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Mall kiosk is mobile display kiosks, display carts and retail stands located in the middle of a shopping mall. Most of them are used to take up the unused space between retail inline shops or any corner spare locations. Nowadays, Mall kiosks are an important part of the shopping mall landscape. It not only make the shopping mall interior looks more organized and attractive but also bring more profit for lease rental. There is many businesses you can start with a mall kiosk, fast food, coffee, beverage juice are the most popular indoor kiosk ideas with very good profit revenue. Retail business as jewelry, watch, cell phone, clothing, beauty products or modern fashion items also give a very good performance. In the near recent years, many new ideas coming inside a shopping mall, such as nail manicure, eyebrow threading, hair straightener or teeth whitening which you can only see in a spa or salon during the past. You may also see a Massage kiosk inside some shopping center too. Moreover, the Newly fashion business also win a pretty good presentation, for example, Vape(E-cigarette) retail, VR Entertainment, etc. Ant Display is a leading mall kiosk manufacturers in China for over 15 Years. We custom design and construct modern style retail mall kiosks for sale, offer wholesale price indoor food kiosks and portable food carts with supreme quality. You can order a kiosk design from our juicy category or request a custom service. Whether you are looking for a simple retail stands or full kiosk shop, you will get the ideal display solution here at an affordable cost.

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Our indoor retail kiosk is just perfect for shipping malls, airports, and other business environments. Whether you need a retail cart or stationary kiosk stands. Our large scale of kiosk design will give you the best inspiration. From fast food booths, drink stands to coffee carts, retail kiosks. We have over 1000+ various unique kiosk design to meet your different display requirements. If you want your own branded theme bespoke kiosk concept. Our designer can custom kiosk according to your special ideas and suggest practical material and possible solutions. We will not only provide different views and versions of 3D rendering design but also offer detail CAD construction drawings before we build it. Our premium quality fantasy design mall kiosk and mall stand creates generous revenue opportunities for small business retailers and new start vendors. With a functional user-friendly style and attractive design, you can place an Ant kiosk into any high foot traffic area to make business. What’s more, our modular mall kiosk solution is an ideal display presentation for franchise business and portable concession events.

Core Features of our Mall Retail Kiosk

  • Modern Unique & Attractive design to grab customer attention and drive the client to the kiosk stands for shopping (OEM design also welcome).
  • High Quality (fire-resistant )Material used on kiosk manufacturing to ensure a perfect finish and safety usage as well as durable longevity.
  • UL listed Wiring together with a local standard outlet. EBD Powerbox integrated within the kiosk, all the joints are prefabricated male & female connector for easy installation.
  • All the Kiosk mall stand has lockable storage cabinets with a branded locking system. Premium quality hardware ensures a smooth opening and close process.
  • 12 Volt Safety LED lights with 110-240 volt transformer adaptor to ensure you can use it under different circumstances.
  • Self-owned factory with over 150 skilled workers and strict quality management of the system. To ensure our client's fast delivery, any urgent order is acceptable.

Mall stand is the most important display stands for both mall managers and retail vendors. If you are looking forward to starting a small retail business, mall retail kiosk and mobile mall cart definitely worth to try. Whether you are opening a shop in the street or start a mobile mall cart inside the airport. You need a perfect functional kiosk stand to present your products and service. Browse our category and find the best mall kiosk counters in a direct factory-sale price. Nevertheless, Choose the right kiosk design will bring you significant customer traffic while choosing the right kiosk business idea will determine if you can succeed in this investment. There’s are hundreds of mall kiosk business ideas that you can start within the retail mall kiosk cart. Here are the most popular profitable mall stand booth ideas that perfect for new starter and franchise business vendors.

mall kiosk designTop 11  MALL KIOSK IDEAS FOR RETAIL


Starting a fast-food kiosk stand business in shopping is a very good choice. There are huge customer traffic strolling or shopping around the mall, No one can stand still the irresistible temptation of delicious food. You can either start a traditional pizza kiosk, crepe kiosk or open a sushi bar kiosk. What’s the best mall food kiosk business ideas? Ice cream, popsicle, and frozen yogurt kiosk are the most popular food stand in every shopping which has a low invest but high revenue. Moreover, starting a donuts kiosk, Chocolate, Sweet candy, popcorn or cupcake kiosk also a good trend to go.


When talking about dink kiosk, the first idea must be a coffee kiosk or coffee mall cart. Coffee is one of the most favorite drinks that popular all over the world, there are many big coffee brand or franchise brands join the mall kiosk industry. Such as Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Dunkin Donuts, McCafe, Nescafe, etc. If you can offer the top quality cup coffee, you will have a huge amount of loyal customers. Therefore, if you are looking for easy start a beverage kiosk business ideas with lower investment risk. Coffee retail definitely the No 1 to go.


