Hello everyone, today I want to share the design of a bubble tea shop with you. We all know that if you want to start an attractive and beautiful bubble tea shop, the first thing we need to do is to design the shop first. In this case, we have an idea to realize it and decorate it. With the design drawing, we can place our furniture and install similar style ceiling lights according to the style and layout in the design drawing. With the design, we can also look at the effect of the entire store in advance. As for the furniture inside, don't worry about this. Because they can all be customized. We can produce according to the furniture in the design drawings. 

This bubble tea shop is designed according to the request of a customer from the United States. She contacted us and sent us the floor plan and logo of her shop. We helped her design the overall style of the shop and all the furniture, decorations, tables, and chairs. As can be seen from the design drawings, the main color of this store is light gray. It looks quiet and fashionable. 

bubble tea shop design

Bubble tea shop composition

A beautiful bubble tea shop generally consists of a bar, tables and chairs, ceiling lights, and decorations. These are common standards in bubble tea shops. They have many types and styles. If it is a design drawing, we design a unified style. If you buy these things directly, we can't see the effect in advance, so there may be mismatches or uncoordinated overall styles. 

Bar Counter

For bubble tea shops, the most important part is the bar counter. It stands for a large proportion of our shop. Its main function is to receive customers, and we can put a cash register here. Customers can order food here. In addition, we can also put our tools on the countertop or in the cabinet. Such as paper towels, bubble teacups, straws, etc. Our logo can be placed on the outside of the bar. I have seen many bubble tea shops. Basically, all the bars have their brand luminous logos on them. One is to develop the brand, and the other is to use it as decoration. Small machines can also be placed on the bar counter. The countertop is made of stone, which is very strong and easy to clean.

Table and Chair

Tables and chairs are essential for bubble tea shops. If we choose the table and chair, the color can be similar or matched with the bar counter. The most important thing is to be comfortable and provide customers with a good experience. The seats in this bubble tea shop are not unique. It has many forms. For example, the round table in the middle, the wooden table on the wall, and the sofa and chair against the wall. Various table and chair designs can make our shop look more colorful. Customers have more choices.

Ceiling Light

We all know that there are many types of lights nowadays and they are all very beautiful. It can be used as a light or as a decoration for our shop. The lighting of this bubble tea shop also has different styles. The lighting in different seating areas is different. Does the whole shop look much more beautiful?


The decoration here is also very practical. For example, lightbox paintings, our lightbox paintings are generally installed on the bar. It is generally our menu or poster of our product. Customers can see our new products, and product posters can stimulate customers' desire to buy. The shelf on the wall behind the bar can also be used as decoration. But its other function is to store our raw materials or other things, which is also a good choice. 


Do you think the design of this shop looks good? The above is an introduction to this shop and some of my suggestions. Hope it helps you. If you also have a store, we suggest you make a design. In this way, we have a decoration direction and concept. After confirming the design, we can purchase the furniture inside. We are a custom-made company, we provide design and all the furniture in the design. If you have any questions, you can come and ask us. We can provide you with a beautiful and attractive shop.