For most of milk tea and other beverage business operators, they have gone through this process: select brand → location → operation.

Choosing a location in the business circle is an inevitable topic, an unchanging fact: the larger the base, the larger the base of customers that can be transformed by the milk tea shop. So when it comes to which location has a large passenger flow, it is naturally a business circle. Consumers' flow is massive, and the consumers' level is higher than that of other places. How can milk tea operators in such sites give up?

Open A Bubble Tea Kiosk In MALL

Nowadays, people's consumption level is generally increasing. Relatively, more and more people go to shopping malls. General shopping malls are overcrowded and crowded places.

The flow of customers in front of the milk tea shop orders is rapid. The well-sealed outer packaging is convenient for customers to carry and drink at the time of shopping. Compared with large coffee shops' leisure and business functions, these small milk tea and juice shops reflect their thirst-quenching and convenient consumption characteristics.


Best Places For Beverage Business.

If you were able to enter a large shopping mall, you could get unified and standardized management. Although the operating cost will increase accordingly, many brands are more willing to do so. And these milk tea shops in shopping malls are undoubtedly the best advertising for stores in other places, directly bringing a large number of secondary consumers.

With the help of strong passenger flow, the sales of milk tea kiosk will be significantly improved, and the masses who come to consume twice will directly drive the sales of the entire store.

4 Key Aspects On Starting A Tea Kiosk Indoor

However, when opening the milk tea shop kiosks in shopping malls and supermarkets, you cannot open shops blindly. You have to look at the market and inspect the market. Pay attention to the following aspects when investigating:

Are there any big brands in

Many shopping malls will say how many big brands have confirmed their presence in their stores. Some milk tea shop owners decided to rent stores in these shopping malls out of trust in the vision of big brand restaurant chains or believe that big brand restaurant chains can bring more people. Such a statement may be a gimmick for shopping mall investment.

High-cost performance is not high.

The entry of a big brand in a shopping mall is, of course, only one of the points of reference, but not every store with a big brand can be 100% profitable from opening a store. You still have to make a comprehensive assessment of various factors, such as the surrounding environment, traffic, rent. Look at the price/performance ratio of opening a milk tea shop in this mall.

Is it still a good location after opening

Generally, the best locations for people's flow in shopping malls are the main and auxiliary passages of the entrance and exit. But sometimes, the design drawings of a shopping mall before the opening are entirely different from the effect after the beginning. For example, suppose you choose the first location next to the upper moving line's main entrance. In that case, the upward elevator becomes the downward elevator, so your shop rent Investment will significantly depreciate.

Is the timing of site selection appropriate?

Generally, when a new shopping mall opens, there will be some preferential business activities. You may think that the rent is so low and this mall is so well decorated, So, it is the most suitable to open a bubble tea kiosk or juice bar . In Fact, Every new shopping mall requires six months to grow, so choosing a newly opened mall involves many risks.

Obviously, the rise of large-scale integrated shopping malls undoubtedly provides a more favorable development platform for small milk tea beverage shops that originated on the street. However, the ideal environment, large passenger flow, and standardized management all require high rents. And management costs, we can imagine the survival pressure of entering a large shopping mall.

At present, most shopping malls and merchants sign a lease for one year. Generally speaking, a small milk tea drink shop needs a period of incubation after opening. They assume that after one year of signing the contract and operating, the shopping mall will adjust its format and not renew. Thus the previous year's efforts will be in vain.


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