Beauty Salon Reception Desk

The reception desk can be said to be the facade of a store, which plays a very important role in the operation of the entire company. The reception desk is generally used to receive visitors and customers, and to provide customers with consulting services and cashier services. It is usually set at the entrance of the company. It is the easiest place to make the first impression on visitors and customers. It is the first place customers go when they walk into your store. Therefore, the style of the reception desk is very important, it should represent the overall image of a store.Beauty salon reception desk is a reception desk specially used for beauty salons, salon shops, and spa shops. They can used in some cosmetic shops. If you want to open a beauty shop, a suitable and attractive reception desk is necessary.

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Still looking for professional beauty salon reception desk supplier? Come here! We can help! Ant display limited is a leading factory specialize in making different kinds of reception desks, here we can supply wooden reception desks, stone reception desks, metal reception desks, also some plastic receptiom desks. They are in different styles, colors, size, can used in many different places. No matter you are looking for restaurant reception desks, beauty shop reception desks, office reception desks, hotel reception desks or hosptial reception counters, you all can find many styles on our web. Most important is our professional design service, we do customize, can help design and make the reception desk as your needs. We have professional designers who can give you the most innovative design schemes; we have experienced production workers who can give you the most exquisite craftsmanship.


How to choose beauty salon reception desk?

1.Take size into consideration.

Because the layout of the reception desk is best matched with the door, if the door of the store is relatively large, then you can choose some relatively large reception desk. The size should be suitable for the layout and size of the store.

2.Choose the suitable colors.

The choice of the color of the reception desk is also very important, because different colors will bring different visual effects to people, some colors will create a sense of mental pressure, but some colors will grab the customer’s attention in an instant. Let the customer's favorability of the store rise linearly, which has a good attracting and publicity effect.

3.Choose the suitable shapes.

In addition to the choice of color, the reception desk should also pay attention to its shape. A good shape will directly enhance the taste and creative style of the entire store.

4.Material selectionis important

Some customers pay more attention to creating a high-end and atmospheric facade image, so they will choose a reception desk made of marble materials, and some customers pay more attention to economical benefits, so they will choose wood-based panels, no matter which material is based on their needs and Planning to make a choice is the best choice.

Our reception desk is mainly divided into the following types according to the material:

  1. Wooden beauty salon reception desk

Wooden reception desk is the most common kind of reception desk. It can be made into a variety of shapes, whether you want L-shaped, straight, curved, round, or irregular shapes, you can find the style you want on our website. Ant display limited has plywood, MDF and solid wood for your choice. The surface can be baked with paint, fireproof board, stone etc.

  1. Stone beauty salon reception desk

If you want high-end and more durable reception desk, you can choose stone beauty salon reception desks. Stone surface is very durable and strong, easy to clean and water-proof. We have marble stone, quartz stone, artificial stone for your choice.

  1. Metal beauty salon reception desk

We can also supply metal salon reception desk for your choice. Metal reception desk is very durable, can use many years. Browse our web you will find many nice metal reception desk designs.

  1. Plastic beauty salon reception desk

Plastic beauty salon reception desk also a good choice for beauty shop.


If you are still looking for beauty salon reception desk and want more details, just feel free to contact us!