Cardboard Display

Do you want to increase the sales performance? Cardboard display stands are good choices. Everything shop owner finds solutions to reduce marketing budgets but gets a big income. The cardboard display stands have goods prices, are durable to use, and have easy installation. We can place it everywhere we want for the eyes' attention. Cardboard display is widely used in grocery stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, cigarette stores, and beverage stores. They can highlight new products, finished products, and seasonal products. The cardboard display can stand at the countertop, close to the cashier register, used to display holiday specials, promotional advertisements, etc. It is also very suitable for last-minute purchases.

At Ant Display, we provide customized cardboard display solutions, which are of great help in the retail environment. Including design, production, and installation services. Ant Display supply store display shelf, wall cabinet, center display counter, and exhibition booth. As a full-service retail display rack manufacturer, Ant Display has extensive experience and expertise in the production of cardboard display racks. Ant Display can design and create custom cardboard POP displays that are both eye-catching and effective. You can also send the drawings to us for production. No matter what your needs are, we can help you achieve them.

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  1. Custom Cardboard Display Case Cartoon Paper Display Furniture Retail Cardboard Floor Stand
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Cardboard display stands design

Customize cardboard display shelf is made up of elastic corrugated cardboard materials. We can also use wood, metal to manufacture it and can also add glass shelves to get a better effect. Light lamp or spotlight added to it to brilliant the goods and help sale more items. Usually, the cardboard display stands aim to use eye-catching graphics and structure ideas to promote the products. It has a height that is flush with the line of sight to ensure that the products sold are within the visible range of customers. Customized floor display stands are an effective way to attract customers' attention and promote sales.

cardboard displayAdvantages of corrugated cardboard display stand:

(1) Promotional products

Cardboard display is suitable for posters. Posters can display company culture, product logo, or patterns that highlight the festive atmosphere, which greatly improves the promotional effect of the product.

(2) Wide application range

The Cardboard display rack has a wide range of applications, with a variety of colors and shapes. Suitable for various large-scale promotional activities, stores, shopping malls, exhibitions, etc. The shape of the cardboard display rack in Ant Display conforms to the propaganda needs of the merchants, and different forms of display rack shapes can also be designed to attract consumers' attention.

(3) Easy to use

The cardboard display shelf is light in weight, convenient to use and easy to transport, and can be used repeatedly to save costs. Especially when we participate in exhibitions and major events, the Cardboard display stand can showcase more goods in a very small location and easily carry to different places.

4) Environmental protection materials

Cardboard display stands meet environmental protection requirements, can be recycled, and have little impact on the environment.

Types of cardboard display

Cardboard display racks are divided into floor display racks, desktop display racks, pallet display racks, and hook type display racks

cardboard display shelfFloor-standing cardboard display rack

The structural feature of the floor-standing display rack is that it can be placed independently without other supports. It is especially suitable for product promotion activities. It is flexible and convenient to assemble and can play an excellent publicity effect with exquisite printing patterns.

Desktop display stand

The structural characteristics of the desktop display rack require support at the bottom, which is suitable for small batches of small commodities to be displayed on shelves, checkout counters, and other countertops. The most commonly used desktop display rack is a single-sided display, which is divided into steps, partitions, hooks, and card slots according to its internal structure.

Pallet display rack

The structural feature of the pallet display rack is that the display rack is placed on the pallet, and the height of the display rack generally does not exceed 1320mm. It can be directly stacked in the store for display and sales, saving labor and time for logistics and transportation, and product placement.

Hook type display stand

The characteristic of the hook-type display rack is that the display surface has regularly arranged hooks, which are fixed in the cardboard display, and the goods are hung on the hooks for display. It is suitable for a large number of displays of hanging card products. Often used in supermarket shelves and promotional stores. Due to the limited one-way load-bearing capacity of the hook material and cardboard, lightweight small products are generally placed. The arrangement of hanging cards can be flexibly adjusted according to the size and weight of the product.

Why choose Ant Display?

Innovative cardboard POP display design

The Ant display cardboard display stand has a unique and novel design. We even provide 3D design services for the entire store, including lighting settings. Such a store can adjust the cardboard shape, position, and size according to the decoration style of the store. Ant display design service aims to select the perfect store design and furniture for customers

High-quality cardboard display stand

 Ant display uses the highest quality materials to make counter displays. They have a strong structure, high quality, and are very durable, wear-resistant. The workers who produce Cardboard display stands are well-trained and exquisite in manufacturing techniques. They pay attention to every step of the production and have a special quality inspection and supervision to follow up on every detail. So that every customer can get a perfect cardboard display rack. We are working hard to provide more high-quality cardboard display stands and shop furniture to more shop owners.

Professional sales team

Ant display has experienced customer service. Our customer service is full of responsibility and professional quality. The sales team provides efficient communication services, they can accurately understand your requirements and provide assistance. You can get after-sales service from order to production to transportation at Ant display. Whenever you need it, please contact us immediately. Ant display will strive to create a comfortable and pleasant shopping atmosphere.