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Restaurants are an essential part of every restaurant. Restaurant chairs are usually designed with a standard straight back, the purpose is to provide seats for customers to eat. Comfortable dining chairs can provide guests with a comfortable and relaxing dining space, which can leave a good impression and experience to customers. So many restaurants not only pay much attention to decoration but also pay attention to the setting and style of the seating area. The comfortable and pleasant atmosphere is the main factor of any place and must be considered in the planning and design stage. When you are planning to design your restaurant or transform your existing restaurant, you must carefully consider your restaurant layout, what color, the style you want, and what kind of tables and chairs to put in the restaurant. There is also price, style, and comfort. Commonly used are mainly metal chairs and wooden chairs. The metal chair is light and strong, and the wooden restaurant chair is usually made of leather and a sponge seating surface. It has a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. As the leading manufacturer & wholesaler of restaurant furniture, Ant Display offers a large number of modern design restaurant chairs, coffee chairs, bar chairs, and commercial food court chairs at an affordable cost. Check our page and choose your ideal commercial restaurant chairs at the lowest price.

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Ant display provides a variety of restaurant tables and food bar chairs in different styles. No matter what your restaurant is like, you just need to tell us your requirements, and we can find you the right chair for your restaurant and style. Whether you are a restaurant, hotel, restaurant chain, food court, or small restaurant, you can find chairs for you here. Our restaurant chairs are mainly divided into four types:wooden restaurant chairs

Metal chairs:

The metal restaurant chair is a chair usually made of metal, such as iron, stainless steel, etc. as the main material. They are very durable and easy to clean. If you pursue a modern style and industrial style, metal restaurant chairs will be a good choice. The stylish and simple appearance can be matched with the design style of modern theme and can be applied indoors and outdoors, with strong functionality and very strong. But this does not mean that they are more expensive. In fact, you are happy to find that they will fit your budget. The smooth, easy-to-clean surface will definitely be worth the money.

Wood chairs:

Wooden chairs are generally practical solid wood as the mainframe and legs, and the chair seating surface uses sponge plus leather or wood. Wooden chairs are the most commonly used restaurant chairs. The wooden chair has many advantages: 1. It mostly uses solid wood or natural wood, which not only looks very beautiful but also very environmentally friendly. 2. It is very durable and easy to maintain and repair. 3. Colors and styles are very diverse, there are a variety of panels and colors to choose from.

Restaurant High Chairs:

A restaurant high chair in a restaurant is also called a bar chair. It is usually tall and used in conjunction with a bar counter. Usually, their legs are metal, and the countertop can be wooden or leather.

Outdoor Restaurant Chairs:

Outdoor restaurant chairs are generally made of steel and plastic materials. Because they are used outdoors, they use waterproof and sunscreen, durable materials. This chair may be more expensive, but the quality is very good. These chairs can help create a relaxed and active atmosphere.

How to choose the right restaurant chairs?

Because dining chairs play an important role in restaurants, you should consider the following factors before choosing a dining chair:

Material and function of dining chair

Dining chairs of different materials and functions are suitable for different restaurant styles. For example, metal chairs are more suitable for modern urban styles and industrial styles, and the appearance of restaurant chairs mixed with metal and wood will be more diverse and lively, which can look modern and fashionable. On the other hand, easy-to-clean plastic or resin chairs come in a variety of colors, making them ideal for lively restaurants. Comfort is also an important factor to consider. The seat size and backrest height will directly affect the comfort of the chair.

Your restaurant dimension and color theme

Before you choose a chair, you must fully consider the size of your space, not only to make guests feel comfortable and not crowded, but also to maximize the use of seating space. So if your space is small, you can choose a small chair, if you have enough space, you can choose a large comfortable chair.

The shape & style of chair

If your space is very small, you can choose a small chair without armrests. Large chairs with armrests are popular in high-end restaurants and larger venues to provide additional comfort.

your budget

Because we provide various styles and sizes of chairs, the purpose is to meet the budget and needs of different customers. So you can consider your budget to choose the right chair.

Choose furniture that fits the theme of your restaurant

The choice of chair depends on the overall style of your restaurant. In high-end restaurants, you can choose comfortable and refined chairs; in ordinary restaurants, you can choose stylish and durable chairs.

What Questions you may have?

1. What materials can the chair be made of?

The restaurant chairs provided by Ant display are usually made of four materials: wood, metal, resin and steel. Each material has its own characteristics and style. You can choose the color and style of the chair according to the color of your store and the overall style. If your restaurant is modern, metal chairs may be more suitable.

2. How many chairs I need to put in my restaurant?

You can ask the designer to help do a floor plan, arrange tables and chairs layout in your space, see can put how many tables and chairs, but as usually the sitting area need take of 60% of your restaurant.

If you are interested in ordering restaurant chairs, just feel free to contact us to get more details.