows you the most comprehensive ideas to organize your pharmacy in the best condition and manage customer groups easily.

Hospital Pharmacy 

Pharmacy is necessary for hospitals and medical centers. There is always a significant traffic flow in those inpatient pharmacy places; therefore, working efficiency is critical. On the contrary, for retail medicine stores, the customer shopping experience is more important. Different types of pharmacy furniture allow you to take advantage of the unique feature to utilize the best function of each casework. 

Inpatient Pharmacy Casework Solutions: the inpatient pharmacy is comparable to a philharmonic orchestra and focuses more on working flow. Good design inpatient pharmacies have to create functional, efficient, and ergonomic space with modular casework products and RX shelvings. In order to make every part of your pharmacy as efficient and productive as possible, Ant Display has developed and refined a wide range of modular pharmacy millwork and customized furniture to meet your unique requirements and objectives. 

Retail Pharmacy Solutions: Outpatient and retail pharmacies require quite different display solutions. In some retail pharmacy shops, clients can walk into the store and choose the demanded medications. A professional pharmacy should include patient consultation counters, protect patient privacy, meet ADA requirements, as well as equip automatic medication dispensing systems. We custom design and manufacture pharmacy shopfitting to meet the requirements of a successful retail pharmacy performance. Continue to evolve and develop to meet the best benefits for both the buyer and the pharmacist. Whether you are opening a small drugstore and looking for full shop fixtures or a large medical center that needs retail pharmacy solutions, contact our expert team to get the perfect ideas. 

In a typical medical store, Rx shelving units can help pharmacists organize the store quickly and efficiently; chest drawers are best for storage and inventory. In contrast, Workstations and pharmacy counters for pharmacists and technicians require a blend of storage, shelves, and working area to deal with specific businesses. At Ant Display, we offer a range of functional pharmacy fixtures that can turn a small footprint into a seamless and efficient work environment. It can increase the best customer shopping experience and maximize the benefits at the same time. Contact our design team and create an attractive retail shelving, functional workbench, utilized counter, and mechanization retail pharmacy that meets your particular requirements! 

Pharmacy Shelving System

The shelving fit-out in a pharmacy is critical because it not only helps attractively display those products, but it also offers an efficient platform between clients and staff. Pharmacy shelves, along with the rest of functional pharmacy furniture, give the necessary performance of all pharmacy economic and have a significant influence on your profit. Here are the typical RX shelving system & shopfitting used in a medical shop.

RX Gondola Display Shelf: A Gondola shelving is a display unit with two side display shelves and two end stands; those free-standing racks are designed to merchandise the center portion of your pharmacy and undertake the most display function of your store; the typical gondola shelves are available in both wooden Slatwall backing and sturdy pegboards. 

Pharmacy Pullout Trayshelf: The pharmacy dispensary Pullout Trayshelf is a free-standing display shelf with a unique flat shelf connected to a bracket frame by drawer tracks. The bracket frame supports the pullout shelf to a gondola or Slatwall panels while allowing each tray to pull out freely. The locks hold the bracket frame to prevent it from being dislodged when the tray-shelf is opened. With a flexible and lightweight advantage, those PullOut shelf dispensary systems are perfectly fitted in pharmacy gondolas shelves, walls display cabinets, or even in cupboards, And best organize your medical store.

See Through Shelving: Pharmacy see-thru shelvings is a new style solid, strongly constructed free-standing shelving unit perfect suit for small pharmacies and drugstores. The typically see-through racks with simple structure make it quick and easy to assemble in minutes and allow people to see through both sides. So the pharmacist can see any customers that may be need service while in the bay area; it's similar to tubular racks but more flexible to display various kinds of medicine. 

Wall Display Cabinets: Wall display shelves and cabinet is the most common way to decor your pharmacy wall and organizes your medications. It comes in a wooden surround with multiply shelves, some also available in backlit background and slat-wall panels. Proper using wall display cabinets can primarily optimize your pharmacy interior space and increase working efficiency.

RX Slatwall Display: Slatwall shelving system offer pharmacist another efficient way to manage the medicines. You can use hooks and metal flat shelves to display various products most conveniently. Slat wall racks also allow you to easily display bags or other hanging commodities to both customers and staff.

