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Tower Display Case

Are you looking for a tower display case made of high-quality materials and reasonable prices? Tower display cabinets are ideal for retail products, collectibles displays, and jewelry displays. The display cabinets sold by Ant Display are made of tempered glass. We use tempered glass instead of standard flat glass because it is safer and easier to manage when it breaks. The tower display case has lighting elements to further highlight the product. There are also jewelry cabinets with mirrored backs or bases. Options include trophy racks with track lighting to illuminate specific items, such as crystal statues or diamond jewelry. The tower display case is equipped with adjustable shelves, so you can display products of different heights. Since many shelves are completely removable, the showcase can also be configured in several different ways. We can customize the tower display cabinet for you. You can choose your tower display stand at Ant display, including display cabinets with adjustable shelves, locked doors, and other storage cabinets.

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  1. Durable Black Steel Frame Display Case Glass Design Tower Display Showcase
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Ant Display manufactures various glass tower display cabinets. From modern minimalist lines to classical appearance with styling, we provide various standard tower display cases to meet the needs of most people. The tower display case has a very useful function, because it is free-standing, it can be placed away from the wall, or it can be used to fill the space that may be fixed. Every company, institution, museum, and collector will choose tower display stand to create visual beauty. The tower display box has a unique way of attracting attention, and people can easily view the content from all angles. This will translate into an increase in sales in the retail environment. Ant display produces the most elegant and practical tower display case on the market today.tower display case

LED lighted Tower Display Cases

Tower display cabinets are equipped with ceiling lights and side pole lights. LED lighting has become the standard configuration of our stand-alone glass tower display rack. The optional side rail lighting in all tower display cabinets is equipped with lower intensity LED bulbs. We can manufacture free-standing glass towers in various configurations. Lockers with lockable sliding doors and shelves can be installed on the base. Provide multiple drawers and square holes. During exhibitions and conferences, the glass display tower was used as an information center. In addition to standard black, white, and silver laminates, we also provide various cabinet finishes on free-standing glass towers. We can customize the glass display rack according to your specific needs.

Frameless Tower Display Cases

LED lighted Tower display cabinet is a tool to promote sales. It can better display products and enhance your brand image. In addition, the retail tower display cabinets are equipped with hinged tempered glass doors with built-in locks and built-in level adjusters. We have a large amount of frameless tower showcase in various dimensions for sale. It is designed for users with insufficient space. Glass towers are usually designed to be tall and narrow, but they can still hold many jewelries, trophies, or other collectible items. Display cabinets can also be placed in business halls to display awards, or set up in retail stores to control access to high-priced products. The new members of these tower display cabinets are "frameless" towers. Each tower display cabinet provides a complete visual design without a frame to block the line of sight of the products displayed.

Free-standing Tower Display Cases

We provide free-standing tower display cases. They have different shapes and sizes: tower cabinets, hexagonal towers, square cabinets, and rectangular display cabinets. Pre-assembled, easy to use, with fully adjustable shelves and halogen lamps, they can meet various uses, such as gift boxes, collectible display cabinets, puppet display cabinets, die-cast car model display cabinets, etc. As retail displays, in this case, they will allow you to use limited space to effectively organize and classify goods.

Aluminium& Wood Tower Display Case

Aluminum and wood are the most popular material is commercial display fixture fabrication. We offer a large scale of aluminum display showcase, wooden display showcase with glass, and acrylic combined together. Our store fixtures can be installed, can be used within a few minutes, and are all tempered glass. The glass display cabinet can be customized as a museum tower display cabinet to display sports souvenirs, cosmetics, pens, coins, and various types of glass or crystal objects and collectibles. Our display cabinets are also widely used to display frames and accessories in the eyewear industry, as well as lenses and photographic equipment in photo studios. Ant Display will help you choose the right cabinet to finish for the retail store environment. Due to the structural quality of our tower cabinets, they can be easily used as trade show displays.

Custom Tower Display Cases

This tower display case is just one of the many features offered here in Ant Display. Since 2002, we produced commercial display cabinets in Shenzhen, China; as one of the leading suppliers of the display cabinet business, Ant Display has gained a proven reputation. In addition, if you have your own design ideas, we will adopt your custom display and turn it into reality. Because our designers can provide professional 3D design drawings for your approval. We are a real display case manufacturer with real talent. Therefore, we can provide you with online services 24 hours a day. If you have any requirements, please contact us