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Jewelry Kiosk

Jewelry kiosk and jewelry islands are shop-in-shop stands that build in-between inline stores to cover the empty space in shopping mall. A typical jewelry kiosk are combined with several glass jewelry display showcase or display cabinet together with cash wrap counter and pylon display stands. There are many luxury jewelries you can sell within a jewelry island stall. Such as gold, Buddha pearl, diamonds, jades, silvery products as well as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. Jewelry kiosk business in mall is one of the most profitable retail business ideas that many big jewelry brands franchise a lot of kiosk shops inside shopping mall, Nevertheless, starting a jewelry retail kiosk stands will bring you generous revenue and worth to go. If you are limited to a budget you can start a jewelry retail business by small portable RMU jewelry cart (retail merchandising unit), But if you are capable of running a larger jewelry kiosk in mall, you will get more customer flow and juicy profit.
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jewelry kioskAnt Display is a professional mall used jewelry kiosk and retail jewelry stand manufacturer, We custom design and build modern jewelry kiosk for sale. Whether you are looking for jewelry kiosk design ideas or cheap cost jewelry display kiosks, we have huge amounts of models and projects ready for you. From wooden veneer jewelry kiosk to bronze metal stainless steel structure jewelry counter or MDF baking painting jewelry display showcase, Our jewelry display fixtures covers almost all the jewelry retail solutions. More importantly, all the kiosk are built in such a particular way to know-down and reassemble again for easy shipping, Each jewelry kiosk retail showcase are equipped with low-energy LED lights and local standard drivers. Therefore, when you got the kiosk packages, just simply open it and put them in the right position, then join the male & female connector together, the kiosk is sparkling ready to use. 

Custom Mall Jewelry Kiosk For sale

As a leading body jewelry kiosk manufacturer, we also bespoke jewelry retail kiosk according to customer unique ideas. No matter you need a modern stylish jewelry kiosk design or classic antique theme jewelry islands, our talented designer will offer the right 3D max design along with the 2D blueprint. After you confirmed and mall approved the drawing than we manufacture it accordingly to make sure you receive a perfect jewelry kiosk shop with no mistake.

Our Mall used jewelry kiosks are just perfect display fixtures for your finest jewelry selection. If you are planning to open a mall jewelry kiosk or starting a retail jewelry business. Ant display will offer you the best display solutions. Despite mall jewelry retail kiosk stands, we also have jewelry display showcase, free-standing jewelry pedestal, glass display cases, bracelet displays, necklace displays and earring displays for sale. Browse our category and choose the best displays fixture to boom your business.

How to start a mall jewelry kiosk business?

Starting a jewelry kiosk in mall is the easiest way to gain a large volume of customer traffic with better consuming ability , Compare to inline jewelry shop, mall jewelry kiosk are more flexible and less cost. However, it will bring a remarkable revenue report for your business. Here are 5 easy steps to start a jewelry retail kiosk inside shopping mall.

  1. Get a kiosk rental lease from mall.
  2. Find a jewelry kiosk manufacturer to design and build the kiosk.
  3. Sign the necessary paperwork for business licenses and insurance.
  4. Install the kiosk in mall and get it approved.
  5. Prepare inventory and make an advertisement.
  6. Hire staff and open the kiosk shop.

Jewelry retail is a typical symbol of luxury merchandising business. As a commercial display furniture manufacturer in China for over 17 years. We focus on to provide premium quality jewelry displays, jewelry kiosks and jewelry retail solutions with a cost-effective way and wholesale price. Contact our team to get the latest kiosk design concept with a discount offer.