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Are You looking for a kiosk design? Whether you are a retail kiosk designer and looking for design ideas or a retail business vendor looking for kiosk architecture plans. Here you are in the right place, as a leading commercial furniture supplier. We not only manufacturer kiosk stands, but we also offer a kiosk design service. From indoor stalls to outdoor booths, from food kiosks to spa salon shops, you will find the most popular and most comprehensive range of kiosk ideas, images, and concepts here.

    Most Popular Kiosk Ideas

  1. Juice Kiosk Design
  2. Cofee Shop Design
  3. retail kiosk
    Retail Kiosk
  4. nail bar design
    Nail Bar Design
  5. cellphone accessory kiosk
    Cell Phone Booth Design
  6. jewelry kiosk
    Pop-up Jewelry Shop Ideas
  7. tea kiosk
    Tea Kiosk Images
  8. eyebrow threading kiosk
    Eyebrow Kiosk Plans
  9. ice cream kiosk
    Ice Cream Kiosk Design
  10. sunglasses kiosk
    Sunglasses Hut Ideas
  11. Outdoor Kiosk
    Outdoor Kiosk Trends
  12. crepe waffle kiosk
    Crepe Kiosk Layout

What Is Kiosk Design?

Kiosk design is architecture drawings for retail kiosks, or RMU stands. Different locations will require a different concept design when you want to start a retail business in a shopping mall or outdoor. You need to submit your finished kiosk design ideas to the administrator for approval. A kiosk design may contain a Layout plan, 3D rendering images, and detailed constriction plans.

Generally speaking, a Shopping mall or landlord will have design criteria to follow when you start the design. You need to strictly follow the instruction and use your creative ideas to form attractive, appealing kiosk concepts.

3D Design

As it says, 3D kiosk design is 3d graphic design of the kiosk, Designer using software like Auto CAD 3D max or Sketch Up to make the real vision of the booth that finished. Some Kiosk Designer will location the 3D model into a natural background, so the customer can figure out how the kiosk will look like when finished.

Construction Design for Kiosk

When you start to build a retail kiosk, you will need a detailed blueprint plan or call it a construction drawing. With which you can find out all the dimensions and materials of kiosk components. The construction drawing is also a critical plan for workers to build kiosks.

Most Popular Pop up Shop Design Ideas

They are many kiosk ideas that are popular in every shopping mall. Those kiosk ideas are perfect for retails and business vendors to start.

Food & Beverage

Suppose you are looking for profitable and popular kiosk design ideas. Food kiosk design and beverage juice kiosk design definitely should be in prominent places. Coffee kiosk, fruit juice kiosk, ice cream kiosk, and crepe kiosk are easy to start kiosk design ideas with generous revenue.

Electronics & Retail

Many people do not like the food or drinking coffee bar business because it is always associated with water and oil. Thus, start a retail kiosk in the mall will be a perfect choice. Jewelry retail kiosks, watch stall, or clothing retail kiosks are all popular and easy start options. Cell phones and electronic gadgets are also great ideas worth trying.

Salon & Spa

Another mall kiosk design idea is to open a service kiosk, such as an eyebrow threading kiosk, nail manicure express, or hairdressing and hair cutting booth. In many European shopping malls, teeth whitening is also very hot and profitable.

How to get a Design From Ant Display?

No matter what type of business you choose to go to, you will need an outstanding kiosk design to attract your customers. The kiosk must not only have an appealing out system, but it also has to have a functional and user-friendly interior. Thus find a reliable and experienced designer is critical. Ant Display is a professional retail kiosk designer and manufacturer for over 18 years, and we have several expert design team specialized in shopping mall kiosk design and retail kiosk concepts. Here are easy steps to get a unique kiosk design from Ant Display.

  1. Contact our team and give us your kiosk dimensions, product category, brand logo, enterprise background, and let our Designer learn your products profoundly and carefully.
  2. After Sign the Design Contract, Pay $300-$1,000 Design Fee To Start 3D Design. Usually, a standard kiosk 3D design will need about 3-5 days.
  3. Our Designer will be working with your back and force to improve the kiosk 3D design until the shopping mall and you are satisfied with it. Then we make Constructions.
  4. When all the plans are confirmed, then you can send the drawings to the Shopping mall or kiosk manufacturer for production.

