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Acrylic Display Case

Looking for the best way to display products or souvenirs? Acrylic display cases are designed with affordable plastics to create a variety of merchandise arrangements. These transparent boxes can store collectibles, figurines, and dolls at home, as well as jewelry and other goods in a retail environment. Transparent plexiglass cabinets are particularly useful when displaying high-end electronic products or museum artifacts. When displaying sports souvenirs or cosmetics in retail stores, countertops and freestanding acrylic display cabinets are also a good choice. Transparent plastic boxes are an economical and lightweight way to display any goods. Not only the shopping for store fixtures for antiques, but also other small or big products, we think the Acrylic display cases should be your first choice. AntDisplay Offer A large variety of clear acrylic display cases, plastic display cases, and plexiglass display cases in various thicknesses and dimensions. Check our page and find your favorite display cases. 

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Acrylic display fixtures are widely used in many industries. Especially in retail displays. Whether you are opening a candy store looking for the candy jar, candy bins or wooden clear acrylic display box to present watch or jewelry. You will always need clear acrylic display cases and display boxes. With a clear transparent, and lightweight character. Acrylic starts a new popular display method. acrylic display case

What are the advantages of these acrylic display cases?

  • An acrylic display cabinet with a lock can be used to display important products. If you run a retail store, you will most likely carry some valuables, but you don’t want customers to use them without you. Choosing a lockbox will ensure that your high-priced items are safe and clearly visible in front of your customers.
  • Many of these dust covers are made of plexiglass. Its clear appearance does not affect any decoration or environment. The beautiful high-gloss finish has an attractive and elegant appearance similar to glass but has more advantages. Compared with traditional glass, plexiglass is stronger, more impact-resistant, lighter in weight, will not break, easier to manufacture, and easy to shape.
  • The display cases provide lighting options. Choose from free-standing or countertop models with indoor lighting to make your products popular. These are ideal for museums or exhibitions that create a modern look.
  • The unit has multiple display shelves that can accommodate several types and sizes of collectibles. Among the functions of this product line, there are wide, narrow, and hexagonal units with sliding or swinging double doors.
  • These transparent cabinets can also protect your fragile electronic products or fragile collections because they can be safely placed in the case of the packaging box, so they will not get dirty.

The Difference Between Glass and Acrylic Display Cases:

  • Acrylic display cases more durable. If the acrylic display cabinet is dropped or smashed, it will not break. This makes them more durable than glass.
  • Acrylic is much lighter than glass and more resistant to impact.
  • Unlike glass, scratches on acrylic display cabinets are also easier to repair.
  • Acrylic display cases are cheaper than the glass display case
  • Glass also reflects 100% of the light, while acrylic reflects less light.
  • Acrylic also has no hue, and it may appear green when viewed through a glass box.
  • However, acrylic is difficult to clean because it is easily stained by dust, oil, or dirt.
  • The glass is harder to scratch and the appearance is better.

Can the acrylic display cabinet be customized?

Yes, sure. Custom acrylic display cases that meet your requirements can be easily found. If you have considered the size and cannot find an existing acrylic display cabinet suitable for your items, you may need to order a custom acrylic display cabinet.

The size and shape of selected acrylic display cabinets can make your products attractive and safe to display. Our acrylic case is not only visually appealing in design, but also functional and robust. Choose from square, inclined front panel, rectangular and octagonal lockboxes. We sell back doors, hinged double doors, transparent doors, mirror doors, rotatable boxes, and fixed boxes. If you need a lockable display cabinet, then you have come to the right place. Ant Display can provide everything that you want.

Wall-mounted acrylic display cabinets

Wall-mounted acrylic display cabinets are ideal for rooms with limited space. These collectible display cabinets are the best way to display collectible statues, crystal figures, and any miniature treasures. We offer a variety of options and sizes for wall-mounted acrylic display cabinets.

These smooth cabinets are made of transparent acrylic glass and can be hung on your wall and come in different styles/sizes. Because they are frameless and hingeless, the focus is on your collection, not on the hardware. The transparent front panel slides into place. To display rocks and minerals, hang them on a mirror and add top UV lighting to produce a dramatic effect.

Acrylic Display Cases Manufacturer

Ant Display offers the acrylic display cases come in a variety of styles and sizes - big and small. These display cases can accommodate a variety of collectibles. Many small plastic display cabinets displayed here are suitable for displaying souvenirs or small retail goods, such as jewelry or electronic products. Use these clear boxes to protect and display your products is a good choice.

If you want to customize the acrylic display cases for your products, please feel free to contact our sales team. We are always online or you can send the email to us, we promise to give our customers the best service.