Glass Display

Ant display's acrylic display not only facilitates the display of products but also plays a role in advertising for the products. We can make the Acrylic display in different colors, and then use the halo effect of the light to highlight the characteristics of the product and enhance the image of the store. It can also achieve the effect of advertising and attract customers. This saves a lot of money in advertising costs for businesses. Customized design and production display can also be used to build your own brand image, improve brand reputation and credibility.

The function of the acrylic display stand:

1. Display function:

The display function of acrylic display is one of the important functions to attract customers' attention. The main reason is that customers' eyes can be attracted, and they will come over to watch the product with a high probability, and then the product can be beautified and decorated with the help of the display function of display props Effect, increase the attractiveness and value of commodities, and indirectly increase the volume and sales of commodities.

acrylic display2. Convenient storage of goods:

In general, our products are divided into many types. For example, some of the products we are selling at the same time are relatively high-priced and relatively high-quality, and some are relatively low-priced but ordinary quality. The display function of the display rack makes it much more convenient for us to display them in different categories, and it also allows customers to see at a glance when they watch, and customers can easily and quickly see their favorite products, leaving a good impression on customers and audiences. At the same time, it helps customers place orders quickly.

3. Establish a product brand:

As soon as we walk into the store, we are easily attracted by the display of the store. The eye-catching logo and the dazzling array of products impressed us deeply. Acrylic display is usually set at the counter of the mall. When customers come to buy goods, they will first look at the brand in the upper left corner of the display shelf and then watch the goods. If they see something they like, they will place an order directly. Then, during use, I found that the quality is very good, it is also very practical, and the price is relatively reasonable. At this time, I will keep this brand in my heart more deeply. When I need it next time, I can’t help but buy the product again, and it will be free. Promote the product for free to relatives and friends around you. Naturally, over time, the brand of the product will be established in the minds of customers.

4. create a comfortable atmosphere:

Nowadays, customers like to go to some places that give people the first feeling of special leisure and light birch pleasure to consume. Due to the continuous acceleration of the pace of modern life, the pressure and burden of life are also very depressing. At this time, there are many Customers who take this opportunity to go to the mall to hang out, especially women. When they go to the mall, they will first look at cosmetics, bags, shoes, jewelry, and other commodities, and it happens that the Acrylic display rack gives people the first impression of beauty, Generous, noble, and elegant. By strengthening the atmosphere through the Acrylic display stand, you can naturally and strongly attract customers to enter the store to watch the products and make people feel very happy both physically and mentally.

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So if you want to get a better display effect and use the display long time, you can choose glass display. Our glass display furniture all used strong ultra-white tempered glass, it is very durable and safe. You can use display furniture for many years. We used is secure edging operation glass, all edge will be round or inclined, it won’t hurt person, so is very safe. And it is safety shatterproof. And our glass used is a seamless joint craft. We have our own glass cutting and processing workshop, and our quality check team will check each step during production. So from Ant display, you can get the high-end glass display furniture at factory price. We can supply different kinds of glass display furniture, no matter you need a small box for small products, a display case for high-value goods or a glass display cabinet and shelves to display your products, you all can find various styles on our web. They are in different colors and styles for your choice. And we do customize, we can customize the glass display furniture as your needs.


Our glass display fixture mainly has below types:

  1. Glass display box

glass display box

Glass display box as usually will use wood or metal as a base, top will has a glass cube. It is mainly putted on top used to display some small product or precious items, like awards, artwork, sculptures, antiques, collectible items, jewelry, food, and sports memorabilia.

  1. Glass display case

glass display case

The glass display case is widely used to display jewelry, watches, phones, and Museum products. They usually used glass with wood or metal. Its base is usually will use wood or metal for support, the base can do drawers or cabinets for storage if needed. The top is a glass case, inside as usually will add led light strip to the bright inside. It will have a lock, so can close when open business, it is very safe.

  1. Glass display table

glass display cabinet

The glass display table is widely used in the retail business to sell mobile phones, accessories, jewelry, watches, etc. They can also use in the office as a work table or used at the home like the dining table. The retail shop glass display table usually comes with a glass showcase on top, it is like a table shape, but used to display products. The dining glass display table is greatly welcomed in recent years. Because it used tempered glass, the surface is very durable and smooth, and easy to clean.

  1. Glass display shelves

Instead of wood shelves and metal shelves, many retail shops will choose glass display shelves to display their products. Glass shelves has a good light transmission and high visibility. Combine the bright led light looks very nice, can achieve a good display effect.

  1. Glass display cabinet

Glass display is usually used against walls to display and store products. They mainly have 3 parts, the top part is used to put logo and led sign, the middle is glass shelves, the bottom usually has drawers and cabinets for storage.



About Ant display limited

Ant display limited can supply you with a one-stop service, from design to production to shipping, we will help you. Our web has different kinds of glass display furniture for your choice. We can make glass display cases, glass display boxes, glass display tables, and cabinets. No matter you want to use the glass display where, display what kind of products, you all can find the right style to meet your needs. And we can also customize, we can customize the glass display furniture as your needs. In Ant display, you can get nice quality, good price, patient service.

Nice quality: All materials are select carefully to get the best. We have a strict quality check team to help take care of the quality to give you good work.

Good price: We are a direct factory, have our own workshop, can give you the most favorable factory price.

Patient service: Our sales are very patient, any needs can tell us, we will help you from design to shipping.