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white reception deskWhite Reception Desk

White color always offers a clean and comfortable atmosphere, so we usually choose a white reception desk when we decorate an office or salon. White is also the most flexible color that can adapt to all decoration themes and make it the most popular choice for the extravagant reception area. Especially when you want a modern and contemporary look, white color can be easily combined with others to create a unique charming beauty. We stock numerous modern white reception desks in various shapes, including L-shaped, U -shaped, J-shaped, Curved shaped, Arc-shaped, and round-shaped. All of them are finished with commercial-grade materials and delicate craftsmanship. Whether you are looking for a white stone reception desk for an office or a modern white reception table for a salon, you will always get your perfect desk here!


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The white front desk is the most popular color that suits almost every business environment. Whether you need a reception table for your salon or an L-shaped reception counter for your office, the white color always gives you the best effect.

Modern White Reception Desk

Color choice is essential to a front desk, but design counts more. Different reception areas and requirements ask for accommodating designs; When you choose a suitable front table for your business, you should consider both design and function needs.

Modern design is the most popular and welcome style for various reception occasions. Whether you need a unique cool front desk for your bright office or a soft and comfortable welcome table for your salon, modern style is always the first choice. Typically, A modern design can significantly improve your interior decoration tones and customer experience.

Also, Modern contemporary design is the best style to adapt to white color and form various shapes for different locations. Putting a modern white reception counter in front of your salon and office can offer your guest a fantastic sensation and leave a deep fabulous impression. 

Popular Color Combinations

Not everyone likes pure white for the reception counters. Instead, different color combinations can also create unique and fantastic effects.  

  • Black & White: Black color added to white can create a strong visual contrast. The designer uses dark elements such as black and grey inlay to the white desk to demonstrate eye-catching and outstanding features. Those black and white reception desks are perfect for offices and studios.
  • White& Gold: Gold color always stands for luxury, high-end, and elegance. Combining gold with white can create a unique charming welcome desk that perfectly suits spas, salons, and luxury stores. 
  • White & Wood: Natural Wooden textures is another favorite color by most designers. Solid wood always gives a natural, healthy, and luxurious emotions; therefore, white wooden receptionist desks are ideal for offices and beauty salons.
  • High Glossy White: if you want your reception area looks creative, the light reflection is the critical point. The high gloss white desk gives a strong clean effect white the matt white offer a quiet and peaceful beauty.

White Salon Reception Desk

Many people will choose pink, wooden, or warm colors for salon receptions. At the same time, a large majority would like pure white whether you need a front desk for a nail salon, hair salon, eyebrow salon, or beauty spa, white color is always the prevalent option. 

A white tufted reception desk is the best style for salon usage, especially for nail salons.

white salon reception desk w/ backlit blue LED lightPeople often add LED light to the white salon desk to create a more charming and outstanding effect. A white welcome table combined with changeable LED lights offers visitors a wonderful reception experience.

Popular Shapes for White

  • Small: Salon reception requirements are quite different from office and company. You don't need a large reception counter to occupy too much interior space. On the contrary, small white desks are perfect options for salons and retail stores.
  • L-shaped: L-shaped white tables are just the right style if you need a more practical and functional front desk. The long front counter is the best interactive platform for customers and receptionists, while the short cabinet is ideal for storing essential files and things.
  • Curved: if you need a unique-looking and user-friendly reception desk, a curved shape will be a priority choice. The streamlined curved shapes offer a pleasant user experience: allowing guests from different angles to come toward the reception and add unique design features to the reception area.

Buy White Front Desk From Ant Display!

Besides the existing models listed, we can also custom the white reception desk according to your requirements. The perfect white color comes from white artificial stone and white lacquered paint. No matter how large your size and unique you expect, our custom team will give you an ideal white desk built in your dream style. Contact our team to get a modern white reception desk for your business today!