Glass Display Cabinet

glass display cabinetGlass display cabinets are a good solution for displaying products, mainly used to display collectibles, valuables, and products for sale. Glass display cabinet is equipped with a high-quality push-lock mechanism, a commercial-grade door track system, and toughened safety glass panel. The glass display cabinet provided by Ant display is lighter in weight, saves space, and has a sturdy structure. It is very suitable for displaying rare cultural relics, decorative models, trophies, medals, valuables, antiques, etc. Glass display cabinet can make items look more attractive and attract people's attention to the main products. Glass display cabinet usually has a light lamp under the top for brilliant.

Ant display has a variety of glass display cabinets. For example, individual glass display cabinets, wall glass cabinets, gondola display cabinets,s and so on. Glass cabinets can also be placed anywhere in the store, such as against the wall, near the counter, store aisle, or window display to create the innovative and attractive retail exhibit. Ant display design and produce wonderful glass display cabinets to meet people's needs. No matter what kind of glass display cabinet you need, you can find it easily on our website. Ant Display also provides the whole shop display furniture display. Hope you have a pleasant shopping time.

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  1. Customize Book Shelf Display & Portable Glass Cabinet with Combined Wine Showcase for sale
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  2. Customized Glass Display Cabinet & Luxury Glass Center Showcase with Light for Sale
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Glass display cabinet

The glass display cabinet usually has double glass doors. Some glass cabinet has wood display shelves, while others have bottom storage cabinets. The cabinet doors are equipped with metal locks, which can effectively protect items from being stolen. At the same time, the Ant display is made of ultra-clear tempered glass, which is the more wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, higher definition, and safer to use. 

Glass display cabinet advantages:

Clear and bright appearance

The Glass display cabinet made by Ant display has a clear and bright appearance, and consumers or visitors can see them from all angles. Glass display cabinet can focus on products, attract shoppers' attention and stimulate purchase desire. All the products can be placed vertically or horizontally in the glass display cabinet. The mirror glass reflects light to increase the visual effect. LED light inside the glass display cabinet allows objects to be presented in a perfect form. Therefore, choosing the right lighting is also very important.

glass display cabinet

Multifunctional glass display

The glass display cabinet has multiple functions. You can choose the size, size, transparency according to your needs. When the glass display cabinet is set to different heights for specific products, of course, you can change the product at any time to get more favors. No matter what your business is, the Glass display cabinet provided by Ant display can come in handy. You can choose customized Glass display cabinets, from large department stores to small independent market retailers, from high-end designer brand stores to small family-run antique enterprises. We can turn your ideal glass display cabinet into reality.

Durable and practical

All Glass display cabinets are made of highly durable super clear toughened safety glass. It can withstand strong impacts and will not break even if it breaks, which can protect the safety of guests and employees to the greatest extent. At the same time, the Glass display cabinet produced by Ant display is also resistant to abrasion, scratches, and stains. They are usually supported by metal to enhance their service life. The Glass display cabinet is very practical and easy to clean, and it can remain in its original state even after many years of use. If you are looking for a unique and durable glass display cabinet, please hold on to your step and buy it here

Safe and reliable

Glass display cabinet exposes items in public, even in the most conspicuous position, don’t worry about being stolen. Because the glass display cabinet can separate the flow of people and objects to protect the product from unallowed touches. This means that the displayed items will not be damaged, soiled, or stolen. You can even change the displayed items every day to keep customers fresh. 

Where to use the glass display cabinet?

A glass display cabinet is suitable for shop and home use, and can provide perfect display effect for our products. Glass display cabinet is very easy to find them in collector's store, craft store, electronics store, clothing store, Trophy shop, jewelry store, museum, gift shop.

Glass display cabinets are very suitable for displaying expensive brand accessories, such as handbags, scarves, and gloves. The glass display cabinet in retail stores can bring more traffic to the store. And museums usually use glass display cabinets to display exhibits, so that everyone can see clearly and will not directly touch the cultural relics. This can avoid damage to the exhibits. At the same time, the glass display cabinet can also be used at home. The transparent glass makes your living room look neater and brighter. If you have special requirements, just contact us. We can customize the glass display cabinet to meet your demands.