Ant display is not only a kiosk designer. But we are also manufacturing a large variety of retail mall kiosks. Whether you are looking for kiosk design, kiosk ideas, or setting up a retail mall kiosk indoor, Ant Display got all your needs covered. Contact our team to call and get your business started.

Get a Custom Design

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    How To Design A High-end Jewelry Kiosk For Your Business

    Are you looking to elevate your jewelry business to the next level? A jewelry kiosk may be just what you need to attract more customers and increase sales. In this article, we will explore the benefits of having a jewelry kiosk for your business and provide you with some tips on how to design a high-end kiosk that will dazzle...

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  2. How To Design An Ice Cream Cart

    How To Design An Ice Cream Cart

    1. Define Your Concept and Brand

    Before diving into the design process, it is crucial to define your concept and brand identity. Ask yourself what sets your ice cream business apart from others. Do you specialize in a specific type of ice cream or offer unique flavors?  Understanding your concept will help shape the overall design of your ice cream...

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  3. What Preparations Should Do Before Opening A Kiosk In The Mall?

    What Preparations Should Do Before Opening A Kiosk In The Mall?

    The idea of opening a kiosk in a mall can be an exciting venture. It offers a cost-effective way to jumpstart your business and gain exposure to a high footfall of potential customers. However, before diving headfirst into this endeavor, there are several key steps you need to take in order to ensure a successful and profitable kiosk. In this article,...

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  4. Best 7 Steps to Start Clothing Kiosk & 4 T-shirt Kiosk 3D Design

    Best 7 Steps to Start Clothing Kiosk &  4 T-shirt Kiosk 3D Design

    A kiosk is a special kind of retail point that we generally use in shopping malls. A kiosk is a small, booth-like structure. We usually use kiosks to sell a variety of products, such as mobile phones, cosmetics, jewelry, and food. Clothing can also be sold through kiosks. Opening a kiosk is a lower-cost way to enter the apparel retail industry than a traditional brick-and-mortar store. Here are a few...

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    5 Practical Tips For Waffle and Crepe Business

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  6. Hot Sale 5 Kiosk Designs For Cupcake Bakery Business

    Hot Sale 5 Kiosk Designs For Cupcake Bakery Business

    Bread, cake, and dessert are the foods we often eat. They are not only our staple food but also can be made into various desserts and snacks, which are well received by customers. Customers will love this kind of dessert and keep buying again and again so that your business keeps a good momentum. It takes a lot of effort, dedication, enthusiasm, and of course the skill to start the cake and cupcake...

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  7. 5 Hot Sale Perfume Kiosk Designs for the Fragrance Business

    5 Hot Sale Perfume Kiosk Designs for the Fragrance Business

    Perfume has gradually sunk from the top luxury industry to mass consumers in recent years, which shows that people's acceptance of perfume is getting wider and wider. It is also attributed to the continuous publicity and promotion of major perfume brands, which has opened up a larger market for perfume products.


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  8. 5 Classic Outdoor Kiosks Used In 2022

    5 Classic Outdoor Kiosks Used In 2022

    Literally, the outdoor kiosk is opposite the indoor. The kiosk that can be used indoors and in shopping malls is indoor style. The kiosk has no top structure or the top structure cannot effectively shelter from the wind and rain, and can only play a certain decorative effect. The corresponding outdoor can not only be used outdoors but also be closed at night without worrying about wind and rain. This...

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  9. 5 Profitable Food Kiosks Designs

    5 Profitable Food Kiosks Designs

    Does it sound like a good day to you to offer many customers their favorite treat? A food kiosk business may be right in your alley. Usually located in places with heavy traffic, such as shopping malls, amusement parks, or office buildings, you may sell exquisite chocolate bars, freshly squeezed juices, and smoothies, or maybe a little bit of anything. This project requires low capital investment and...

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    By providing a convenient way for people to buy mobile phones and accessories, you can create a stable business in most malls and shopping centers. As technology changes, people will constantly need to upgrade their current mobile phones or buy the latest mobile phone accessories. If you open a kiosk in your local shopping center, you can easily sell goods to these customers and promote your business...

