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Glass Display Case

In the design of some commercial cases, glass seems to be always necessary. Such as gold jewelry counters, mobile phone display cases, cooked food display cases, etc. Glass is indeed necessary, which shows that glass has a certain specialty for products in display. For example, the gold display cabinet. Customers can only see the products in the cabinet through the glass. If you use wooden boards, it will definitely not work. For merchants, it is not only convenient for customers to watch but more important is to protect the safety of products. Ant Display Custom Design and Offer large various Glass display cabinet, display showcase and display counter for sale. Whether you need a free standing glass pedestal showcase or museum metal display wall cabinet, you will always get your favorite work here. Browse our page and choose your ideal display fixtures to decor your retail store and indoor business environment.
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Glass display cases are always very popular in commerce, do you know what its characteristics are?

  1. Good generality. Whether it is jewelry, glasses, or watches, the use of glass display cases allows guests to compare and view in detail. When the guests are not sure whether to purchase, we do not need to take out the items to see, because the items in the glass cases can be seen very clearly.
  2. High-end. After adding the lighting effect to the display cabinet made of glass, the effect looks the same as watching crystal. The entire display effect will become a lot of high-end, but also make the whole atmosphere more upscale. Compared with other material display cases, glass display cases have a good visual sense. The products in the glass cases will appear more transparent and bright under the light of the lights, and it is easy to catch the customers' attention.
  3. Transparent & Clear.We can see that many stores now use glass doors or glass walls. Their feature is that glass is transparent. Customers can know what you sell even if they are standing in the distance. The same is true of glass display cases. The use of glass display cases can attract the sight of customers who are standing far away and increase the exposure of our products.

glass display caseThese are the advantages of glass display cases. We all know that glass display cases are widely used. So, do you know what types of glass display cases are available? Next, let us look at these common glass display cases.

Metal Glass Cases

The glass display cases we often see are usually paired with metal or wooden cases. In the retail business industry, cases that are all glass are relatively rare. In the jewelry store, the cases we see are often matched with metal. The golden stainless steel electroplated cases are matched with glass. With the illumination of the lights, the entire cabinet looks as luxurious and valuable as the jewelry. Powercostaing metal display cases are also popular in many retail shops.

Baking Paint Glass Cases

The base material of this type of cabinet is MDF, and the surface treatment is baking paint. It generally uses glass doors, so when we put the product in the cabinet, customers can watch it directly. The color of such glass display cases is generally solid, without patterns. We can also install our logo on the cabinet surface. We can often see this kind of cabinet in the mobile phone store, it can display mobile phone accessories or mobile phones.

Wood-grain glass display Cases

The base material of such cases is generally plywood, and decorative panels or laminate can be used on the surface. It has many shapes, such as a wood grain display case below and a glass display cabinet above. Or the edges are wooden strips and the sides are glass. Its range of use is also very wide, can be used as an antique collection cabinet, can also be used to display watches or glasses.

In fact, no matter what kind of glass cabinet, they can display everything you want. You can choose the style you like because of no matter what kind of product, we all use glass cases to display them. The above several types of glass display cases can be customized, we can customize their color, shape, and size. We can all find these glass display cases in custom furniture companies.

Why Choose Ant Display Glass Display Cases?

We are a custom company, our specialty is customizing various commercial display cases. We have made countless different types of glass display cases. They are customized according to customer requirements. Before production, we will make a cabinet design to conform to the customer. Only after confirming all the details, I will start production. For all commercial glass display cases, we will be equipped with light strips, and the type of light strip can also be installed according to customer requirements. In short, we can design and customize display cases according to all your ideas. Our factory is near the office, we can update the progress of the goods at any time. If you want to visit our factory, we are very welcome.

When you want to start, please contact us and tell us your requirements. Such as what size glass display cabinet do you, What type of cabinet do you need, what do you want to show and the quantity ordered. So that we can design it according to your requirements and give you a quotation. After completing the design, we will send pictures and detailed drawings to you for confirmation, if there is no problem, we will start production. When all goods are completed, we can ship them to your country. Our payment term is 50% deposit and 50% balance payments before shipment. We support TT Bank Transfer, Western Union, and Alibaba.

Please contact us to start your project.