Cosmetic Display

cosmetic store displayThe cosmetic display is popular display fixtures that regularly used to promote new products. Whether you are starting a cosmetic kiosk in the mall or opening a cosmetic retail store, you will need perfect display furniture to present your gorgeous pieces. The most important thing is to attract customers' attention and let them buy the products. Our popular cosmetic store fixtures are customized according to your individual needs: Sizes, shapes, and materials. The most common cosmetics retail furniture includes the wood display, glass display, and acrylic display.

Anti Display can help you produce retail display cabinets, counters, shelves, and stands that meet your requests, thereby improving product sales and visibility. Our functional cosmetics retail fixtures can display various products, such as makeups, skincare products, shampoo, nail polish, lipsticks, makeup spray, and many other cosmetics. Shop our latest cosmetic display fixtures, and customized retail stands at an affordable cost.

Makeup Display

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Cosmetic Display

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Perfume Display

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Cosmetic store fixtures and retail shop furniture are essential for the ornamental business environment. Whether you are showing skincare products in your in-line shops or want to display bottled cosmetics in the trade shows, you will always need a unique design display stands, retail cabinet, and display showcase to manage your products. cosmetic displays

Most Popular Cosmetic Display Ideas

Different retail space will require unique display stands; likewise, diffrent products also need various showcases. For example, the Acrylic display racks are perfect for makeup stands, and the glass display showcase is ideals for body care products. Here are the most most popular cosmetic display ideas.

Makeup Display: The complete set store fixtures and retail stands specially designed for makeup display. It's usually used in a cosmetics store or makeup retail booth in the mall for eyelash, lipsticks and other makeups.

Skincare Display: Every cosmetic retail store will need such kind of display cases. It usually comes with wall display shelves, free-standing display stands and gondola racks. Lightboxes and posters also integrated into the showcase to best display body care and skincare commodities. 

Perfume Display: A perfume display is retail store furniture used to display fragrance and perfume in retail shops and kiosks. 

Custom Cosmetic Displays

To meet the increasing consumer demand, a brand must have identical cosmetic display counters and booths. Customized makeup displays are usually designed and produced according to specific requirements. When starting bespoke beauty product displays, you only need to tell us the product features and market requirements. The professional design team can also give you expert advice to create better decorative display stands.

Because the cosmetic industry mainly highlights the appearance of products, so the style of cosmetic retail cabinets should be consistent with the branding message. Sent us your Logo or brand name, and We will design the corresponding cosmetics showcase accordingly.

Cosmetic Store Fixtures

Ant Display provides a wide range of choices for various cosmetic displays. We can expand the selection of harmony to make the entire cosmetic store design more unique and attractive. Our many years of customized display experience have given us a significant advantage in this industry. Therefore, whether you need makeup store fixtures or perfume shop furniture, we will design and produce according to your needs to achieve the most suitable solution for your product. Here are standard cosmetic display fixtures.

Glass Cosmetic Display Cases

We all know that glass showcases are the most widely used in the field of commercial display. The glass showcase is more demonstrative and can fully highlight the advantages of the product. Glass display stands are more suitable for displaying more expensive products, such as perfume, body care products, or makeups. Typically a glass cosmetic display shelves come with a wooden bottom cabinet and glass top cover for product display. We will add LED lights to highlight the entire collection of showcases. Some cosmetic display showcase is specially designed for a mall kiosk or trade show booth. It comes in a modern, elegant and stylish design. 

Retail Display Stand

A free-standing cosmetic display stand and makeup stand, also known as a display table or counter height display, is a special designed retail counter used in the retail store. It usually comes in a single side shelf or double-side racks, some of them even in a gondola shape. Almost every cosmetic store will need a large number of retail display stands. Whether you use them to display perfume, shampoos or skincare products, the middle is always the most popular and function shopfitting.

Wooden Wall Cabinet Display

Wall cabinets usually the main shop furniture for retail spaces, especially in a cosmetic retail store. A typical wall display cabinet is a 2.4-3.0 meter high wall display cabinet with several adjustable display shelves. Each retail shelves will have LED stripe lights showing above to display products in a more eye-catching and outstanding way.

Generally, we will choose plywood for most wall displayed cabinets and shelving units. These wooden store fixtures have various colour available and easy to cut and bend, So it's the ideal shopfitting to make the entire store more effective. Moreover, the wooden display cabinet is more durable than acrylic or plastic fittings. In particular, a wooden cabinet display is more suitable to display some bottled products such as lotion, shampoo, nail polish, etc., 

Acrylic Displays for cosmetic

The bespoke acrylic displays are prevalent in cosmetic stores. Most small cosmetic items and products have a perfect effect on acrylic racks and organizers. And the acrylic display is top-rated shop furniture, For example, rotating acrylic lipstick display stand, nail polish display stand, acrylic cosmetic organizers, and so on. Acrylic retail displays can adequately illustrate cosmetics and can quickly attract customers' attention.

Reliable Customer Service

If you have a specific cosmetic store interior design, you can send it to us, and we will build the store fixtures according to your specified drawing. Whether you want to add an OEM logo to the display cabinet or need unique colour the cosmetic shopfitting, we can customize it for you quickly.

When you plan to open a cosmetic shop or perfume kiosk in the mall, We have experienced professionals designing a functional cosmetic booth. The entire design will match your product image and in-store retail environment. We pay great attention to any details to ensure that you can see the stylish finished retail furniture that meets your requirements—our aim to offer the most luxury cosmetic retail furniture with fully customized ideas. The customized cosmetic store cabinets are more than a shop design style but based on aesthetic, functional, and quality works.

Anti Display has more than ten years of experience in cosmetic retail furniture development. We specialized in customizing displays stands, racks, counters, cabinets, tables and shelving units for cosmetic retail stores, perfume stores, makeup shops, nail salons, and hair salons. Whether you are looking for a single glass display showcase or need whole store display furniture, Ant Display covers you the best. Contact Our Team and get your modern cosmetic displays build in an economical way.