Pharmacy Shelving

 Retail shelvings are important display fixtures for pharmacy and medical stores. A well-designed pharmacy includes Rx cabinets, Rx bay units, gondola shelving, and pharmacy counters that will effectively enhance your store layout and create a pleasant atmosphere for customers. Every pharmacy will require lots of shelves, racks, and stands to keep their bottles; The functional Rx Shelves are not only retail shelving for display but also acts as storage cabinets; therefore, using the proper display racks can primarily organize your pharmacy store workstations, improve working efficiency, and highlight customer experience. According to the different using areas, The typical pharmacy shelves come in various styles, from RX bay unit, Metal Gondola Shelving, Pharmacy Pullout Trayshelfsee-through shelving to wall display cabinets. Equip your pharmacy with the perfect RX shelves. 

Ant Display is a professional Rx shelves manufacturer; we custom design and manufacture pharmacy shelves, RX bay units, wall display cabinets for sale. So whether you need Slatwall rack, Gridwall racks, Glass Display Cases are looking pharmacy drawer cabinet, RX shelving cabinets, we have the best option available for you. 

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  1. Practical metal medicine display rack RX pharmacy custom display cabinet drugstore dispensary stand
    As low as $880.00
  2. Pharmacy Wall Retail Furniture | Modern Medicine Display Cabinet
    As low as $600.00
  3. Good quality wooden pharmacy store furniture display shelving
    As low as $400.00
  4. Single-sided Medicine Rack Pharmacy Display Showcase Drawer Type Medicine Steel Rack
    As low as $320.00
  5. Pharmacy Display Cabinet | Wooden Retail Furniture For Store
    As low as $500.00
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Standard shopfitting for every specific need

Just like their profession,  the pharmacy store fixtures are directed by specific rules that it is compulsory to respect. In the past, it was common to call on specialist pharmacy fitters for the pharmacy's furniture; today, pharmacies are moving towards customized fixtures. Indeed, our products are modular, customized, unique designed to perfectly adapt to the different needs of pharmacies and drugstores: presentation of health care products, representation of drugs in open access, storage of medicines delivered under prescriptions, etc.


Whether during a new creation, a takeover, or a renovation, the pharmacy layout must be carefully studied. On the one hand, Gondolas and shelving must be optimized to offer a large number of product displays (often small sizes boxes and bottles). On the other hand, counters must provide a welcoming waiting space while ensuring confidentiality. Traffic in the aisles must be fluid, and signage must be clear to facilitate access to self-service products.

RX shelvingAnt Display offers you a whole range of furniture and shelves specially designed to organize your pharmacy best.

PHARMACY GONDOLAS:Gondolas have an essential role in the organization of a pharmacy. Rx Shelving unit is one of the main elements to take into account when planning the sales area. Ant Display offers you different types of gondolas in various sizes and styles. You can choose the perfect colors so that your layout best suits your commercial space.

RX SHELVING: The most functional and practical display furniture for your pharmacy is the RX shelving. With multi-adjustable shelves, you can easily display bottles in various sizes and pick them up in the easiest way. In addition to the wide choice of colors, you can also opt for different materials, such as metal, solid wood, acrylic, or tempered glass. Our Rx Shelving thus meets your needs in terms of aesthetics. You are finally free to choose the atmosphere you want to equip your pharmacy. 

Pharmacy Pullout Trayshelf: There are many innovative designs and methods to display medicine in a novel way. The most creative idea is to produce a pull-out tray shelf. The most popular pharmacy pull-out tray shelf is displaying shelving combined with both drawer style and shelving system. You can show commodities most functionally while keep pick it up easy and efficient. 

 See-through shelving: when you have a small pharmacy or limited to the interior space, The unique see-through RX shelvings are just perfect for you. Those well-designed see-through display racks allow you to watch your reception counter while working inside the shelving storage area. Moreover, The adjustable shelf gives you the most flexibility to display products in various dimensions. 

Customized wall display cabinets: Not every pharmacy can fit the same modular RX bay units. When you encounter unusual corners or unique spaces, Our custom-made wall display cabinet will be your ideal choice. We can design the display shelves and cabinets according to our on-site layout and create a perfect RX bay unit to cover the corner and turn it into an ideal display area or a storage room. 

Layout furniture: In addition to the gondolas, Ant Display provides all the furniture needed to fit your pharmacy's sales area. Including rotating displays, wall-mounted bins, and baskets, counters and reception kiosks, etc.

Find More Full Pharmacy Design With Top Decoration Ideas

Take advantage of fitting out for your pharmacy!

The significant advantage: cost reduction. In addition, our gondolas and shelves are designed to accommodate a number of products and are therefore very robust. Also, discover our plexiglass dividers, convenient for pharmacies and drugstores with thousands of references that should be well organized.

The Advantage Of Our RX Shelving

Our Modern RX Shelvings Are the best retail fixtures for your pharmacy:

  • picking area for common medications. It is located near the commercial space and is equipped with fixed shelving for quick access,
  • An area for drugs and products with low turnover  (e.g., orthopedics) and closed packages. It is located at the back of the room and is equipped with mobile shelving. It allows storing a maximum of products on a minimum of surface.
  • Reduce the risk of drugs and other products falling (shelves are closed on 4 sides),
  • Meet the desired aesthetic qualities.
  • The fixed wall cabinets range offers an extensive choice of references. We were able to choose precisely the height, width, and depth of our shelving to optimize our storage area as much as possible;
  • Rx Bay Unit is excellent and easy to use by all personnel. It is straightforward to move several racks at the same time. A significant time saving when the customer is waiting in the store.

Discover how properly displaying Rx merchandise increases impulse sales

Purchase advice for pharmacy cabinets.

pharmacy shelvesYou spin around in the pharmacy and prepare the correct medicine for your clients. Without thinking twice, you open your apothecary cabinet and find your inventory ingredients neatly lined up there. Pharmacy cabinets are simply unbeatable when sorting supplies and storing them in a space-saving manner. You can find out here what differences there are between the narrow cabinets and where they can be used well.

The shape is all about style and comfort.

The new free-standing, modular, and light fitting system has been designed to meet the pharmacy and drugstore requirements of versatility, aesthetics, and functionality.

Neat and pure lines: the essence of display

The lightness of the metal structures of the RX shelving solution, combined with the flexibility, even during the product storage phase in a commercial area, helps to create a professional, welcoming medical environment, where the immediate identification between the subject and the proposed remedy Is clear.

  • More space for the products on display.
  • Optimized display shelves.
  • Easier purchase.
  • Adapted for each exhibition solution.
  • Optimized filling capacity
  • System 100% made in China.
  • Compatibility with all pharmacy and medical store.
  • Wide and complete range of accessories.

The light that furnishes

The RX shelving fittings are enriched with a complete, traditional, or LED lighting system on each shelving area, giving life to the attractive focal point, which does not alter the organoleptic characteristics of the products. Play of light, natural or colored, and the possibility of backlighting help create a lively environment at the point of sale. Thanks to the LED solution, attention to the environment is not forgotten, qualified with low energy consumption and easy disposal of components.

Customized RX shelving For Sale

As a leading pharmacy shelving company, we can design and build RX shelving cabinets strictly follow your required dimensions and colors; our pharmacy racks are made with top-quality material, advanced technology, and a perfect finish. We have successfully built hundreds of RX shelving for the UK, Canada, The USA, Dubai, and Australia during the past decade. 

Contact our team today for customized medical store fixtures build most economically!