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  1. Magic Shoe Shine Kiosk Design For Shoe Polish & Sports Shoes Care

    shoe care kiosk

    If you want to start a profitable kiosk business in a shopping mall if you are looking for the latest mall kiosk business ideas. Start a shoeshine kiosk in the mall is a smart choice. here we have a wonderful shoeshine kiosk concept for you. This shoe care kiosk is divided into 4 sections to give a better service. Two of the standard fast shoeshine service and one VIP room is special for the higher-level customer. There's also a shoe repair room with a display showcase to present the best models...

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  2. LAKA Nail Kiosk Design Concept For Shopping Mall & Indoor Space

    laka kiosk design

    Are you looking for a wonderful nail kiosk design? If you are planning to opening a nail manicure kiosk or pedicure business in a shopping mall and looking for nail kiosk manufacturer or kiosk concept, This blow LAKA kiosk deisgn will give you the best inspiration. 

    Wide Dimensions are available

    • 10*10ft with 2 manicure table.
    • 10*12ft with 3 manicure table.
    • 12*12ft with
    • ...
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  3. Mall used Eyebrow Threading Kiosk Design

    threading kiosk design

    Eyebrow threading kiosk is one of the most popular businesses in the shopping mall. If you want to start a successful threading business, you need to have a beautiful attractive threading kiosk at least. To create a perfect threading kiosk, you should make an amazing kiosk design first. 

    Mall used Eyebrow Threading Kiosk Design

    Here we have a perfect eyebrow threading kiosk design for shopping mall, business center, or any indoor business environments. Threading businesses...

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