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The reception area is always the most critical place in business. It not only offers an excellent reception service to guests, but it also represents the face of a company. Everyone wants to equip a large modern slyish reception counter on front; however, when limited on space, large size desks are can not fit in, we need to use a specially designed mini reception desk to maximize the square footage. The best small reception desk solution offers the most comprehensive choice and available for salon, office, retail stores, and other small business environments. Whether you are looking for an L-shaped mini front desk or a Curved small reception counter, the perfect model is always ready for you.

 The cute mini reception table not only brings you a clean and smart reception area, but it also saves much space and added cool features to your waiting room. Small reception desks are used in many small offices and salons to lower the cost and ultra-utilize the interior space with the rising rent charge. Ant Display is a leading reception furniture manufacturer and stocks numerous small-sized reception desks, tables, and counter in various colors and shapes. BUY the best small reception desk for salon here at an economical price!

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Whether in a salon reception area or an office waiting room, a stylish reception desk is always essential in creating a professional and positive first impression. Even in small limited spaces, with a modern, contemporary, functional small reception desk, you can still make a clear statement about what best business and best service you can do.

Most Popular Small reception Desks

Many places will require small cute reception desks, especially for salons and offices. Our large variety of small desks comes in multiple colors, shapes, and designs that perfectly fit your business space. Choosing the right small reception stands will save you a lot of time and effort; it also helps you furnish an impressive reception room for every visiting guest.

Curved: If you want to give you customer an eye-open style desk, the curved shape, round shape, wave shape and bowl shape are the best choice. With our most enormous scale of the small curved reception desk, you can offer your clients the most efficient reception and most impressive experience.

White: The most popular choice for a reception desk is white because white is multiple colors that can perfectly adapt to any interior decoration theme. White color can not only offer the guest a clean and friendly experience, but it will also add more elegant beauty to your reception decoration. Put a small white reception desk in your office, and the salon will add more value to your business. 

Modern: Stylish design reception counters are often utilized in achieving a unique reception experience. With a sleek modern look, those contemporary small reception desks are just the perfect stands to create a unique, impressive reception room. The contemporary tables are also the most popular and best sellers among small reception units. 

Tall: The standing small reception desk with a taller height is another hot option for small spaces. When fitting in limited sized salons and seating are not necessary for the owner, a tall standing reception desk is the perfect one. It helps save space and allows you to offer a more comfortable and efficient service by standing up. 

Small Reception Desks Features

Find the best small reception desks from our extensive selections, from retail store cash wrap counters, register stand to salon and office used small reception desks. The delicately finished desks are just perfect ideal stands for small-sized reception areas. Here are the most outstanding features:

Multiple Application: The specially designed small reception stands are an excellent suit for various business environments. Cute white stands will bring magnificent grace to your nail salon, while the stylish wooden table offers an efficient and functional cash wrap counter for your retail store. Our extensive range of small reception stands  

Unique Design: Due to the limited space, small reception areas hardly get a deep impression. However, with our creative shaped small desks, you will throughout improve the situation. Our extensive range of unique style range from L-shaped, rounds-shaped, collum style, and cubic blocks, It not only offers a great conversation stands between clients and receptionist, but it also makes your reception area prettier.

Best Price: Asiding our small reception tables' charming design, the most significant advantage is those small units can primarily reduce the decoration cost. Moreover, we offer the most competitive price that you can never get from others.

Top Quality Material: The supreme quality is another prominent feature of our small reception stands. We use top-grade plywood for the frame structure and surface finished with Corian stone or wooden lamination. The wooden veneer is also used to create a more natural look and add a unique cool style to the waiting room. 

Custom Service

Whether you choose a small wooden reception table, a cool white, stylish reception counter, or any of the customized fabulous options, you will surely impress every visitor at first sight. Besides the existing model listed, we also offer customer service, whenever you need a unique style small reception desk to build with your ideas and logo to display. Contact our team to create a DIY desk.