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Snack Kiosk

Snack is a general term for a kind of special food with a specific style in taste. It can be used as an embellishment between banquets, or the main food for breakfast or supper. There are local special flavor snacks all over the world, and distinctive features are often the focus of local tourism marketing. The unit price of snacks is not high, and most people can afford it. Snack kiosk, as the name suggests, uses the kiosk to sell our food. This kind of kiosk is most common in shopping malls. When we go to the mall, we can see a lot of kiosks selling food, they can all be used to sell snacks. They have many styles, sizes, and colors. If we want to make a snack kiosk, we can apply for a location in the mall and design a kiosk that suits us according to our ideas.

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Why Choose Snack Kiosks Business?

When it comes to the advantages of snack kiosks, it must be combined with the place it is used. As we all know, the kiosk is used in shopping malls. So we can see why we want to build a snack kiosk in the mall.snack kiosks

Kiosk at Economical price

The price of kiosks for snacks is actually quite low. Compared to shops and outdoor kiosks, the price of the kiosk for snacks of ordinary size and style is generally around 5000-7000. Unless your size is large and the design is complicated, it is very cheap.

Perfect Indoor Business 

We all know that the environment of the mall is very good. It is in the shopping mall. There is an empty space and Wi-Fi in the shopping mall. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. And there is no need to withstand the wind and sun, just like in your own shop. So it is very convenient and comfortable.

High Customer Traffic

We all know that there are many customers in the mall every day. For those who visit the mall often, even if we don’t need our food, they will remember our brand and where we are over time. When they need it, they will find us. If we open a store, customers may not come in when they see it, but as long as customers enter the mall, they can see us. This is very good for our brand or product exposure.

Get A Top Quality Customized Snack Kiosk From Ant Display

Anyone who has read our website should know that we are specialized in selling kiosks. If you have already signed a position in the mall and want to order kiosk but don’t know how to do it. After reading our website, you will understand, the following is our ordering process.

Order a snack kiosk stand in the easiest way.

  1. Browse our website to find a kiosk model you like, contact us and tell us what are you selling what size kiosk you want to make. If you have any design requirements, you can tell us and we will make a kiosk design that belongs to you according to your size, your requirements, and your business. Our designers have more than ten years of work experience, and we can design until you are satisfied.
  2. After confirming the design, we will provide detailed drawings. You can send the 3D design and drawings to the mall for review. If the mall has any comments, we will modify them according to their requirements until the kiosk is approved.
  3. After the goods are completed, we will take pictures and videos of the entire kiosk for you, and you can receive the complete goods. After confirmation, we will arrange delivery to your country. Generally speaking, our production time takes 28 working days, plus transportation may take one month. So if you want to make the mall kiosk, it’s best to make it two months in advance.

How to assemble the snack kiosk?

The assembly of the kiosk is very simple. For transportation reasons, we must divide the kiosk into several parts to produce, and each part is packed in wooden boxes. When you receive the goods, you can put them together first. Then connect the plug between the bottom of their sides, connect the power supply of the mall, turn on the main switch of the kiosk, and it will work. If you don’t understand anything, you can contact us at any time. If you have any questions after receiving the goods, you can ask us, we are always online.

Custom a Snack Kiosk At Affordable Cost

First of all, our design requires 300 USD, which includes 3D design, modification, and final detailed drawings. When we confirm the design, it will be deducted from our balance after placing the order. The order deposit is 50% of the total price. After receiving the deposit, we will start production until all the goods are completed. Before shipping, you need to pay the remaining 50% and shipping costs. If you have your own freight forwarder, you can also ask your forwarder to arrange transportation. We are the ex-factory price, and your forwarder needs to come to our factory to pick up the goods. The shipping cost depends on your port or specific address.

Well, after reading so much, do you think it is easy to order a customized kiosk? You can get everything you want here, we will also provide you with the best service and quality, and look forward to your consultation.