Cell Phone Store Design

When decorating a cell phone retail store, the first thing is to accomplish a store interior design. Whether you are starting a large retail store or open a small cell phone shop, through the interior design, you can quickly figure out what the shop will look like when it's finally finished and avoid possible mistakes when decorating.

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Cell Phone Store Design

Generally speaking, starting a cell phone store interior design need to go through the basic three steps: layout design, 3D design, and construction drawing. 

Layout Plan: A shop layout is the basic dimensions drawing of a cell phone store. In the layout plan, designers will indicate all the sizes for doors, windows, corners, and columns. It will also show where the display showcases, cabinets, stands, and wall shelves are arranged inside the store, as well as the distance between them, so the shop vendors can easily find out whether they fit well. From the layout plan, we can calculate the best way to harmonize our store fixtures. 

3D design: When the layout arrangement is confirmed, the designer can work on 3D rendering design, which we normally called interior design. In a phone store interior design, you can understand how each showcase and shelf outlook and see the whole environment after decoration. The 3D rendering design is normally finished by software like Auto 3Ds max or Sketchup, producing an extremely vivid image.

Construction Drawing: After the retailer confirms the 3D design, the designer can produce a detailed construction plan. All the dimensions, materials, finishes will be indicated in the plan. Carpenters can follow the construction drawing to build the store fixtures and display stands. Therefore, A construction drawing is one of the most important plans during the shop decorations. Only We focus more time and effort on drawings that we will not waste time and money when manufacturing. 

Store Design Style

In the real business environment, we see various phone shops in various design styles. How to choose the best design theme for your shop? 

When designing a mobile phone shop, we should focus on a unique theme,

Modern Style: If you are pursuing a modern contemporary look, you can use more glossy materials and geometric shapes to form a stylish space. Hi-tech features and advanced future elements can be integrated into the design to offer more digital sensations. All those aspects formed together to make a unique modern cell phone retail repository.

Organic Style: Organic features is also widely used in mobile phone shop design and computer shop decoration. White organic display stands, wave line wall cabinets, curved retail shelvings, and unique racking systems are easy to build in a charming and outstanding retail space. Moreover, colorful led lights integrated within the display fixtures can largely improve the interior circumstance.

Industrial Style: If you want to open a unique phone case shop that meets the youngs taste, you can try with industrial style. Covered with a bold line and classic fixtures, you can soon drive your visitor to an aesthetic space with a rustic brick wall or antique pipeline fixtures. The colorful painting wall pictures are just the best ideas to collaborate with the multi-phone accessories. 

Natural Look: A natural style cellphone shop design will use lots of solid wood timber, wood veneer, natural stone, or wood lamination sheet to create a fantastic natural look. Many big brands like Apple and Huawei are of this kind, by using simplistic ideas and wooden style display tables or wall cabinet, combined with white and black color to offer a high-level conformable shopping atmosphere. cell phone store design

Tips on Phone Store Design

Light Design: Indoor lighting can directly affect the atmosphere of the store. The intensity of the lighting in the store should make consumers feel relaxed and bright; it should not be too clear or too bright, let alone too dark; if it is too bright, it feels dazzling, making people unwilling to stop and buy; if it is too dark, it makes people feel depressed and low. Proper lighting can not only play up the atmosphere of the store, highlight the display of goods and enhance the display effect, but also improve the working environment and labor efficiency of the salesperson.

Floor Design: Floor decoration materials, colors mainly decide floor decoration and floor drawing design. The floor selection of the mobile phone shop should match the overall decoration style. For example, the Apple mobile phone shop ceiling is made of solid wood veneer, So the floor should also make of wood texture to accommodate. Besides, the floor design should also consider the safety and convenience of health maintenance, such as whether it is anti-skid, whether it is easy to clean, etc.

Color Choice: The effective use of color is of universal significance. The coordination of color, environment, and commodity collocation impacts customers' shopping psychology. Whether there is a color or no color, it has its expression characteristics, each color, when its purity and lightness changes, or in a different color matching relationship, the expression of the store will change.

Leisure Area Design: Comfortable shopping environment, not only to facilitate shopping but also to provide customers with a resting place. On the one hand, it can improve customer satisfaction; on the other hand, it can also play a role in store popularity. The design of the leisure area should focus on the theme of "relaxed and happy," with soft light, cheerful music, and a red or orange combination sofa. The creative design can be integrated into the concept of home decoration leisure, give customers a sense of peace and warmth.

Main Materials That used in Cell Phone Store

Wood: This is the most common material. It has good adaptability, can take shape and effect of a variety, is relatively cheap, is easy to get, and has bad places, heavier, whether it is to do the mobile phone display cabinet or after the mobile phone display cabinet it is not easy to move.

Glass: The effect of the cell phone cabinet made of glass is better, and it affects air permeability. You can give a greater sense of space. However, wood is bulky and easy to be damaged. Be careful in the production and transportation of mobile phone cases.

Acrylic: Many people may hear this, which is applied to the top of many jewelry. There are many acrylic materials on the market. It looks crystal clear, appears to be relatively high-grade, not easy to break, and the price is relatively expensive. But the price is acceptable relative to its effect.

Steel: The general mobile phone cabinet contains a metal structure, which is crucial. Of course, sometimes it also needs to be made of stainless steel.mobile phone shop display ideas

How To Design Small Cell Phone Store?

With the increase of entrepreneurship, more and more small and medium-sized cell phone stores entered our lives. Due to the development of science and technology, mobile phones, as an important communication tool in our daily life, update more and more frequently and quickly with the development of science and technology.

  • 1. As a high-tech intelligent product, in designing mobile phone stores, we should highlight the sense of science and technology and the sense of innovation. We know that science and technology is the first productive force of innovation because now many mobile phone stores are stereotyped and have no new ideas. Breakthrough and innovation will make us walk at the forefront of our peers.
  • 2. Reasonable use of the display cabinet for product display and functional area segmentation. Product display is the key to arouse customers to attract their attention and further understand the new products. In order to explain and promote the product for them, we need to pay attention to the height of the display cabinet and the interior lighting design.
  • 3. Do a good job in the design of the experience area and leisure area. Due to the different versions and functions of the mobile phone system, customers will only find something different after they get up to experience it. And This is also the reason why many mobile phone stores have set up special experience areas. The design of the leisure area can provide customers with a place to understand the products and rest.
  • 4. Now, to better meet the needs of different consumers, the mobile phones operated by mobile phone stores are generally not just a brand. Therefore, The store design rule needs to highlight a distinct theme, focus and take the monopoly route.


Starting a cell phone shop design, you should balance both function and display. The most attractive decoration is what we are chasing, but practical display fixtures are also necessary. Only we understand what customer needs, what the display requirements needs, can we design and build a successful and cheering shop interior design. Using the right material in the right place and using the right color correctly, we can easily build out our dream shop display in the simplest style.

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    Cellphone Accessories Shop Details

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    As the leading cell pone brand all over the world, HUAWEI has restrict requirements on every showroom and store design.  

    The success of Huawei's mobile phone store is evident to all. Whether from the design or decoration, counter display give people a sense of luxury atmosphere.
    The combination of refined stainless steel and wood grain shows extraordinary temperament in simplicity...

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