Solar Lights

solar lightsDo you need solar lights to start your business? Solar lights are electric lights that convert solar panels into electrical energy. During the day, even on cloudy days, solar generators can collect and store solar energy. As a new type of safe and environmentally friendly electric light, solar light has attracted more and more people's attention. Solar lights have the advantages of high brightness, easy installation, reliable work, no cables, no conventional energy consumption, and long service life. High-brightness LED light-emitting diode design, without manual operation, automatically turn on the lights in dark, and automatically turn off the lights at dawn.

Ant Display is a manufacturer specializing in R&D, production, and sales of solar energy products. The solar lights produced by Ant Exhibition have a strong sense of fashion, bright texture, exquisiteness, and modernity. It is mainly used for lighting decoration in residential green belts, industrial park green belts, tourist attractions, parks, courtyards, square green spaces, and other places. Our company has modern production equipment, first-class production technology, and professional services. Our excellent team of designers will also provide 3D design drawings to show the overall effect. No matter when you need solar lights, Ant display can meet your demands.

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The solar power generation system is composed of solar battery packs, solar controllers, and storage batteries. If the output power is AC 220V or 110V, an inverter is also required. In the lamp holder part, 1W white light LED and 1W yellow light LED are integrated on a printed circuit board and arranged as a dot matrix with a certain interval as a plane light source. The control box body is made of stainless steel, which is beautiful and durable.

The working principle of solar lights

  • solar panel

Solar panels are the core part of the solar power generation system and the most valuable part of the solar power generation system. Its function is to convert the sun's radiation capacity into electric energy, or send it to the storage battery for storage, or drive the load to work.

  • Solar Controller

solar lights

The role of the solar controller is to control the working status of the entire system and to protect the battery from overcharge and over-discharge.

  • Accumulator

The storage battery is generally a lead-acid battery. In small and microsystems, nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, or lithium batteries can also be used. Its function is to store the electrical energy generated by the solar panel when there is light, and then release it when needed.

  • Inverter

On many occasions, an AC power supply of 220VAC and 110VAC is required. Because the direct output of solar energy is generally 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC. To provide electrical energy to 220VAC electrical appliances, the DC power generated by the solar power generation system needs to be converted into AC power, so a DC-AC inverter is required.

Solar light function

The solar lamp can be widely used in the decoration of grassland, squares, park, and other occasions, and belongs to the technical field of lamps and lanterns. The lampshade is mainly used to connect the bottom bracket, the battery panel is placed on the battery box and built in the lampshade, the battery box is installed on the bottom bracket, the light-emitting diodes are installed on the battery panel, and the solar panel uses wires to connect the rechargeable battery and the control circuit.

Solar light classification

1. Home lighting

The solar lamp has a built-in lithium battery or a lead-acid battery, and it is charged by one or more solar panels. The general charging time is about 8 hours, and the use time is as long as 8-24 hours.

2. Semaphore

The role of navigational, aviation, and land traffic signal lights is crucial, and solar-powered signal lights can solve the power supply problem. The light source is mainly LED with small particle directional light. Good economic and social benefits have been achieved.

3. Lawn lamp

Solar lawn lights have a light source power of 0.1~1W, and generally use small-particle light-emitting diodes (LED) as the main light source.

4. Landscape lights

Solar landscape lights are used in squares, parks, green spaces, and other places. It can get a better landscape lighting effect without destroying the green space.

solar lights

5. Sign light

Solar sign lights are used to illuminate guide instructions, house numbers, and intersection signs at night. Its light source can generally be a low-power LED light source or a cold cathode lamp.

6. Street light

Solar street lights are used in village roads and country roads and are one of the main applications of solar photovoltaic lighting devices.

7. Insecticidal lamp

Solar insecticidal lights are used in orchards, plantations, parks, lawns, and other places. Generally, LED purple light is used to trap and kill pests through its specific spectral line radiation.

8. Flashlight

The solar flashlight uses LED as the light source and can be used in field activities or emergencies.

9. Garden lights

Solar courtyard lights are used in the lighting and decoration of urban roads, commercial and residential communities, parks, tourist attractions, squares, etc. It is also possible to change the above-mentioned main lighting system into a solar lighting system according to user needs.