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Gondola Shelving

Are you looking for a gondola shelving for your retail shop? Gondola shelves are ideally suited for retail environments to display and support merchandise for sale. For food stores, auto parts stores, cosmetic displays, candy stores, supermarkets, and other retail stores. The Gondola display rack can be used as a stand-alone cabinet on the store floor, or it can be strung together to make a double-sided aisle. Gondola shelves are often referred to as store shelves or retail shelves. You can find the Gondola display cabinets in various styles and materials. There is a team of interior designers, retail architects, and engineers specializing in retail design at Ant display. We are committed to displaying goods in the best way, including clothing, food, alcohol, household items, etc. Every store is different, and the products displayed on our retail shelf system are also different. We have developed cable car shelves to display various products in many different stores. Our retail solutions are designed to help maximize consumer interest in your products and present your products to retailers in the most effective way. Check our site and find your favorite gondola shelves at an affordable cost.

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The gondola shelving is very flexible and can be used in many ways. It usually consists of a base about 6 inches high from the ground. A vertical rear panel is usually attached to the chassis. There are grooves or notches on the vertical part to fix floating shelves or flying hooks or other commodity accessories on it. It usually only supports the shelf at the rear edge. This keeps the front of the store fixtures open, so most of what you see is the product displayed, not the shelf. The gondola shelf can be provided on one or both sides. The single-sided gondola consists of a base frame and an L-shaped vertical panel. These are designed to be used as retail wall displays because they are usually located by the wall. Double-sided units are similar, but they have bottoms on both sides. Therefore, when viewed from the side, they resemble an inverted T-shape. These can be used on most wooden gondola shelving, pegboard gondola shelving, or grid-wall gondola shelving.gondola shelving

Wooden gondola shelving

Wooden gondolas are available in various sizes, and the different sizes of wooden planks help create a warm retail environment. Wooden retail end caps and wooden round gondola shelves can be used in wine shops, bakeries, grocery stores, bookstores, etc. Metal gondola shelves are fitted with wooden slat wall panels to provide a beautiful and modern retail shelf look. We use durable laminate material with metal surface treatment. The slat wall has been carefully designed to fit into a metal hanging basket. The single panel bar wall display cabinet is designed to be used as a retail wall display cabinet. There are also double-sided units or retail island displays. These have flat wall panels on both sides of the display.

Pegboard gondola shelving

Rolling slit wall displays are ideal for store administrators who want to be able to move goods within the store's sales area. This feature is useful when there are special promotions or seasonal exhibitions. Ant Display sells a series of scrolling displays and Slat wall H gondola displays. They are called H displays because they are shaped when viewed from above. They are essentially double-sided gondola units with two retail end caps. The casters of some H displays can be moved.

Grid-wall gondola shelving

If you want to let some light through, please choose the grid-wall display panel. The exhibition gondola display is made of thick lines that cross the square pattern. Metal grid wall brackets or display stands are ideal for gondola display stands and mobile display stands. The grid-wall gondola shelving can be used with the standard gondola. This can achieve maximum display capabilities. The Gondola shelf is easy to install and you can change the display at any time. The gondola has a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles for you to choose from. The gondola shelves will improve the design of your store and create a comfortable and attractive environment where customers can purchase your products.

Custom Gondola Display Shelves

Gondola display shelves are one of the best and most efficient display racks in the retail business. To ultra use every piece of shelving and display as much products as possible.eYou can find any gondola shelving suitable for your shop at Ant Display. Since 2002, Ant Display has been the top manufacturer and supplier of retail shelf systems, and our products are widely used in the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, and France. We provide some best designs on retail and store shelves. Our designers can also make a complete store design for you, and see the decoration and effects of the store directly from the 3D drawings. Our products can be used in various retail locations, including supermarkets, grocery stores, liquor stores, gift shops, bakeries, etc. If you have your own ideas and designs, you are welcome to call to communicate with us.