Glass Dome Display

Are you looking for a glass dome display? Dome glass display is a useful countertop decoration idea. It can use in multiple industrials. It can use as a sales window display, mainly showcase ideas. Now more and more people choose glass bell cover for Display products, I believe Dome glass display will give people an unforgettable feeling when you get it. Classic designs are currently all the rage and can be seen in modern weddings, events, and home or commercial decorations. Regardless of your shop style, the glass dome display gives a perfect showcase effect.

Ant Display is a Chinese manufacturer and we provide various shapes of glass domes. Whether you want to use them to showcase your precious collection, use them to add classic style to your home or use them to highlight the products in the store to attract attention. The glass dome provided by Ant Display is an excellent way to display, store and protect items. It can be used to display watch specimens, wine, souvenirs, medals, pocket watches, clocks or ornaments, etc. Ant display can provide you with the perfect glass dome. Our glass domes vary in style and size, which means you can easily find the glass dome you want.

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The glass dome display creates a wonderful atmosphere. No matter where you place it for showcase, you can get a nice display effect. The glass dome display usually has an oval shape, round shape, and square shape. It also includes a glass display stand with a lift-off top, transparent glass dome cover display, bird's foot dome display, and 3 holes in a glass dome display. When it has a wood base, we can move to another place easily as a whole. 

Styles of glass dome case

There are mainly has two styles to choose from the dome display case with base or without the base. You can choose the one to better showcase the goods.

Beautiful retro glass dome with base

The retro glass dome usually has a wood or metal base to create a retro feeling. It conveys to people the effect of the objects and the dome display cabinet as a whole. Rather than a single dome display or items. a Glass base is also a good choice in some cases so that people can view the items better before reaching them.

glass dome display

Bird Feet Dome Display

The bird feet dome display case has a tall metal base, which looks like bird’s feet. It is very stable enough to stand still, so the dome display cover won’t fall. The base color can be metal color, green, black, gray, and even red color. Just tell us what color you want is enough. We can customize it.

Square Glass Dome

The square glass dome, as you know, is in a square shape. It usually has a white stone base. Sometimes we use marble stone, quartz stone to make the dome display case. Which can makes the shop outstanding and high level the products level.

3 Holes in One Glass Dome Display

3 Holes in one glass dome display usually has a wood base but 3 holes fit the glass dome cover. It is usually in small size is good to show necklace, rings, earrings, and other small items. In Ant Display, you can choose the wood color and customize the glass dome fit for most of your goods.

Glass display dome

A glass display dome usually has only a single dome case. It doesn’t have a base and items show directly on the desktop. This dome display cover mainly uses to separate items from customers and can also show items better.

glass dome display caseTransparent Clear Glass Dome Cover

The transparent glass cloche display case is usually placed on a shelf, coffee table, desk, or display shelf. The curved glass allows people to see the displayed items clearly. Transparent Glass cloche display has a popular appearance, the reference size is 15 X 17 Cm. Whether you place it at home or in a store, I believe you will get the most attractive decorative effect. It can also add luster to your display fixture and create a good theme.

Glass Display Cloche with Lift-Off Top

This glass display cloche with a lift-off top is an ideal solution for displaying objects in glassless glass display clock cups, retail stores, restaurants, or trade shows. Modern bell jars can display objects up to 11.5 inches wide x 16.5 inches high. Whether you need to highlight jewelry, jewelry or souvenirs, souvenirs, collectibles, our frameless glass display bell-shaped transparent design allows customers to easily view the content. The top bell can prevent items from leaving fingerprints and personality infrequently visited areas, highlighting personality. Update your product by inserting new content under this easy-to-repair device. Among the common display cabinet options, the display cabinet is a modern and simple round display cabinet for placing the top-shaped items closest to you.

Material information

The glass display dome chooses material is mainly made of sand, soda ash, and lime melted at high temperature, then cooled. In the production process, tempering or adding chemical reagents makes the glass have high strength, high hardness, impact resistance, and other properties. In some cases, the glass dome display can go directly from the refrigerator to the oven without breaking. It is of high quality and can improve the utilization rate of raw materials. Usually, the base is made of wood, glass, metal, etc., which is convenient, durable, and beautiful

Why choose a glass dome display cabinet

The glass dome display usually has small sizes, mainly showcase items on the desktop. So that they can attract people's eye's attention. This oval cloche with base use as a blank canvas, what you place here consists of a good painting. It also gives people a high-end feeling and protects the items from touch. We can nowadays find them in jewelry shops, boutique shops, wedding events, museums, art shops, and even home usage. 

If you are looking for a wonderful dome glass display, please don’t hesitate to purchase from our website. We provide not only glass dome display, but also glass shelf, wall cabinet, cashier counter, display shelf, etc. You can even get a whole store fixture solution in Ant Display.