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The facial bed is one of the common furniture in beauty salons, women's clubs, body massage clubs, and SPA. Its unique structural design helps the body's various angles and orientations in the process of beauty and body so that the beautician can perform the corresponding operations. Ant Display offers a large variety of modern design facial beds, spa beds, and salon beds in various materials, styles, and functions. Check our site and choose your favorite suitable facial beds at an affordable cost.

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The facial bed in the beauty salon is usually a very common plate bed. Its conventional size is 190*70*65cm. Why is this the standard size of a facial bed? First, the specifications of the facial bed should meet the average height requirements of consumers. Second, the specifications of the facial bed should be customized based on the service operation of the beautician. Of course, consumers at different levels also have different needs. If high-end beauty salons want to make the facial bed look atmospheric, they will generally choose a multi-functional facial bed with a larger size. New facial beds with various functions and sizes are also available on the market. Merchants provide multiple options.facial bed

To Choose the right facial bed, you should start from this three aspects. 

  1. Workmanship

Because there are fillers inside the facial bed, it is very important that the wrap is tight, flat, and straight. It is more important to carefully check whether there are any folds at the joint between the two armrests and the seat and back. If it is a fabric with a floral pattern or a checkered pattern, then it depends on whether the patterns at the splices are consistent and whether the checkered is inclined or twisted. The quality of workmanship is both a guarantee of quality and a guarantee of quality. The structure of the facial bed plays a decisive role.

  1. Fabric

High-end facial beds are generally lined with cotton cloth, and other easily stained parts should be washable. The fabric of the facial bed should be relatively thick, durable, and can not afford the ball after a long time of friction. The facial bed fabrics are divided into domestic and imported. The facial bed fabrics of European and American professional manufacturers have excellent quality, minimal color difference, high color fastness, and no weft fabric. Especially for some high-end fabrics to improve the anti-fouling ability, the surface has also been Special treatment. Imported high-grade fabrics also have antistatic, flame retardant, and other functions.

  1. Style

The style of the facial bed is changeable. American and European country style facial beds often use floral or checkered fabrics to create a natural and warm atmosphere; Spanish classic styles often use brocades and satin fabrics with gold wires, which are luxurious and luxurious. ; Italian style is simple and generous, often used very bright or cold tone monochrome fabric, unique personality. In the facial bed, the cloth cover can be removed and cleaned, or a different cloth cover can be customized according to your own preferences and changed according to your mood.

Due to the variety of cloth flowers, it can be matched with different shapes or different materials to create a diversified style and show a charming pattern at any time. The mix and match are not only reflected in the color of the facial bed, but different styles can also be combined. The key to the style mix and match lies in the use of home accessories.

The material used to fabricate the facial bed

Bed frame structure: Generally, the bottom frame of the facial bed has wooden frames, iron frames, stainless steel frames, and aluminum alloy frames. The cost of wooden frames is relatively high, followed by aluminum alloy and stainless steel frames. Among them, the iron frame is relatively affordable and the fastness is reliable. The disadvantage is that after a long time, the paint will come off and the interface will be glued. The stainless steel frame is recommended to be used in places such as bathing rubbing back or water-massage bed, even if the moisture is high and the humidity is high, it is not easy to rust. The spray frame of the iron frame looks very smooth, and it is not easy to rust, and it is easy to weld into a strong one, but it is not as resistant to rust as stainless steel in too wet places. The reliability of the facial bed with solid wood bed frame is also higher, and the grade is higher. But due to the higher cost, the price is also higher.

Soft bag structure: the soft padding is usually matched with two kinds of hard and soft sponge to ensure a certain degree of comfort while also ensuring the bed is not deformed and has high resilience. There are many kinds of fabrics with leather materials, usually imitation leather, PU leather, microfiber leather, leather, etc., fabric fabrics can also be used.

Custom Facial Bed For your business.

Besides the existing bed's models, we also offer customized service, from brand logo, bed dimension to color or surface finished materials. we can 100% build the commercial facial beds that stand for your company service and brand culture. By the way, Custom service is only open to bulk order, if you have a smaller salon or beauty bar and looking for one or two beds, Ant display can give you a variety of facial beds. If you need to order a facial bed, you can tell me what style you want, or you can directly choose the one you like and place the order. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult us.