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Eyebrow Threading Kiosk

How to have a mall kiosk for eyebrow threading? how much money to open a brow threading kiosk? If you are looking for mall kiosk ideas to start a small kiosk business, you must have noticed eyebrow treading kiosk has so generous profit revenue. An Eyebrow kiosk in mall is a typical service kiosk or named salon kiosk. The investment in such kiosks is far less than a food kiosk or retail kiosks.

Except for the kiosk cost and lease rental cost you are just simply paying the worker's labor cost. No inventory cost or after-sale service because you got almost 98% happy customers. That’s the advantage of service on-site. Therefore starting an eyebrow treading shop salon in the mall is definitely a great mall kiosk idea. What’s more, If you get a brow threading kiosk from China, you will again save almost 60% compared to get it from locals. Most importantly, the eyebrow treading business is the easiest mall kiosk idea to franchise, you can start from a simple brow bar and soon grow to a big enterprise. and own tens of kiosk shops or entering an in-store brow salon.

Great annual revenue attracts lots of vendors to join this business competition. Nevertheless, eyebrow threading still a new skill for many shopping centers. Within an eyebrow bar kiosk, you can operate eyebrow threading, eyelash extension, eyebrow perming, eyebrow tinting, etc, Many brow bars also provide tattoo service too. Everyone wants perfect brows, whether male or female. Eyebrow threading studio in mall is just the ideal station to help them achieve it. Therefore, starting a brow bar shop in mall definitely will bring your considerable income.

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eyebrow threading kioskCustom Eyebrow Threading Kiosk In Mall For Sale

Ant Display is a leading commercial kiosk manufacturer specialized in mall retail kiosk and salon kiosk fabrication. Whether you need a wooden style eyebrow bar or white 2-pac brow treading kiosk stands. You will find your ideal commercial displays here. From basic kiosk concept design to kiosk manufacturing, then kiosk shipping and kiosk installation. Ant offers a one-stop solution for all the mall eyebrow stands presentations. We have over 100+ successful eyebrow threading bar projects with modern sleek kiosk design. Browse our page and find your ideal kiosk station.

Why Choose Brow Threading Mall Kiosks

Starting a mall kiosk for eyebrow threading, eyelash extension or brow tinting is a popular and profitable business idea. Generally, A mall used salon kiosk designed for eyebrow threading business is not a small investment. From basic lease rental to insurance or kiosk manufacturing, Every step will cost lots of financial support, therefore, your threading kiosk in the mall should be handled by professionals with years of expertise designing experience. Not only considerations for lighting, mirror arrangement, or kiosk design but also kiosk fabrication, kiosk material, and kiosk installation, etc. Choose Ant Display to build your eyebrow threading kiosk in the mall because that:

Top Quality Kiosk Salon Stands

The top-quality kiosk comes from top quality material and best workmanship, Every single component of our eyebrow threading mall kiosk is made using top quality materials. Whether we are using stainless steel, iron metal, solid wood, plywood, acrylic plastic, or tempered glass, we make sure that all of them are meet the local standards as well as mall criteria. When you order any of our eyebrow threading kiosks, nail bar salon kiosks from Ant, You can be sure that the quality is always at the top level and keep in good condition for a long last time.

Affordable Price Cost

In most cases, Mall kiosk has a high-cost threshold for many new business starters, whether you are opening an eyebrow bar salon combined with spa service in the or simply open a threading kiosk, you will have to spend lots of money on salon furniture of kiosk stands. However, in Ant Display, we offer economical cost eyebrow threading kiosks that are right for your budget. Because we are experts on customized mall kiosks, so we can design an eyebrow kiosk that doesn’t go over your budget. Ant Display is a professional mall kiosk manufacturer committed to supplying eyebrow threading kiosk ideas at affordable price cost.

Customized Design Service

Every shopping mall will have a different lease for mall kiosks. That means every kiosk design is different from others. Sometimes you got places in the middle, some may in a corner position. Don’t worry, Ant Display offers the custom design service that can help you adapt your threading kiosk business to any location. Whether big or small. Whether straight or arc, our talented designer will give you the best design options with expert ideas.

Different shipping mall also has its own criteria, Especially for the materials used on kiosk fabrication. Ant Display can custom manufacturing the eyebrow kiosk exactly following mall standards and local hygiene departments.

Worldwide Shipping Support

Are you worried about buying a mall eyebrow bar kiosk from us too long away? Ant Display has got you covered, We starting exporting mall eyebrow kiosk early 18 years ago. And offer the trustful worldwide shipping options with the best shipping cost rate.

Besides standard FOB, IF terms to the destination port. We also offer door to door shipping service, Our truck will directly deliver the package to the front door of your warehouse, including customs clearance, transportation support, and necessary paperwork. Whether you want it in downtown Sydney or need it in it Big city of New York, we will deliver it to you safely and timely. 100% one-stop solution and hand-free shipping service.

Retail Display Fixtures Inside Kiosk

Most of the eyebrow threading kiosks are not only doing threading business but also sell relative products to clients. This requires a threading mall kiosk must combine display function together with working stations. Some of the threading also requires portable sinks with it. Therefore, In order to display products in a more attractive way. You will need unique design display fixtures, display showcase, retail shelving or led lighted fittings.

Here at ant display, we have all the store fixtures and display stand at an affordable cost. we design and make retail display shelves, gondola shelving, wall shelves, retail display cases, LED lighted glass showcases, and more. Our experienced design team will find the perfect solution to incorporate these retail stand into your eyebrow threading kiosk and make the ultra usage of every lease.

As a leading mall kiosk manufacturer in China, we focus on providing our clients with a modern design, fast install kiosk with durable longevity. whether you are looking for eyebrow threading kiosk design or brow bar kiosk ideas, eyebrow threading business for sale, or cheap price eyebrow studio furniture, Ant Display has all your ideal displays at wholesale price.  Our large range of kiosk concept covers almost all types of design styles. From modern fashion style to natural wood look or old industrial theme. You can get the best inspiration on mall kiosk displays.

How To custom a brow kiosk from Ant Display.

Besides the existing kiosk models on our site, we also provide bespoke kiosk service. Our experienced team can custom design and manufacture nail bar kiosk & the eyebrow studio exactly follow your ideas in mind and function requirements. Here are 9 easy steps to help you get a customized eyebrow kiosk in a cost-effective way.

  1. Negotiate with our designer and share with us your detailed requirements.
  2. Pay 200-500USD design fee which is refundable if you build the kiosk in our factory, to be fair, if not manufactured in our company, the design fee will not refund.
  3. Provide different views of 3D design and free kiosk revise service until you are satisfied with the effect.
  4. Make detailed construction drawing which includes all the materials, dimensions as well as electrical plans
  5. Get the drawing approved from the mall, assist with the necessary change to apply for the drawing approval.
  6. Pay a 50% deposit to start the manufacturing procedure of the kiosk.
  7. When Kiosk finished, we will assemble it together, install a logo, posters, and test wiring, quality check, etc.
  8. Fully video and detail images will be sent for approval, we also welcome you to visit our factory to check quality on site
  9. Arrange balance payment .packing kiosk parts in wooden boxes and shipping by sea.