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  1. How to Decorate Juice Bar Shop in a Good Way?

    bubble tea shop furniture

    What should we do before open a juice bar shop? Everyone can list a lot of necessary things to do before starting a business. In my opinion, the shop decoration is very important. Because it can reflect your store positioning and style. It is the first impression of the juice bar shop on people. In this case, the shop owner usually has to make a professional shop design to find a good decoration effect...

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  2. Comprehensive Analysis of Jewelry Lighting Design | Expert Tips On Choosing The Right Lights For Jewelry Retail Stores

    jewelry light design
    LED lighting applications to continue to expand, and the market segment is unlimited! Jewelry lighting is also a market with huge potential! With the world's increasing economy, The jewelry industry is developing rapidly, makes the vast market potential is evident to all. Jewelry retail display for retail stores and showrooms is also an emerging industry. We can not ignore The importance of jewelry retail display design. 
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  3. How to Choose A Good Shop Name For Your Retail Store?

    my shop name
    The name of the store is very important. The store name usually appears first on the shop front signage. A name with a high degree of generalization and strong appeal plays an important role in consumers' visual stimulation and psychological impact. It can give people a beautiful enjoyment, attract customers, expand sales, and play an important role to the first "salesman" role.  Ancient retail business houses paid great attention to using encouraging and smooth words to imply their own business. At that time, most shops used "Easy," "Great," "Best," and "Cool" to make pleasant auspiciousness. Modern management is also very particular about giving their stores a concise, fresh, and distinctive store name. 
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  4. How to Design An Attractive & High-end Shop Front For Your Retail Store?

    shop front design
    Retail Store Outdoor decoration commits to the start of all decorations in front of and around the shop. It usually includes billboards, neon lights, lightboxes, electronic flashing advertisements, posters, leaflet advertisements, live advertisements, shop signs, facade decoration, window arrangements, and outdoor lighting, etc.  If a retailer wants to achieve good economic benefits, he must make consumers walk into the store first. In addition to advertising, traditional prestige, and other factors, consumers start with the appearance of an unknown store. 
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  5. Store management | Learn these golden rules for location selection and top ideas for new retailers to start a business! 

    retail store design
    As the old saying goes: food, clothing, housing and transportation, clothing is an essential part of people's lives! Therefore, the clothing industry has always been prosperous, and opening a clothing store is the first choice for novice entrepreneurs. The location of a successful clothing store is the key! How to choose a good address? What are the differences and requirements for site selection?
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  6. The Mediterranean & Egyptian Style Used in Retail Jewellery Display 

    The Mediterranean & Egyptian Style jewelry shop
    When talking about the Mediterranean, what I think of is the sun and sea breeze, which introduces the azure blue of the sky into the design, or at least turning it into a blue-based design. Let’s name it the Chinese Mediterranean for now because the Mediterranean style has deeply penetrated people’s cognition. Isn't it the blue tone? The dazzling blue beam, the blue lifebuoy, the inexplicable fish bones, I think many people will answer this way.
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  7. Reusing the showcases: A good way to save lots of money on retail fixtures!

    display showcase

    Retail Showcases, also known as display cabinets, are a kind of cabinet product that showcases the individual characteristics of brands and products. Many businesses are now promoting the corrosion resistance, heat preservation performance, pressure resistance, long service life, etc., of the showcase, but is the quality of the actual showcase so good?


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  8. What is Retail Store Display?5 Useful Ideas To Help You Display Better In Retail Shops

    handbag retail store

    The so-called retail store display means that customers walk in the store due to the layout of the store, product display and other factors. Although the route of a single customer has its randomness, the trajectory of all customers is regular.

    Store display design lets customers go through more areas...

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  9. Why is there a three-colour column in front of the barbershop?

    barber shop rotating column

    When you pass a barber shop, There is always a red, white and blue rotating coulumn hanging in front of the barbershop. why such kind of symbal stands for a barbershop ?And do you know when it started to stand on the streets? I will take you to find out today.