With the developing of the new society. There are many new items and ways of life becoming popular. Fresh juice, smoothies, bubble tea, fruit juice are the typical symbol of the new generation. Fresh juice kiosks and fruit tea kiosks are very hot in the shopping malls, especially among the youth. Thus, starting fresh fruit bar kiosk or mall juice cart in a mall or bubble tea kiosk stands are ideal kiosk ideas.


Cell Phone retail is a typical mall retail kiosk business idea early since a cell phone becoming merchandise. Nowadays, you can not only opening a kiosk for smartphone retail but also combine cell phone repair and screen fix. In addition, opening a cell phone accessories kiosk stands for phone covers, phone cases, delegate audio, earphones, or portable batteries also has a great profit.


Sunglass retail kiosk business in the mall is another black horse under the premise that you can supply great quality merchandise. Every fashion youth will own several beautiful sunglasses, especially in the summer season or cities with a beach. Typically, mall retail kiosk or mall cart is partially kinds of fixed stands, you will certain of regular customer volumes. If you can regularly offer new designs, new ideas items with premiums, you will always have great money to collect.


fast food kioskIf sunglasses kiosk business making money not fast enough. Starting a jewelry kiosk in the mall definitely will bring you to an upper level. They are huge types of jewelry retail businesses you can come up with. From gold, silver, amber, crystal, diamond to jade or gifted items. You can present as much as you want. Everyone will shop for one or two gifts on a birthday holiday or anniversary. If you have a good kiosk rental location, you will always be the most attractive kiosk inside a shopping center.


As daily used merchandise, perfume is a necessary product that everyone will need it. perfume retail is another good business ideas worth to start. From boys to girls, from child to grow-ups, Essence fragrance is always the best consuming. So, you can start a modern design perfume kiosk with a full glass display showcase and countertop perfume dispenser rack. Ant Display has a much attractive perfume kiosk design to apply.


Eyebrow salon in the mall is a new popular kiosk idea. It originally comes from traditional Indian art. You can open an eyebrow bar kiosk for brow threading, eyelash extension, tinting, brow perming or even Tatoo service. It’s a Very low investment kiosk business and pretty easy to franchise or grow big.


Another salon move into a shopping mall is nail art. Starting a nail manicure kiosk with pedicure together will have very good business as well as generous profit. Such as LAKA nail Kiosk who franchise tens of kiosk stores all over the world, Nail studio Kiosk design must be beautiful in a comfortable environment.


Hairdressing and fast hair cutting is another mall salon kiosk ideas. You can either start a hair straightener retail kiosk together with hairdressing service or just kiosk salon for hair care.


Almost all the smaller items, sweet candies, gifts, toys, books, purses, slippers, or shoes that you can begin within a retail kiosk or retail merchandise unit (RMU). Some of them will require a glass display showcase and led lamp to light up the product while others just need shelving and racks for presentation. Retail mall cart is the perfect display fixture for every shopping center.


If you are new to a mall kiosk business, I strongly suggest you start from clothing retail. Opening a clothing retail kiosk or T-shirt retail kiosk is an easy but profitable kiosk idea to go. You can also custom T-shirt printing kiosks when you gain some necessary experience. Moreover, build clothing retail kiosks integrated with clothing, shoes, fashion items, gifts, hats or accessories together will also make your kiosk juicy and reach more potential customers.

How To Design a Kiosk From Ant Display?

As we know, kiosk design is an essential step to build a mall retail kiosk. It does not only affect the kiosk manufacturing material cost but also the final visual inside the shopping center. Therefore, a fully mature business plan and practical kiosk drawing are very important. Ant Display is a leading mall kiosk manufacturer that can custom design and build kiosks according to the retail vendor’s ideal thoughts and functional requirements. Here are 5 basic steps for you to get a unique kiosk design from Ant Display.

  1. Talking with our experienced sales and negotiate all the design details, preferred concepts, ideal colors, functional requirements. Most importantly, give us the kiosk leased size.
  2.  Arrange design deposit(300-500USD based on different kiosk sizes), and the designer started to work. Usually, the 3D design will need 3d workdays.
  3. Check and prototype design and give necessary feedback and improvement ideas. The designer will revise it accordingly. After you approve the 3D design, we will start to make detailed CAD construction drawings.
  4. Submit the final CAD drawing integrated with 3D views to the shopping mall manager for approval. (Note: Only shopping mall office approve your design then can let you start manufacturing)
  5. Revise the drawing according to shopping mall comments and requirements, especially need to focus on materials, surface finish and connection method.
  6. After you got an approval stamp on the construction drawing from the mall, the kiosk design can be called finished. Then you can arrange a kiosk manufacturer to fabricate the kiosk according to the plan.

If you Manufacture the kiosk from Ant Display, we will refund the design cost in the productions which means kiosk design is for free. Of course, if you already have a kiosk design only need to build. You will get an unbeatable price from us.