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  1. High-end Jewelry Store Design Display Case & Corner Display Stand Showcase

    High-end Jewelry Store Design Display Case & Corner Display Stand Showcase

    Product Name: Jewelry Store

    Time: Design-time will take 5-7 working days, production time will take 28-32working days.

    Types involved: display showcase, corner display, middle island display counter, and logo.


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  2. USA fashion style bubble tea store food restaurant juice bar counter design

    USA fashion style bubble tea store food restaurant juice bar counter design

    Open a beverage shop is the dream of many people. If you want to open a bubble tea shop or a juice bar, you can find some food shop design from our Ant Display Ltd. A lovely and attractive bubble tea store design can help you to attract more customers to come to your shop. Our aim is to help you to do it perfectly!


    Bubble tea shop:

    The shop size is about 137 square...

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  3. Australia Sushi Store 3D Design & Bar Counter Working Bench in Resturant

    Australia Sushi Store 3D Design & Bar Counter Working Bench in Resturant

    Project Name: Sushi Restaurant-

    Project Coordinates: Melbourne, Australia

    Project Time: design time 1-2 weeks, production time, 6-7 weeks.


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  4. Simple Modern Coffee Shop Design Unique Solid Wood Cafe Interior Decoration

    Coffee shop design, counter, display showcase

    In the design of the coffee shop, the purpose is to continue the perfect friendship that people admire and yearn for, and at the same time to achieve the purpose of relieving pressure.

    Because in this modern society with more and more developed economy and more and more thin human feelings, the pace of life is getting faster and faster, and the pressure...

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  5. Sushi Store Interior Design & Food Display Counter Bar Table for Sale

    Sushi Store Interior Design & Food Display Counter Bar Table for Sale

    Sushi is a traditional food from Japan. Because of its delicious taste and gorgeous shape, it is popular and loved by many people. This has also led to many people opening sushi restaurants.

    So when you open a sushi restaurant, the design of a sushi restaurant is essential. Because the decoration of the shop and the placement of shop furniture is installed and placed according to the design...

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  6. Luxury Cosmetic Store Furniture Romantic Makeup Counter Display Retail Shop Decoration

    cosmetic display cabinet

    Are you looking for luxury cosmetic store furniture and ready to start a business? Many people earn money by open a cosmetic shop. With the improvement of beauty, women go to the cosmetic shop to buy skincare products and makeup products regularly. They hope to keep charming looks and stay young. Today, I want to share a nice cosmetic shop design with you. It looks very luxurious and high-end...

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  7. Attractive Sunglasses Store Design Idea Optical Shop Interior Furniture design

    sunglasses shop

    A good store design can directly affect our business. Most owners will try to make their store more attractive. At this time, we need to contact a 3D design company to carry out the design work. The 3D design is built on the basis of the plane and two-dimensional design to make the design goal more three-dimensional and play a kind of simulation effect. We can see the location, style, color, decoration...

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  8. Cosmetic Store 3d Design & Cosmetic Shop Fixture Some Tips to Open Store

    Cosmetic Store 3d Design & Cosmetic Shop Fixture Some Tips to Open Store

    What I want to introduce to you today is a cosmetics shop. Next, we will analyze this case for you.

    Project Type: Cosmetic Shop

    Project coordinates: United States, Australia, Canada...

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  9. Unique Customized Coffee Bar Furniture Design Attractive Modern Coffee Shop Interior Decoration

    Coffee shop design, counter, display showcase

    People read books, talk with friends, fall in love, do homework, write articles, play games, and stare into space in cafes. Coffee shop culture is one of the western cultural traditions and historical cultures. Coffee shop is a carrier of cultural inheritance of a country or a city and an indispensable cell. With the continuous development of economy, the pace of life is getting faster and...

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  10. How to open a successful hair salon store?

    How to open a successful hair salon store?

    Nowadays, there are more and more people opening barber shops, and their competitiveness in the market is also increasing. For a novice, there is still a little pressure to open a barber shop, not just as simple as shampooing customers' hair. With the fashion trend, more and more young people like new hairstyles and follow the trend. We need to learn to innovate continuously, so as to bring more customers...

