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  1. The Best Minimalist Industrial Style Barber Shop Design to Beautify Your Hair Salon

    Barber shop design

    Barbershop fashion always leads the whole society's appreciation of the beauty,When you pass by a hair salon, you will always be fascinated by the charming design and unique style of interior decorations. Whether the industrial look wall feature or the stylish counter stations, A unique barbershop design will offer you more than a haircutting or hairdressing service, it will take you to enjoy a fantastic circumstance.

    Here is a wonderful Minimalist industrial style barbershop design for you, whether you are a designer or hair salon owner, this design will offer great inspiration.

    Barbershop front desk design, simple but unique wooden look reception desk give your customers the best welcome.


    Partition design of storage cabinet in barbershop, it can use for both functions. the metal storage lockers wooden cabinet base combined together to ceate a natural p...

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  2. Hair Salon Design: How to Build A Attractive Salon Shop?

    Hair Salon Design: How to Build A Attractive Salon Shop?

    The barbershop is our most common salon type shop. Small barbershops are also common. The main disadvantage of small hairdressers compared to large hairdressers is that they don't have much space. Fortunately, people's perception of the environment can be changed by the decoration of a small hairdressing shop. If you want a small hairdresser to look larger, you might as well make a lot of use of the diffusion effect of white on vision. But remember to keep it clean and tidy, otherwise, it will easily appear messy. Or use pure wood to decorate the entire shop.

    How to Decorate the Shop?

    The barbershop layout needs to be carried out according to the needs of customers. But there are some decoration designs that we must pay attention to. For example, we need to pay attention to the placement of the bar, the structure of the bar, and the style of the bar. In addition, pay attention to the decoration...

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  3. Barber Shop Design: 5 Easy Steps to Open a Barber Shop

    barber shop design

    With the progress of society, barbershops have also increased. Because everyone wants to have a good hairstyle, only a good hairstyle will make their advantages more prominent. Hairstyles are also customized according to customer needs. Different face shapes have different hairstyles.

    5 Easy Steps to Open a Barber Shop Business

    There are many factors that need to be paid attention...

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  4. Barber Shop Design : The Main Skill of Successful Hair Salon Decoration

    barber shop design

    The customer's demand for hairdressing is not only style and color, but also a kind of emotional touch and vanity. Therefore, the location, decoration level, materials and equipment, construction air, and related services of the barbershop all determine the customer's feelings and thoughts. This requires a comprehensive analysis of the entire shop when planning a hair beauty salon. So at this time, the importance of design is reflected. Only when the design is done can there be good decoration and a good layout.

    So how to design and decorate the barbershop with great salon equipment and how to improve the shopfitting to make the whole barbershop more reasonable and attractive.

    barber shop design

    Barbershop Decoration Steps

    Collecting Information

    First, find out the location of your store, collect materials, analyze and get a preliminary design idea. Our company has a professional design team that will design solutions according to your needs. After getting the most suitable decoration plan for the barbershop, it is the perfect plan and plan performance.

    Preliminary design

    Including preliminary design description, making preliminary design drawings, and preliminary decoration budget, etc. The design stage is a transitional stage and an indispensable stage in the decoration. The whole shop is decorated according to the design.

    The operating area of the barbershop

     Generally occupies three-quarters or two-thirds of the entire store area, but this depends on the situation. An operating area is a place where customers are directly served. It should be loose, clean...

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  5. There are Some Barber Shop Design Skills

    baber shop design

    Hairdressing is a person’s normal dress-up needs. What is the beauty of the operation of the beauty salon should also consider the factors of the decoration of the hairdressing shop. In addition, the boss should take into account the overall situation and make the details: the hairdressing skills should be high; the shop decoration should be good; the service should be humanized. Will attract m...

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  6. Industrial Style Concrete & Wood Barber Shop Interior Design Ideas

    barber shop design

    Are you looking for a Modern Industrial Style barbershop design? 

    hair salon design

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