It is very important to decorate a cosmetic shop, a good decoration style will attract more customers.

  1. From the perspective of style:

As an industry at the forefront of fashion. The decoration of cosmetics shops should be most fashionable.

Fashion consists of several aspects:

  • Fashion style: The decoration style is divided into modern style, European style, Chinese style, Mediterranean style...Of course, the decoration of cosmetics shops should first choose modern style, and simple European style can also be considered;
  • Color fashion: The color must be relatively strong, such as red, black, gold, silver, and pink. . . And other colors)
  • Fashion modeling: In the processing of modeling, consideration should be given to the processing of various sides, the matching of colors, the style of the display stand, the choice of colors, etc.   
  1. Functional considerations:

A successful cosmetics store must consider functional improvements.

  • LOGO. This is very important, it must reflect the business content and business culture;
  • Display Rack, Display Stand and Display Table. That is, the shop fixtures to display the product, the shape of the shop fixtures, the materials used, the matching of lighting, etc. must be considered
  • Serving Counter. Same as the design of the display stand, taking into account the shape, material, and lighting;
  • Warehouse. The location of the warehouse should be determined according to the house type;
  • The cash register. The bar or the front desk should consider the shape, materials, and lighting design above;   

In the cosmetic shop design you see in this article, I will give you a detailed explanation.

Description of the Cosmetic Store 3d Design



The front store is very important to do the shop store. We need to do the logo on the storefront to make the store more unique. The front store has a small stand to display the products. The two ends of the shop have a window design to make the store more creative.  

Cosmetic store

Display Fixture

Display stand: When you enter the store, there are four display stands at the entrance. There are 2 stands on the second line. The display stand can display the product on four sides. It has three layers to display the product.

Pillar Display: You can see there are 2 pillar displays at the second line in the store. The top of the display stand has lightboxes for 4 sides. And the rest parts are the shelving displays which can display the products from the 4 sides. For corner sides, there are 4 places to put the mirror and customers can try to makeup.

Display Counter with mirror: There is one display counter in the shop, it will be put between the pillar displays. It has two sides that can display sit down and make-up. The countertop has mirrors on each sitting area.

makeup interior store design

Gondola Display: There are have the 6 gondola displays in the shop. These are symmetrically distributed at both ends of the store. Each layer for the gondola display has a light strip to make the whole display more bright.

Circle Display Stand: There are 6 display stands in the shop. It can display the hot selling product and make the customer know it clearly.

Wall Display Cabinet: You can see the shop wall, there have many types of wall cabinet displays, each style will have a different effect. Click here, and get more information


It has a warehouse on the left of the cosmetic store, it is square and the wall have the lightbox and the display stand to decorate the cosmetic store

retail store design

Reception Desk

The reception desk will put it on the left of the shop and nearby the storefront. Customers can take a look around the shop firstly after they have chosen the product, can pay the bill directly. And it also has another advantage, the employee will see the thief clearly when the thief walks out of the store without payment but bring your product.

Logo, There are three places to put the logo in the store. The storefront has two sets of the logo which can use 3d stainless steel to make it. The back wall of the shop has the logo. If space is enough, we suggest that we can sue the bigger one. And there is a logo on the back wall of the reception desk. When customers pay the bill, they can see the brand.

From the big point of view:

  • First, the display stands should be precise, neat and tidy, and avoid chaos.  
  • Second, the colors should be unified and avoid strange color matching.  
  • Three, the lighting is sufficient and rich   
  • Fourth, the style must be coordinated, and the sign must be conspicuous.  
  • A perfect cosmetics store must feel high-quality in order to increase product sales and enhance product value.

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