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  10. 9 Most Popular Materails to Build Mall Kiosks and Store Fixtures

    toughened glass

    What materials should be used in the mall kiosk or store fixtures? When we build a mall kiosk or retail store fixtures, we have a significant material source to choose from? But what the best material for your shopfitting? Here you can learn the most popular material that used to build retail store fixtures. ...

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  11. What's the Best Height For Office Furniture?

    office desk

    Low height furniture is popular in the market now. Even fashion magazines' furniture advertisements mostly promote low tables and soft sofas to reflect their unique personality and fashionable style. Although lot's of low height furniture is stylish and distinctive, the height should be reasonable. Long-term use can easily affect the body's spine, lumbar spine, cervical spine, vision, shoulders, elbows...

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  12. What equipment is needed for a bubble tea shop?

    bubble tea shop equipment

    Walking on the street, we will find bubble tea shops are everywhere. Many people want to join the business because it not a big investment to start a milk tea shops and The production of milk tea is quite straightforward. Therefore, start milk tea shop business become many retailer's first choice, but what do you need to open a milk tea shop? What equipment is required for the milk tea shop?...

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  13. How to Design Bubble Tea Counters For Small Bubble Tea Shop?

    bubble tea shop counter

    Tthe bar counter design is very important a high-end milk tea shop. A good bar counter design is combined with the decoration of the whole store, so that the whole milk tea shop can give people a relaxed atmosphere. Whether you open a milk tea kiosk in the mall or a milk tea shop in the street, you need to pay attention...

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  14. 6 Tips Helps You Increase Sales Immediately in Bubble Tea Shop

    tea store design

    Milk bubble tea is one of the favorite drinks of contemporary young people. It is necessary to have a cup of milk bubble tea when working overtime, chasing drama, shopping, and boring. However, the competition in the milk bubble tea market is fierce, and the phenomenon of homogenization is serious. If we want to catch the hearts of young people, we must make efforts in marketing. In the first half...

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  15. How to Run A Bubble Tea Kiosk Business In Shopping Mall?

    bubble tea kiosk design

    For most of milk tea and other beverage business operators, they have gone through this process: select brand → location → operation.

    Choosing a location in the business circle is an inevitable topic, an unchanging fact: the larger the base, the larger the base of customers that can be transformed by the milk tea shop. So when it comes to which loc...

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  16. How Many Employees Do You Need in A Bubble Tea Kiosk?

    bubble tea kiosk design

    Nowadays, the Milk tea shop is a popular and profitable business. Many entrepreneurs choose to open a milk tea shop. To open a good milk tea shop needs its self conditions and needs good staff to bring good service. You can start a bubble tea kiosk in the mall or start a bubble tea store in the business street. No matter where you open the tea shop, you have to bear in mind that quality and cost control...

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  17. 5 Tips On Pharmacy Decoration By Using Right Shelving Display

    pharmacy design

    Retail Display design is crucial to the sales of a pharmacy because the quality of the display will leave the first impression on the customer, which is determined whether the customer can enter the store for the second time. If the display fixtures are not qualified, the product will not be right displayed. Consumers will never discover the right products or have a bad shopping experience!...

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  18. Retail Business Review : Entrepreneurial Choices After The Epidemic

    Retail business ideas

    The development of the Internet has also allowed the e-commerce industry to advance by leaps and bounds. Many people first think of e-commerce platforms when starting a business, such as opening a Amazon store, a Ebay store, or a online shop business.

    The low cost of the e-commerce industry has made many gold prospectors dream of getting rich....

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  19. 6 Tips On Reducing the Cost of Retail Store Decorations

    jewelry store fixture design

    Cost control is critical In the design and production of store fixtures, besides the effect. Sometimes the same material can achieve the outcome in terms of cost is very different. To save the decoration cost-effectively in the store fixtures' production process, the best way to reduce the cost is to allocate resources reasonably, and to the maximum extent, to save the cost. The decoration style, the...

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  20. How to Choose & Maintain Office Furniture ?

    office furniture

    In modern society, the right office furniture conforms to the ergonomic design and has high safety. It has a good sense of use, and the home-style hue wants to be harmonious, so it is very beneficial to improve people's office efficiency. But office furniture used for a long time, it is inevitable that...

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