Tthe bar counter design is very important a high-end milk tea shop. A good bar counter design is combined with the decoration of the whole store, so that the whole milk tea shop can give people a relaxed atmosphere. Whether you open a milk tea kiosk in the mall or a milk tea shop in the street, you need to pay attention to the bar counter design and layout arrangement. Here I will elaborate from three aspects

Tea bar counter design style

Store decoration style to be unified, think about what the main tone is to give people, in deciding what style of bar counter. Because the space pattern of each milk tea shop is different, it is necessary to customize the suitable bar counter. According to the milk bubble tea shop layout, decoration theme, product color to determine the style and color of the bar counter you want. The common bar counter styles are as follows.


L shaped bar counter

L-shaped bubble tea shop bar counter is a more common bar counter shape, simple and atmospheric, and easy to plan and decorate. In the design of L-shaped bar counter, simple color matching can be used. Although there is no complicated and gorgeous shape and pattern, it has a fresh and natural feeling, which makes people incomparably comfortable. L-shaped bar counter is also the most popular bar counter style.

Zigzag bar counter

The zigzag bar counter is often built according to the wall, which is also very suitable for some small milk tea shops design. When your store space is not very large, you need to consider the integration of bar counter and design, perfect display bar counter design at the same time does not affect the placement of equipment. In the bar counter design can use more playful, lovely elements, such as cartoon patterns, fonts, arc-shaped corner. Let the overall feeling clear and bright, lively and lovely.

Curved bar counter

It's very important for every tea shop. In order to save space, many businesses will choose the arc-shaped bar counter, using the corner space to design a more suitable bar counter shape for the shop. Through the ingenious use of the corner of the small space, using the combination of arc and straight line to design the appropriate arc bar counter, not only can make up for the lack of small space, but also can make up for the overall store more sense of design and line. Curved bar counter is a good choice for small shops.

Semicircular bar counter

For some milk tea shops that pursue fashion and personality, their bar counter style is also unique. Through the use of circular elements in large areas, round tables and chairs, circular partition and circular ceiling, the whole store is full of adenosine feeling, or coupled with a round bar counter can be regarded as complementary. But not all milk tea shops fit a semicircular bar counter. Mainly depends on the overall design of the store to decide. If the semicircular bar counter is not used well, it will not only bring aesthetic feeling, but also take up the space of the store.

At present, many milk tea shops are relatively small in area, and the bar counter as a place to display the image of milk tea shop is an inaccessible console. How to make the bar counter of milk tea shop look beautiful and tidy, and put things in a complete set?


Display on the counter top

Generally, a cash register (60 * 40cm) will be placed on the table top of the milk tea bar counter, so that customers can be contacted more closely when ordering orders and cashing. At the same time, there will be two or three containers (15 * 15cm * 3 thick straws, fine straws and spoons), about 20cm * 10cm for paper towel and 10 * 10cm * 2 for cup lids (paper cup cover and plastic cup cover), respectively On the counter is for the convenience of shop assistants and customers.

In addition to the above-mentioned necessary things, the bar counter counter can also be placed on some product display equipment, milk tea shop menu, publicity posters, ready to give a customer a small gift and so on. In the end, which things need to be placed on the counter top, which needs to consider both the convenience of taking and the neatness of the table, so we also need to pay attention to the position and way of placing.

Under the bar counter

Under the bar counter, there must be some spare cups, habits, paper towels, and some unsealed raw materials, etc., so as to replenish these small things at any time in the business process, and avoid being in a hurry because some things can't be found. At the same time, if your cash register is computer assembled, then you need to reserve a place for the host.

Under the bar counter, you can also put patch boards, broadband cats, routing and other scattered small items. You can also put a regular toolbox to clean the shop supplies such as glass water, detergent, disinfectant, etc., which will be used frequently in the future. If the bar counter of the milk tea shop is big enough, some small things should be placed under the bar counter as far as possible through reasonable planning. In this way, these scattered items can be hidden in the places that customers can't see, so as to ensure the overall beauty of the whole shop.


Generally, Bubble tea shop should develop the size of the bar counter according to the specific situation of the shop, which can not only effectively use every inch of space, but also protect the overall image of the milk tea shop. If you open a milk tea shop by yourself, you can also think about the things to be placed in advance, and then customize the bar counter according to the needs, It will be good for the future operation and business management.