Nail Salon Reception Desk

nail salon reception deskWhen you enter the nail salon, the first thing you see is the front desk of the nail salon. A good first impression can get you more customers. The reception staff can greet every customer who enters the store and guide them to receive the nail service in the right place. Sometimes, customers know in advance that they must wait at the reception desk, which can avoid dissatisfaction. The reception desk can also book service hours for customers so that they can arrange their time reasonably. The front desk is very important for nail salons because it is a direct reflection of your shop’s style and service.

Ant Display is a manufacturer to provide customized nail salon reception desks. Our company has more than 20 years experience and has made more than 1000 reception desks for nail salon shop. Ant Display’s nail salon reception desk is beautiful and practical. It has good quality, complete functions, and can be used for a long time. Ant Display has been committed to the development of the nail salon reception desk and market development. The reception desk produced by our company has won the recognition of consumers from all walks of life at home and abroad.

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The Nail salon reception desk is the first image display of the store and corporate image. It is generally used for receiving customers, cashiers, and collating information. You can also add a brand logo to the nail salon reception desk to reflect your strength and brand image! The Nail salon reception desk needs beauty and practicality. No matter what size and style of nail salon reception desk, you can get it in Ant Display.

Nail salon reception desk material

nail salon reception deskReception desks are classified according to the barriers and are generally divided into marble reception desks, painted reception desks, solid wood reception desks, etc.

1. Marble reception desk can create a high-end effect. And the marble material is strong, wear-resistant, and scratch-resistant, which is very popular now. It is usually used to decorate and make countertops

2. Baking paint reception table, the base material of the baking paint reception table is MDF surface sprayed with environmentally friendly paint, and it is repeatedly baked in the paint room. After molding, the color of the reception desk is bright, smooth, and very beautiful. It can be made into a variety of different shapes to meet special requirements

3. Solid wood reception is usually made of timber wood. It has a natural texture, but it is less used in hair salons.

4. Metal reception desk adopts silver or gold color metal frame decoration. It has a metallic texture, looks very modern and attractive, and can well decorate your shop

Reception desk layout

A good reception desk design not only enhances the image of the Nail salon shop and employees, but also delights the mood of the guests and guests, and it will certainly help you get more customers. The Nail salon reception desk is a place that can reflect the company's image and strength. It not only shows the strength of a company but also plays an important role in interpersonal communication, business etiquette, image strategy, and many other aspects. It must be arranged according to the actual use of the site size, space and placement angle with the corporate culture and decorative style.

1. Function

nail salon reception deskFirst of all, it must fully meet the requirements of its reception and work use. The former includes equipment placement, power supply, signal transmission, etc. The latter includes craft tables and chairs, counters, lighting, storage and retrieval of materials, etc.

2. Modeling

The shape of the Nail salon reception counter is very elegant. Its shape and size can be determined according to needs. So you can let our experienced designers help you to make a meticulous design on the partial shape. Through different undulating shapes, colors, and material combinations, it produces novel shapes.

3. Security

Although the probability of dangerous incidents in the Nail beauty salon shop is very small, to prevent theft, all cabinets and drawers are locked. You can even add an alarm system to increase security.