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Lightboxes are widely used in various fields, whether it is a physical store or the catering industry, the transportation industry needs advertising lightboxes for publicity and decoration. The lightbox can be used to display logos, menus, promotional slogans, posters, etc. It generally uses blister, acrylic, inkjet cloth, etc. as the base material, and adopts a box-shaped hollow structure advertising carrier; it has the characteristics of waterproof and light-emitting and is mainly suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising. Led lightbox is one of the most effective advertising mediums. Bright led lights matched nice posters to create a very eye-catching display effect. It is more attractive than a non-illuminated led lightbox or signs letters. Its inside can put any images and posters, you can show the latest advertising posters, price list, and signs.


Ant display limited is an expert in making customized lightboxes. We have professional workshops and experienced workers. Our lightbox is a good promotion tool for retail shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues, etc. Our lightboxes have a complete variety of light boxes, with a variety of styles and materials for you to choose from, which can meet different occasions and different needs. We supply customized service, we can customize the lightboxes in different shapes, size, and materials as your needs. Our design team can help design the lightboxes as your needs for you to see an effect, then we can follow the design to check the exact price for you.

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  1. Ultra-thin Rechargeable Backpack Light Box Removable & Portable Billboard
    As low as $70.00
  2. Round Corner Super White Light Box Billboard LED Wall Hanging
    As low as $20.00
  3. Outdoor Waterproof Light Box Led Ultra-thin Outdoor Wall Hanging Type With Lock
    As low as $50.00
  4. UV Fabic Light Box Outdoor Rainproof Double-sided Luminous Led Advertisting Sign
    As low as $200.00
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In recent years, led lightboxes have become more and more popular, they have several advantages over a traditional fluorescent lightbox.

The advantages of led lightbox

  1. Lower power consumption

The led light uses less energy than traditional fluorescent, so it can help save power.

  1. It can use longer

Led light can use a very long time, so it is more economic than fluorescent light.

  1. Better advertising effect

Led light is more bright than fluorescent light, people can see your lightbox from a far place, and your advertising sign will be easily found, this way can achieve a better advertising effect.

Our lightbox mainly includes the following types:

1.Ultra-thin lightbox

light box

The ultra-thin lightbox is a relatively common type composed of various profiles, the most commonly used is the fusion of aluminum alloy profile and acrylic, profile use is also very common; it is mostly used for business product display, easy to install, easy to change the screen, and can also be used Double-sided. Ultra-thin lightbox, also known as sidelight guide plate, ultra-thin light box, or backlight energy-saving light box, is a high-tech lightbox product that combines light guide technology with digital printing and engraving technology. It can be made of different materials, like acrylic, Aluminum frames lightbox, stainless steel lightbox, and LED ultra-thin lightbox.It has small thickness, high brightness, uniform luminescence and energy saving. They are becoming more and more popular.

2.Fabric lightbox

led light box

The picture of the fabric light box adopts UV printing inkjet technology and environmentally friendly UV ink printing, and the picture materials are mostly soft film, 3P cloth (light cloth), knife cloth, pearl cloth, etc. The diversified picture materials and strong three-dimensional effect are the advantages of the fabric lightbox. The installation is very flexible, and it is divided into indoor and outdoor. It can be installed in hoisting, hanging, vertical, and other installation methods, and the screen is easy to change. It has been widely used by customers in public places such as shopping malls, airports, subway stations, etc. It is used by many businesses for product display and advertising. It is a high-quality and beautiful lightbox type.

3.Blister lightbox

The blister lightbox adopts three-dimensional luminous character processing technology. Due to the addition of acrylic, the quality is stable, so its products have good light transmittance, clear hyperopia effect, high compressive strength, no fading for more than ten years, and bright as new; it is a sustainable operation, The best choice for strong merchants.

4.Crystal lightbox

Crystal lightbox (also known as an acrylic lightbox): sidelight guide design, uniform light; transparent crystal frame: when the lightbox is lit, the surrounding is brilliant and beautiful; ultra-thin: the thickness is only 8mm-12mm; LED light source: safer and more energy-saving, more Long life, easy to change pictures; easy to install: mainly table pendulum, hanging, wall-mounted. It has the characteristics of ultra-thin, ultra-light, stable and durable, and easy to install.

5.Led lightbox

LED lightbox is currently the most widely used lightbox. It adopts an ultra-thin design and uses a high-quality LED light source, the lightbox is long-lasting, reliable, and durable, with long life, and the maintenance cost is extremely low. And its diversified designs can be used, and flexible flashing methods can achieve better display effects. The frames can be made of different materials, like snap frames, wood frames, metal frames, and acrylic. LED lightboxes are widely used in shopping malls, hairdressers, beauty chain stores, railway stations, highway toll stations, parking lots, hotels, and entertainment venues.


A lightbox is an effective tool used for advertising and attracting people. Its quality and display effect is very important. Ant display aims to supply each client high quality work. Before we pack the lightbox, we will check all details carefully, we will check if the wires are connected rightly and if all lights work. We will pack it carefully use a hardwood box.

Questions To Ask Your Light Box Supplier

  1. Can I customize my lightbox?

A: yeah sure, you can tell us you want what kind of lightbox, use it where and size. Just send us your poster design, we will help design and customize the lightbox as your needs.

  1. What’s the production time?

A: for production as usually need about 5-7 workdays.

  1. What materials are available?

A: the frames can use wood, metal, and acrylic. We have different types, browse our web you will find many styles.