marble front desk

How much does the marble front desk cost? Many factors can determine the cost, but the market price is generally quoted on a square meter. Moreover, the marble classification is more complicated, and the cost of different types of marble is various. Besides, labour costs and miscellaneous expenses are obliged to form a market quotation.

Marble Front Desk Costs

Nowadays, many domestic brands are developing the marble reception desk business, and the technology of different brands is also other. Therefore, the final quotes are various from each company. Let's briefly introduce the situation of market prices.


If the marble front desk is artificially made marble, the general price is around $1,000 per square meter, and some cheaper ones are more than $ 900 per square meter. Some marbles have to undergo surface treatment, or even paint baking, or other processes. The more processing, the more complicated the final price will be. The price given by a company can reach per square meter More than $2,000per meter. 

How to Choose a Marble Desk

Some companies may even offer a higher price because, in addition to surface treatment and specialized treatment, sometimes the marble may have to be punched in and install lines and grains into it. Finally, The more things you added, the higher the price will be. 


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