Wall Mount Shelves: A storage system is essential in a pharmacy; wall mounted shelves offer new ideas to organize your pharmacy storage. The most headache issue for pharmacy is there are too many kinds of medicines need to storage separate. The wall-mounted shelve and plastic bins allow you to organize this easily. you can put each product in a particular color bin and with labels on from face to easily distinguish. 

Pharmacy Storage System

pharmacy drawer cabinetPharmacy storage and dispensing system is also a critical factor that matters the pharmacy workflow. How to find the right bottle in such large quantities of various boxes? It is imperative to highlight the storage drawers and dispensing racks to improve your interior pharmacy solution. Here are the typical drawer cabinets and counters used in a high-traffic pharmacy:

Apothecary Cabinets: If you are looking for vintage look pharmacy drawers, especially to storage traditional Chinese medicines, the apothecary cabinet should be your first choice. The typical apothecary drawer is wooden cabinets with old-world charm and featured attractive and exotic styles. We have a myriad of styles of Accent look Chests drawers/apothecary Cabinets perfect for your old classic pharmacy.

RX Storage Drawers: Drawer system is the most efficient way to mange your pharmacy inventory, it not only help you distinguish different bottle from various categories, But the drawer cabinet can also help you improve the pharmacist's working experience. The typical pharmacy drawers come in powder coated steel, and wooden panels, the durability of the functional drawers provides unequivocal longevity and high workflow. In contrast, the mesh base inside the drawer keeps the storage clean and organized. Improve your medical store space with the ultimate pharmacy drawers.

Medical Store Drawer Counter: A drawer bench and drawer counter a new style pharmacy fixtures that integrate both working and display. It can act as a workstation while each picks up the bottles and box from the blow drawers. Such kind of drawer bench is the ideal counter for small-sized pharmacies and drugstores. 

Pharmacy Display Cases: In some large retail pharmacy stores, glass display cases and counter height showcases are also used to display medicine and health care products prominently. The typical glass showcase is standard display counters with multiple glass shelves or wooden shelves and LED above to highlight the commodities. 

Pharmacy counter

The pharmacy counter is also known as the pharmacy front desk or pharmacy cash wrap counter, is one of the most critical pharmacy furniture in medical stores. When clients walk into a pharmacy or ask for certain products, the first-point and eye-directed station is the pharmacy counter area. It also offers a platform around which all the activity revolves, and all the conversations between professionals and patients are directed almost automatically start there. 

High-quality and attractive pharmacy counters can significantly improve your pharmacy first impression, and add-on shelves and racks also quietly increase sale profit while providing convenient help to clients. Ant display has a very comprehensive and updated pharmacy counter available. If you are looking for a customized offer, our expert design team can help you create a modern, sleek concept to fit your pharmacy interior space best. 

Pharmacy Design

When you decorate a medical store and look for proper pharmacy shopfitting, the most crucial step is to create a 3D pharmacy design. Only through the authentic layout design can you figure out the right style fixture you need and find the perfect furniture dimensions. Through the pharmacy design, you can simulate the pharmacist working inside the store and develop the necessary element to improve the working efficiency.  

Generally speaking, the pharmacy design contains 3D interior drawing and construction drawing, which we also call a blueprint plan. The more time and effort we brainstorm on innovation, the less mistake we will face in the construction step.

Ant Display is not only a professional pharmacy shopfitter but also a creative pharmacy designer; we can custom design your medical store with the most attractive furniture and efficient dispensing solutions whether you have a small pharmacy to decorate or a sizeable medical store looking for display shelves. Get the perfect pharmacy design from us will help you save a lot of time and money!

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Work With Ant Display 

At Ant Display, our goal is to assist you in improving pharmacy workflow and customer shopping experiences with our most functional pharmacy shopfitting. The well-designed pharmacy store fixtures integrating with modern automation can effectively increase workers' productivity and enhancing patient outcomes. By providing the most appropriate pharmacy fit-out design, the ultimate storage solution, and the most functional, sustainable modular casework, we can help you create a modernized pharmacy with user-friendly furniture and the best customer experience. We offer one-stop solution for all types of pharmacy display requirements: pharmacy design-> manufacturing-> shipping-> installation. Contact our team to get your pharmacy to build in the most appealing way but with the lowest cost!