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Welcome to visit our bakery kiosk online shop gallery. We have large collections of modern design bakery shops in malls, bread kiosks, and indoor wooden food court ideas. Our bakery stands are special designs for shopping malls, airports, and other indoor business spaces. Fast food kiosk is a trendy indoor kiosk business with generous profit revenue. Whether you are opening a large restaurant or small mini food bar, as long as you can provide high-quality, delicious foods, you will always get lots of customers. After all, Food is the first necessity of the people. 

If you are looking to starting a fast food shop in the mall or open a small mobile restaurant, opening a bakery booth for Pizza, Toast, Banana bread, Sourdough, Baguette bread, or other fast food retail is a smart idea.  Bakery shop is a common store around our daily life, as a matter of fact, we live in those food shops. Those food stalls provide delicious food to feed our stomachs and save us a lot of time cooking. So we can use our valuable time to create more beautiful miracles in our world. If you are looking for mall food booth business ideas or want to open a bakery stall, bread kiosk in a shopping center, Here you are in the right place. Browse our bakery shop category and choose your favorite design and kiosk shops.

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It’s undoubtedly that Bakery & bread kiosk are profitable mall used fast-food business ideas. Everyone wants to open a Vietnamese baguette kiosk shop business. However, How much does it cost to open a bakery shop in the mall? How to start a bakery kiosk? Where to buy bakery bread kiosks? As a new business starter, you will face such questions. 

In Ant Display, Our one-stop solution will give you an easy answer to those headaches. From kiosk 3D design & 2D construction drawings to kiosk manufacturing and kiosk shipping & installation. Our experienced team will give you full support in every detail aspect. You only need to give us the ideal kiosk style in mind and function requirements. A perfect kiosk shop counter will deliver to your destination location.bakery kiosk

Custom Bakery Kiosk In mall 

Ant display is a professional mall kiosk manufacturer with over 17 years of kiosk fabrication experience. Our Vietnamese baguette food kiosk is both in stylish outlook design and user-friendly internal function. We custom design and manufacture solid wood bakery booth for sale. Whether you need a bread retail kiosk counter or natural wood food shop counter, our large collection of kiosk design and kiosk image will give you a comprehensive choice. Moreover, we are directly a kiosk manufacturer with its own 5000 square meter factory and over 200 expert workers. So, we have the ability to accept any urgent order and offer the most competitive price on the market.

Why Choose Ant Display Bakery Booth?

  1. Free 3D bread kiosk concept design & Professional technical drawings.
  2. Directly kiosk manufacturers can offer high-quality kiosk counter at an affordable cost.
  3. Fast delivery time and strict quality control system.
  4. Experienced design team and workers to give better work.
  5. Shipping support of door to door service. 
  6. Easy Installation
  7. Over 2 years of aftersale service with top quality guarantee.

Bakery food shops in the mall are in hot competition now. Nevertheless, still, a huge amount of a vendor chooses to join the crowd. Because on the one hand, the great profit is appealing. On the other hand, it’s a comparatively easy business to start without a high threshold. When you want to start a mall-used food bar or small bakery restaurant, look for display furniture and display counter. Welcome to visit Ant Display and choose your best display furniture. We are always ready to be your best partner to offer our great service to you.


How much does it cost to open a bakery shop in the mall? 

Based On different Cities, the cost range from $15,000 to $50,000

How to start a bakery kiosk? 

You can read article here: How to start a kiosk business in mall

Where to buy bakery bread kiosks?

  • Usually, when you ask for a lease in the shopping mall, the mall manager will recommend some suppliers for you. 
  • You can find a design company to make a kiosk design, and they will recommend the builder for you.
  • Or choose the kiosk manufacturer to finish the design & manufacture work in one company, such as Ant Display.