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  11. 4 Hot Selling Fresh Juice Kiosks Designs

    4 Hot Selling Fresh Juice Kiosks Designs

    At present, bubble teas shops or kiosks abound in the market. So some shop owners want to open a fresh booth to attract the customers. The fresh fruit juices is a good business for them to compete the bubble tea. The fresh juices is more health than bubble teas. Fruit juice is relatively high in nutritional value compared with other drinks, and it is pure natural and can enhance beauty. It is the pursuit...

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  12. 5 Best Popular Ice Cream Kiosks

    5 Best Popular Ice Cream Kiosks

    As the summer is coming, the ice cream is very popular. Then more and more retailers like to sell the ice cream. They can sell soft ice cream and Popsicle together. It is a fast food and retailers don’t need to spend too much time and energy to make the ice cream. They can sell to people one by one quickly. As the retailers, they need a booth to sell the ice cream.


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  13. The Most Common 6 Teeth Whitening Kiosk In Shopping Malls

    teeth whitening kiosk

    Oral health is like a mirror of a person and is an important part of overall health. A healthy mouth is defined by clean teeth, brighter color, no cavities, healthy gums, and fresh breath. There are many problems with teeth, and it plays a very important role in our health.

    The importance of Teeth


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  14. 5 Most Popular Toy Kiosk Designs In 2022

    5 Most Popular Toy Kiosk Designs In 2022

    Toys are the best playmates for every child in childhood. I believe that every child has a lot of toys, especially for only-child families. Parents will buy more toys for their children to make up for the lack of company time. Although the global birth rate is gradually declining, this does not prevent parents from doubling down on their children, and even the phenomenon of family doting on one person...

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  15. 4 Popular Custom Jewelry Kiosks For Shopping Mall

    4 Popular Custom Jewelry Kiosks For Shopping Mall

    Why You Open Jewelry Kiosks

    Jewelry has always been a high-margin industry, and the U.S. has reportedly been a major consumer of jewelry, with retailers’ gross profit margins far exceeding wholesalers’, which means it’s easier for the retail end to make a profit than the processing end. Especially in recent years, with the gradual change in the aesthetic conce...

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  16. 3 Hot Sale Eyebrow Threading Kiosks Choosed

    3 Hot Sale Eyebrow Threading Kiosks Choosed

    With the gradual increase in people's pursuit of beauty, the requirements for their own looks are becoming more stringent, and a host of new industries have emerged. Eyebrow threading business starts at that time. Actually, there are many eyebrow-related beauty services you can do in a brow kiosk or brow bar studio. That is why opening a brow bar station in the mall is definitely a good business idea....

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  17. 2022 Popular Sunglasses Kiosks Design Samples

    2022 Popular Sunglasses Kiosks Design Samples

    2022 popular Sunglasses Kiosks Design Samples

    Now is the perfect time to start a sunglasses business. Sunglasses sales account for 40% of eyewear industry purchases and are expected to exceed $140 billion by 2023. And with 85% of the U.S. population using sunglasses every day, the odds of success are pretty high. With a little planning, you...

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  18. 4 Best Selling Candy Kiosk Styles in 2022

    4 Best Selling Candy Kiosk Styles in 2022

    With the development of the technology, people can make many tastes of the candy and make they with many cute and creative shape and colors. A child can never resist the temptation of candy, even the adults. Most retailers catch the opportunity to sell the candies very well and earn many profits. Some candy shops also enhance their brands and expend more business.


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  19. Popular Bubble Tea Kiosks in Summer

    Popular Bubble Tea Kiosks in Summer

    The bubble tea is popular by people around the world. Most people have caught this one business opportunity to sell the bubble tea. The bubble tea can has two temperatures, one is iced, and another one is warm. So it is a good drink for all seasons, especially in summer. Now is the summer, and normally this season is very hot, most young people like to drink the iced bubble tea. Summer is a hot selling...

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  20. 4 Popular Candy Kiosks In Shopping Mall

    4 Popular Candy Kiosks In Shopping Mall

    While it is true that the cost of living is now higher than it used to be, candy and all kinds of sweet sugars are still the necessities of life in most places. These candies can be eaten as snacks in everyday life, or as a timely supply of energy sources for our body, especially when people are very hungry and urgently need to replenish glucose, candy is the most direct and effective...

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