Stone, as a high-end building decoration material, is widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration design, curtain wall decoration and public facility construction. At present, the common stones on the market are mainly divided into natural stones and artificial stones. Stone is very durable and strong, water-proof, weather-proof. It can used both outdoor and indoor.So stone is greatly welcomed by people, it is widely used to make furniture, for wall and floor decoration etc.It can be used for decades and has incomparable advantages over wood, glass, stainless steel and other materials.

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Why stone is so popular as a building material?

Why is a stone so popular as decoration materials and building material for furniture? Stone has incomparable advantages over other materials.

marble stone

Here are some advanatges of stone building material:

  1. Tight structure, high resistance to pressure

  2. Has good water resistance

Stone is water-proof, so it is widely used for kitchen cabinets, restaurant bar counter, and outdoor decoration use.

  1. Good abrasion resistance and very strong

Its structure is very durable, very hard.

  1. It has a good decoration effect and high-end beauty

Stone has natural grains and patterns, use stone for shop and shop decoration looks very high-end. And now more and more furniture, such as mall kiosks, reception desks start use stone as countertop or surface finish. It can use a very long time and looks very high-end.

  1. Long service life, can be used for hundreds of years

  2. Maintenance is very easy

Stone is water-proof and heat-proof, so very easy to clean. Just use a cloth that can clean the surface. No need for maintenance can help save cost.

   7. Stone is a very economical material for decoration

quartz stone

Stone building material mainly includes blowing several types:

  1. Granite

Granite is one of the most commonly used stones in is very strong and durable, so mainly used for wall decoration.

  1. Marble

Marble has a natural look and grain, looks very beautiful and nice. So it is greatly welcomed for floor, wall, and countertop use. You will see there have many marble furniture, such as a marble top reception desk, a marble top bar counter.

  1. Quartz stone

Quartz is a kind of stone that is under high pressure. It is water-proof and heat-proof, so very suitable for kitchen use. But the processing is not easy, so easy to have a stitching gap.

  1. Artificial stone

Artificial stone is a building material that people often use for decoration. The cabinet countertops, sinks, and even floor tiles we install, as well as commercial furniture, will all see the shadow of artificial stone. Artificial stone is beautiful, stain-resistant, dirt-resistant, and easy to clean. These advantages make artificial stone very popular. It has beautiful colors and styles for you to choose from. And it is durable and strong.


How do choose the suitable stone building material?

  1. Choose according to where the stone will be used

Because of the different parts decorated with natural facing stone, the type of stone used is also different. When used for outdoor building decoration, it needs to withstand long-term wind, rain, and sun. Because granite does not contain carbonate, it has low water absorption and strong weathering resistance. It is best to choose various types of granite stone; The veneer stone for decoration on the hall floor requires stable physical and chemical properties and high mechanical strength, so granite stone should be the first choice; for wall and home bedroom floor decoration, the mechanical strength is slightly lower, and marble with beautiful patterns is used.

The artificial stone has been processed and can be made in various shapes and colors. It is very suitable for making some furniture, such as tabletops, reception counters, bar counters, etc.

  1. Choose according to your budget

Natural stone like Marble, grains cost as usually will be higher than artificial stone. If your budget is small can choose artificial stone will be ok.

  1. According to your shop or home decoration style

No matter artificial stone or natural stone, they all have many different colors and grains. Artificial stones have many different solid colors but don’t have natural stone grains like natural stone. You need to choose a stone to follow your shop decoration style and color theme.

  1. According to your usage

If for coffee shop counter or restaurant bar counter, then choose natural marble will look more high-end. If for tea shop or some drink shop, you can choose artificial stone. They have different colors for your choice.


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