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  11. Vape Store Inside Layout | Custom E-cigarette Retail Furniture

    e-cigarette shop

    E-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes have the same function, they are both very popular things. It is addictive, and it is different for many people to quit smoking. Although they are harmful to the body, they are still very popular. They are products that can be sold reasonably, so many people are starting to sell e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are much more convenient than traditional cigarettes...

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  12. Computer Store for Display Fixture & Phone Store Design Display Counter for Sale

    Computer Store for Display Fixture & Phone Store Design Display Counter for Sale

    Mobile Phone & Computer stores are divided into large mobile phone and computer stores and some small mobile phone stores. We often see small phone shops, because the budget cost of small mobile phone shops is relatively low.

    But in fact, small mobile phone stores are more difficult to design, because we need to consider enough space to put shop fixture to make the whole store...

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  13. Small High-end Watch Display Shop Design Unique Watches Store Interior Decoration

    watch shop design

    Watch is not only used to see the time, watch still represents a kind of grade. Although the phone can also tell the time, but the phone is a phone, it is just a tool. And watches can be accessories, or even a culture, and wearing a watch is always a classic. Watches can show grade and status. Different situation with different uses, there are many people wearing the watches,...

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  14. Green Tea Shop Furniture Wood Display Show furniture Modern Green Tea Shelf Design

    tea store display counter

    What is your favorite tea? There are many famous teas in the world, such as Pu’er, Oolong tea, white tea, and so on. Some people like green tea, while others feel that black tea has a unique taste. Tea is also a necessary raw material of popular bubble tea. It’s a very good idea to open a tea shop and...

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  15. Coffee Shop Counter Design | Leisure Restaurant Interior Layout

    coffee shop

    For a coffee dessert shop, the inside furniture is very simple. We just need the bar counter, tables, and chairs/sofa. The rest is how to arrange their position, and the furniture color and type. People are more willing to go to some beautiful and clean shop, so the decoration of our shop is also important. Before decoration the store, we need to think about what style we like, different styles have...

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  16. Sunglasses Store Design Optical Layout With Modern Shopfitting & Beautiful Display Shelvings

    sunglasses display shelf

    Sunglasses are a very profitable business in recent years. We can see sunglasses shops everywhere in the street and even in the shopping center. Every sunglasses store has its unique decoration and furniture. Before starting a sunglasses store, it’s very important to choose a suitable display showcase. Sunglasses store furniture mainly use to place and showcase products. However, they can also make t...

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  17. Romantic Modern Pink Hair Salon Shop Design Fresh Style Barber Shop Interior Decoration

    hair salon design, barber shop design

    Before determining the decoration style of the barbershop, we must first make clear the grade and consumer groups of the barbershop, and determine the decoration style according to the preferences, age characteristics, and personality characteristics of different groups of people.


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  18. Juice Store Interior Bar Counter Design | Small Size Juice Bar Layout

    juice bar

    Fruit juice is a juice product obtained by physical methods such as squeezing, centrifugation, extraction, etc., Using fruits as raw materials, and processed beverages. Drinking juice regularly can help digestion, moisturize the intestines, and supplement the lack of nutrients in the diet. In the summer, the juice is also a very thirst quencher.

    We know that ...

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  19. Luxury Jewelry Store Furniture Modern Treasure Display Showcase Metal Jewellery Display Rack

    jewelry shop furniture

    Everyone likes to wear jewelry and the husband always buys a necklace as a gift for their wife. And it’s necessary to open a jewelry store and start a business. Because of the whiteness, purity, and rarity of jewelry, it can represent pure friendship and unswerving love, and it has become famous. It jumped above the gold jewelry and was favored by the relatives of the emperor, the relatives of the e...

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  20. Colorful Candy Shop Interipr Design Ideas W/ Creative Shopfitting/Display Stand/Retail Racks

    candy shop furniture

    The candy shop is equivalent to a children’s dream world. There are not only a lot of delicious candies but also a lot of cute furniture. Some candy shops also provide toy corners, and children can also place them here. When starting a candy store, more and more people will choose to buy some special-shaped furniture and will choose s...

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