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Jewelry Display

Jewelry displays are important to display fixtures in every jewelry retail business. Whether you own a jewelry retail store or small jewelry kiosk in the mall you will need stylish packaging and display for your delicate merchants. If you are looking for a high-quality delicate jewelry display stands or display racks, trays, Ant Display is your one-stop-shop for all your luxury jewelry display fittings and storage supplies. Our products include jewelry display cases, display showcase risers sets, display trays,bracelet display, earring displays, necklace displays,pouches, and jewelry store wall cabinets. Our displays can not only suit for jewelry display but also for the watch, diamonds, and luxury gift charms. The large collection of countertop displays and contemporary design can satisfy any of your display requirements. Browse our full range of high-quality delicate finish jewelry display stands and display rack, you will find the ideal display fixtures to decor your retail store. Our jewelry displays are various in different styles and colors, with a sturdy, space-saving design. It’s not only the best jewelry organizer but also draws passersby attention and drive to the shop. What’s more, it will keep your jewelry safe and easy for customer shopping. We all know that customer experience is the key to business success. Choose Ant Display Jewelry display fixtures will totally change your customer shopping experience and redefine the way of jewelry exhibition.
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Our efficient modern design jewelry displays will help you entirely improve your retail shop environment and bring your new ideas on the store, organize and complement your miscellaneous products. From small jewelry display racks trays to a whole jewelry store interior decorations. From led lighted display cases to wall amounted logo cabinets, you will find the best display solution here. What’s more, all the jewelry displays are direct from China manufacturers, So, you can get an unbeatable wholesale price with high-quality standards. Whether you are looking for a single jewelry display showcase or whole set jewelry displays,jewelry displays Ant Display can provide all the various solutions.

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Jewelry Display Case

Jewelry display showcase and counters are one of our main products. And it’s the bestseller famous for its quality and price. Our jewelry showcases balance the security and display requirements in a perfect way. With an outstanding design and practical functional concept, our showcase are best suit for various display environment. Whether you want to place a jewelry kiosk in a shopping mall or looking for jewelry display cases for retail stores, or hunting pedestal stands for jewelry showroom. Our high-quality modern fashion jewelry display showcase always gives you the best inspiration. The Display case is constructed with thick tempered glass with LED Light showing up the merchandise and accentuate the presentation of the finest products. Glass also gives the possibility of visible from all angles. Natural solid wood and various texture wood veneers make the display in characteristic style, while the featured concepts with branded locks enhance the level of displays to an upper class. If you are you looking for a glass jewelry display case or stainless steel led light showcase. Ant Display covers all your needs.

Bracelet Display

Ant Display has a large range of different watches and bracelet displays for sale. Whether you are looking for bracelet T-bar , bracelet ramps or hand & feet display fixtures, you will find the delicate design here with unbelievable price . Moreover, our metal bracelet display racks can help you organize your watch and wrist items in a unique attractive way. A jewelry display is not just a fixture to display and show jewelry, The right use bracelet display will help you increase your sells by presenting the products in the most professional and attractive way. Our large range or bracelet display stands, display racks, bangle holders are specially designed and perfect for bangles, chains, watches, strings of beads and friendship charming bands display. Whether you are looking for a statement cuff display rack or high-quality velvet ornate pearl bracelet T bar. Our bracelet jewelry display will help you create a stunning display solution and charming display environments.

Necklace Display

If you want to have a good business in the necklace retail business, a professional necklace display is very important. Whether you are searching for a necklace bust or necklace Easel-Board you will find the most popular style in Ant Display. Our full range of metal necklace display racks will also give new inspiration for better necklace presentation. Our large style and color of  Necklace T bar give you a wide choice to choose a perfect one suit for your display space. When the necklace stand is not suited, our custom unique necklace display stands will help you display your merchandise in the perfect way.

Earring Display

jewelry display showcaseAre you looking for new earring display ideas? Ant Display has the best concept for you. The right way to display the merchandising not only make your store more organized but also help grab the client's attention. So as the earring display, Whether you are using wood earring display stands or acrylic earring display racks. The right design concept and display method is always the key point. Our large range of earring display stands, metal earring display holders will give a full option to choose, whole the rotation earring display stand are just perfect for countertop retail. User-friendly design and multi-display function can help you create a charming and pleasant shopping environment. Our earring cards and earring box are manufacturer direct supply products with wholesale price. Shop it now.

Jewelry Wall Cabinet

When you decorate the interior of a jewelry shop or jewelry showroom. The wall cabinet is always the difficult parts. You may have no ideas about the wall display fixtures for wall or island cabinets. But here in Ant Display, we make all the commercial display easier for vendors. We have over 100+ various style jewelry wall cabinet design ideas. From modern to antique, from dark to light, from logo wall to sidewall, you will find the full range of jewelry store wall display solution. We have a niche glass showcase wall cabinet, back-mounted wall cabinet, decoration wall panels, and window display wall cabinets. No matter you are an architectural designer or decoration contractor, you will find your ideal commercial display fixtures here.

Besides the above jewelry displays, we also have a ring display, display box, display trays as well as gem displays, fashion displays. You can browse our finest collection and choose the favorite model. Because we are direct jewelry display manufactures, So, you have a large quality, you can call us or write to us for a discount price. The price of Ant Display now is for retail price.