Kiosk Covers

Looking for a manufacturer of high-quality kiosk covers? You’ve come to the right place. retail mall kiosk coversGet custom-made covers for retail mall kiosks, food kiosks, nail & eyebrow kiosks, concession stands, pop-up fixtures, RMU carts & more. As a professional display fixtures supplier, We custom-made a large variety of top-quality kiosk covers, including (but not limited to) retail kiosk canopy covers, security kiosk covers, lockable booth covers & more. We offer a wide range of colors and materials to meet your unique requirements. Whether you are looking for a retail kiosk cover or trade show booth cover, you will always find it right here. Besides standard kiosk features, We also fabricate covers with additional innovations for that extra protection, such as side venting, robust locking system, functional zippers, unique velcro split, or any extension boards. Find Out The Best Covers for your Business!

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Most Popular Covers For Your Business!

Covers are the best way to guard your kiosk and product at night time. They now only protect your commodities from theft, but they also shield your booth from dust or any possible damage. Ant Display specializes in retail kiosk covers and provides food stands, custom RMU covers to kiosk manufacturers, retailers, and shopping malls worldwide. 

Retail Kiosk Covers

We design and manufacture custom retail kiosk covers to fit all sizes of kiosks stalls. Whether you need a full-size kiosk shield or single unit stand covers, we can custom it for you. As the direct OEM manufacturer, we design and manufacture the kiosk security cover strictly follow your kiosk dimensions and color requirement. Our professional experience allows us to offer our customers a precise fit right out of the kiosks and booths. We successfully design and fabricate bespoke canvas covers for retail kiosk manufacturers, retailers, and tenants worldwide during the past decades!

Benefits of Ant Display Kiosk Covers

  • As a direct kiosk cover manufacturer, allowing for easy communication, affordable pricing, and professional service.
  • We use Fire Retardant materials that meet shopping mall criteria.
  • Our covers feature sewn-in storage bags, allowing for quick storage when not in use, and preventing losing the storage bag!
  • Top-quality accessories: coated metal cables, copper crimps, and functional zippers.
  • Custom color and printing available; we offer rapid prototyping, the ability to make design changes, and quick delivery time.

Popup Display Covers

Ant Display custom design and manufactures lockable Sheilds & covers for pop-up stores fixtures, stands & retail displays. Every security cover is sewn by hand to ensure perfect fit, top-quality, and durability. 

The custom-fabricated Pop-Up display covers deter theft and protect commodities by fully enclosing the unit from all around. Each pop-up display cover starts from the top of the fixture and locks at the bottom. Using industrial-grade cables and padlocks in the corves can reduce the risk of theft, destruction, and possible damage from debris.

RMU Covers

Ant Display is the best OEM manufacturer of custom RMU covers. Whether you need RMU covers for Shopping Malls, Airports, or other retail circumstances, you will find the perfect covers here. We design and manufacture retail-merchandising-units cover that exactly fit your customized size, shape, or style. And account for long-lasting protection.

Ant Display RMU covers deter theft and protect merchandise by fully enclosing the stands. It comes in various styles to accommodate all unique RMU configurations and provide the best security shelter solutions for your retail merchandise unit requirements.

Store Fixtures Covers

Besides mall kiosk covers and RMU cover, We also offer custom equipment covers for store fixtures and modular display units in any size or style. Whether you are a store fixture manufacturer, a retailer, or a vendor in need of custom cover to protect your retail displays in your store, you will get suitable shelter here.

We custom design and manufacture fixture covers that protect all your fixtures. From free-standing display stands, concession cabinet, and gondola shelving to checkout counters. You need to send the fixture dimension with shelving or extruding components, and we will offer you an easy, convenient security cover that perfectly fits your displays.

Tradeshow Corves

Every exhibitor needs to have a security cover as they travel to shows around the nation and even worldwide. Ant Display offers exhibitors an extraordinary combination of security and convenience booth covers that perfect for trade shows formula. These custom-made trade show covers allow exhibitors to leave their commodities unattended when night time—neither need to disassemble their booths every night nor worry about the security of their products. Our durable, lockable, protective trade show covers can keep your booth wholly enclosed and secure and keep it away from rife with theft.

Food Kiosk & Concession Display Covers

Ant Display manufactures concession covers perfectly for food kiosks and concessional booths. It comes in wholly encompass and protective features to shield food displays in shopping malls, airports, and event centers after hours. The custom-made food kiosk covers can guard your food kiosks, coffee carts & valuable concession equipment against theft, destruction, liquid, and dust.

Our practical & effective concession covers are designed with mesh holes to allow heated or cooling carts to breathe during storage. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive cover for large concession stands or a small shield for food carts, we have the best option for you. With our customized cover design, we will surely be able to create a shelter to fit the needs of any project!

How We Make a Custom Cover

Our experienced teams of sewers concentrate on designing and developing cost-effective retail display covers for our customers. Typically, We operate design research for quantity orders to ensure all time frames and style are the best And guarantee that the design and texture of the cover are as effective and economical as possible. here are four easy steps to get a custom cover from Ant Display:

  1. Customers send us a photo of the equipment, kiosk, or retail fixtures they wish to cover or send us construction drawings if they have.
  2. Our professional production team will review the information provided and then back and force negotiable about all details and requirements.
  3. Once all measurements and patterns are confirmed, we will provide a CAD drawing to show what the cover will look like on the fixtures.
  4. Finally, fabricating the kiosk cover with a perfect fit and secure.

As a custom kiosk covers manufacturer for retail display, we accept the small order even you only need one cover. We can also surmount up and manufacture covers in large volumes – more economically, harmonious, and punctually. 

Why Go For Our Kiosk Covers?

Ant Display offers the best cover for various occasions; Whether you need covers for trades show booth or need an RMU cover, you will always find the best work here. Simply provide us with your kiosk and displays' dimensions, choose your preferred fabric and color, and select opening options. We will build a perfect cover for you in a short time. Here are few features on our kiosk covers:

  • Lockable Cover To Deter From Dust, Debris & Theft
  • Affordable Price With Fast Delivery
  • Customized Dimensions to Fit Any Size & Object.
  • Perfect Design For Both Indoor & Outdoor Usage
  • Wide Range of Color & Fabric Options
  • 100% Waterproof & UV Resistant Material
  • Long-Lasting & Supreme Security Quality
  • Top Level Covers Accessories
  •  Custom & Print With Your Brand's Logo

Having fabricated thousands of custom kiosk covers over the years for indoor and outdoor space and a wide range of different industries, we understand the best way to design and manufacture kiosk covers based on various applications. No matter what size equipment cover you need, no matter what function it requires, we can custom it 100% perfect to fit your business and regulation. Contact our team today to get your equipment covers to build at the best rate!